Raiders Have 5 Key Players They Should Consider Extending in the Offseason

As if the Raiders needed any more humongous organizational decisions to make in the offseason, they also have a lot of key players that will soon be looking for new deals.

Let’s take a look at five significant contract extensions the Raiders will have to consider soon and one relative bargain they will want to bring back as well…

Maxx Crosby

He won’t become a free agent until after the 2022 season, but the Raiders won’t want to make the mistake they made with Khalil Mack on Crosby.

No reason to kick the can down the road. Crosby’s value is only going up. Draft great players and keep them.

Derek Carr

From a job security standpoint, it’s been a strange couple of years for Carr. Some of that has been due to his contract being so flexible. Like Crosby, Carr is under contract through 2022, but he might not be interested in another year in limbo.

As of now, it feels like the organization is trending toward giving Carr a new deal, but the NFL landscape changes every week so who knows how this might play out.

Hunter Renfrow

If the Raiders extend Carr in the offseason, they may as well keep Renfrow in their plans, too. There is a lot of chemistry on the field between Carr and Renfrow so it wouldn’t make much sense to bring back one, but not the other. Renfrow will become a free agent after the 2022 season and his value is going to be better than what some might think.

He is, after all, the GOAT.

Darren Waller

He still has two years remaining on the four-year, $29.8 million extension he signed in 2019, but Waller is arguably the most underpaid tight end in the NFL.

Waller switched agents before the season so he figures to be gearing up for something.

Yannick Ngakoue

The Raiders signed Ngakoue to a two-year deal before the season, but his cap number is $15 million next year (compared to $5 million this year) and he is still only 26 years old. It would make sense for both sides to think about a long-term deal that would tie Ngakoue to the Raiders for the next 3-4 years.

On a side note, Ngakoue has been one of the Raiders’ real leaders on defense. He’s the kind of player the organization would be wise to commit to.

Casey Hayward Jr. (Honorable Mention)

Hayward will be a 33 year-old free agent after the season, which typically isn’t a great position to be in if you’re a cornerback in the NFL.

Nevertheless, Hayward has been the Raiders’ best cornerback this season and actually one of the league’s best cornerbacks this season. Considering his relationship with defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, there’s no reason to overthink the idea of bringing back Hayward for another year.

Just do it.

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8 thoughts on “Raiders Have 5 Key Players They Should Consider Extending in the Offseason

  1. Why would we want to extend Carr?
    So we can have 8 more years of his subpar play. 8 more years of losing?
    Time to move on.

  2. My reply to comment (5) key players the Raiders should consider extending in the offseason.
    Maxx Crosby, and Yannick Ngakoue, Hunter Renfro, Darren Waller, and Casey Hayward Jr,
    are musts, Derek Carr presents a contract price, when compared to the teams results
    under Derek Carr should be considered in a different light. I think Derek Carr May be a
    better player coming off the bench in certain situations. And another quarterback could
    Start. So, Derek Carr’s big contract throws that suggestion back. I agree that all must be
    retained, but the Carr situation will leave us with a take him, and not look for an upgrade.
    That may lock the organization into mediocrity rather taking a step toward upgrade.

  3. Screw waller. The guy has zero haart and doesn’t seem to care. I wouldn’t extend him at all. Overpaid and lackluster effort. Overrated. He just doesn’t take over a game the way a top right end like Kelce does. And he just doesn’t seem to care. We won’t miss him just like last week and be Philly. Ruggs? We miss him. If djax doesn’t go we lose big.

    1. you sound dumb as ****, how bout you strap on the pads and get out there with your fat blubbermouth so we can you wobble left and right and get walloped by a linebacker you old head dipshit

  4. Derek Carr has been, without a doubt, one of the Raiders best players over the years. Despite all the negativity with this season, Derek is still having a solid season, despite the turmoil. Without him, we’d be substantially worse.

  5. Every time I want to diss Card I turn around and watch a team w/a real problem at QB. There is a laundry list of teams that would take Carr. Keep em all and draft a stud DT and speedster at wr

  6. People don’t seem to remember all of the years when the Raiders couldn’t get a good QB no matter how hard they tried. They tried free agents, they tried trading, and they tried drafting, and NONE of them panned out. Rich Gannon was the ONLY one that had a semblance of success since Plunkett. And I promise you this: if Derek Carr had the same defense behind him as Plunkett had, (Gannon didn’t) he’d be a super bowl champ. It’s the DEFENSE we have to fix. A team’s greatness depends on having a great DEFENSE.

  7. Carr has not been the problem.if we had a decent defense we would have won more games.And are receivers need to be more consistent to many drops.dont get me wrong there are things Carr needs to improve on fumbles to much but he should not have to score 30 points a game we need a more reliable defense.once we have that and a decent offensive line we can win more with all the years Carr has been quarterback we have not had a decent defense

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