Insider on Amik Robertson Entering Free Agency: “Amik is Going to Make a Lot of Money and Good for Him”

The Raiders are expected to be big spenders in free agency this year, and some of their anticipated $50 million in salary cap room is going to be spent on a few of their own players.

We know Antonio Pierce would like to re-sign Josh Jacobs and Jermaine Eluemunor, but another player to watch will be Amik Robertson.

Robertson had, by far, his best season as a pro in 2023, and according to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, teams have taken notice.

Via the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast, Hondo said he expects Robertson to get a lot of attention from potential suitors in free agency…

”I had an executive member of another NFL organization say to me ‘Tell me about Amik.’ And I told him [he’s] a great kid, a wonderful kid. [He’s] wonderful in the locker room. There’s nothing about Amik that you don’t like. I think the Raiders would love to have him back

“I have a sneaking suspicion that Amik Robertson is going to get a really nice deal [in free agency]. I don’t know if it will fit into the financial parameters of the Raiders… but I am going to tell you that Amik is going to make a lot of money and good for him.”

Robertson won’t be among the first wave of cornerbacks signed in free agency, but it will be interesting to see where teams value him among the second-tier cornerbacks hitting the market.

Coming out of college, many teams believed Robertson didn’t have the size to match up with physical wide receivers at the NFL level, but he proved in his time with the Raiders that he can play a lot bigger than he measured at the combine.

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7 thoughts on “Insider on Amik Robertson Entering Free Agency: “Amik is Going to Make a Lot of Money and Good for Him”

  1. I’m his dad, and thank you Mr Hondo, l listen to you on YouTube all the time!! Great info, fun facts, very informative!! The black G-Nikes🤣🤣We raised him to be humble, hardworking, and most of all God fearing!! Believe in yourself, trust your teammates, be coachable, be a shoulder cause you gonna need one too. Have character and integrity etc!! I’ve listened to him when he was down, you know, lifted him up in prayer and encouraged him, we never stop believing!! And I preached to him…. FIGHT🙏🏿💪🏿

  2. Prime example Mayock and Gruden wanted to trade down for Clea Ferral …They couldnt find a trade partner worth it …Costs us a lot not to trade down ..
    If we could trade down and grab Bo Nicks I would jump on that deal …Love Nicks !
    JJ Mcarthy doesnt have enough film for me to make a full assessment on…Thats what happened to the niners with Tre Lance …Not enough film came back to bite them…

  3. So an NFL executive called up Hondo & wanted an assessment on a NFL player? Sure thing Hondo.

  4. I sayz sign the guy he plays bigger than he is and will only get better pay the man

  5. If the guys doing what he came here to do? Then pay the man. Same as Jacobs. Pay them what they got coming. If he’s valuable then why let someone else have him. This shouldn’t even be questioned.

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