Radio Host Explains the Criticism of Jayden Daniels that Could Benefit the Raiders if They Want Him

Jayden Daniels is one of the top quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft and many believe the Washington Conmanders will take him with the second-overall pick.

Because of his relationship with Antonio Pierce, Daniels has been linked to the Raiders, but there aren’t many mock drafts projecting Daniels to fall past the third pick.

If the Raiders want Daniels, they will most likely have to make an aggressive trade to the top of the draft, but it’s worth noting that at least one trend would have to be broken for Daniels to be drafted in the first round (which the consensus seems to be that he will).

Appearing on Raider Nation Radio’s The Morning Tailgate, Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports Radio host Jason Fitz talked about one of the concerns in the scouting community around Daniels…

“I will give you a Jayden Daniels nugget… I talked to three different people. Two that are tape junkies that are very good at what they do, and one that is an analytics junkie, and I did not inform any of them of anyone else’s opinion. I simply ask ‘Give me your thoughts on Jayden Daniels.’

The funny thing is the two tape junkies independently said if you go back and watch all the film over the course of the year it is concerning that when the pocket isn’t clean, things get a little messy with Jayden. They both said [the same thing].

So last night over at Zero Blitz for Yahoo Sports, I was talking to an analytics guru and I said ‘Tell me about Jayden Daniels.

He said there’s a pocket percentage stat that advanced analytics people look at this and say when things get bad in the pocket, how do you do? The lower the number, the better, is how this particular stat works. For point of reference, the college [Patrick] Mahomes number was 11.3 percent. In the pros, his number is about 11.4 percent. They have found looking at the last 10 or 15 years that the number from college transfers to the number in the pros.

The analytics expert I talked to said two seasons ago Jayden Daniels’ number was in the 30’s. Last year it was in the 20’s. No quarterback has ever been selected in the first round that has a pocket pressure number as bad as Jayden Daniels.

The Raiders will keep their quarterback evaluations quiet, but it’s worth noting that they were reportedly interviewing offensive coordinator candidates with Daniels in mind.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler talked about that dynamic last month.

“The Las Vegas Raiders (No. 13) might be a team to watch [for Jayden Daniels],” Fowler reported in an ESPN insider piece in February. “New coach Antonio Pierce is a big fan of Daniels from their days together at Arizona State, and word is that Pierce evaluated offensive coordinators with the loose possibility of Daniels in mind.”

If Daniels or any other quarterback ends up sliding a few positions in the draft, the trade partner to watch for the Raiders might be the Tennessee Titans.

Just one more scenario to keep in mind as the draft inches closer…

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  1. I saw some things when watching him that gave me pause too. He makes amazing plays outside of the pocket and when running downfield. But I also noticed that for a team who threw a lot of comeback routes and buttonhooks, he is very slow to throw them. He rarely threw with anticipation and instead waited for the route to break before throwing. At LSU this usually didn’t cost him much if anything but in the NFL DBs will feast on those passes. This could be a big problem if he doesn’t get it fixed.

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