The Addition of Luke Getsy “Likely Eliminates” the Raiders Chances of Trading for Justin Fields

For the second time in three days, the Raiders appear to have found their offensive coordinator.

An agreement between the Raiders and former Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury fell apart on Friday night, and reports now say the Raiders are planning to hire former Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

Getsy had been with the Bears for the last two seasons and his inability to get more from third-year quarterback Justin Fields was a big part of why he was fired in January.

Now that Getsy is expected to join Antonio Pierce’s staff, there is reason to believe Fields won’t be a part of the Raiders’ plan at quarterback.

“If the Raiders decide they need to add [quarterback] competition, Getsy’s hire likely eliminates a potential option,” The Athletic’s Tashan Reed reported on Saturday. “Las Vegas has been one of the teams speculated as a potential destination for Fields via trade, but Fields and Getsy had well-documented friction with the Bears. A reunion wouldn’t make much sense.”

In the same way that losing Kingsbury probably sinks the Raiders’ chances of getting Caleb Williams, the addition of Getsy most likely rules out any trade opportunities for Fields.

A lot can change between now and the end of April, but any reasonable mock draft at moment should probably involve the Raiders taking a quarterback very early in the draft.

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12 thoughts on “The Addition of Luke Getsy “Likely Eliminates” the Raiders Chances of Trading for Justin Fields

  1. The only way the Pierce “experiment” would work was if the Raiders could add a Strong experienced OC like Kingsbury or Chip Kelly. Looks like another two wasted years on the way… I hope I’m wrong but…

    Pierce? WTF?

    1. I agree that’s why the OC is so important but I live outside of Denver and have really enjoyed the disfunction that Payton has brought to the Donks…..what an enormous ego!

  2. It’s a double-bladed sword, on the one hand, I love the fact that the RAIDERS are taking their time in hiring quality people for their staff and not just throwing **** on the wall and seeing what sticks. On the other hand, just because we may not get the two quarterbacks we wanted, doesn’t mean we can’t get what we need, and that’s the old-school RAIDERS way, all the way back to Oakland.

  3. Why would the raiders want an “unlocked’ QB? If you bought an unlocked IPHONE you know what I mean

  4. It always amazes me why you hire a coach that just got canned for his inability to perform in the same position that you are hiring him for…..I agree the chances seem to be slim that they would go get Fields now and he (Fields) probably doesn’t want to work with him either. Another article was quoted as sayin the Raiders have an experienced OC going forward in Getsy….since when is two years where you sucked experienced? Might as well kept what you had and saved your money….
    P.s. Marvin Lewis as your assistant?..stellar resume at Cincinnati.

  5. The haul of draft picks and maybe players would be detrimental to the Raiders. Sure aquiring a Williams or Daniels would be worth considering but why take 1 step forwards and 2 steps backwards. Since we do have a lot of talent on this team I don’t think it needs to be a rebuild. Adams goes to chicago for a fields and 6th round pick. Adams salary is wiped out. You have 2 more years on Fields nothing salary, let’s build this puppy. Sign jacobs to a 3 year 35 million deal. Keep renfro, dump jimmy g and useless hoyer. Go get patrick Queen 3 years 36 million. Now look in free agency for a wide receiver or two in the 10 million range. Go get 2 offensive linemen and 2 defensive linemen. Shore up the balance by promoting ps and building thru the draft. This is my recipe hope you like it. Just win baby!

  6. why are we getting a coach whose offense was from a losing team?? Was there other teams in the hunt for him as well?

  7. Not a big fan of Getsy, or for that matter, Kingsbury. I was hoping for Arthur Smith (run-first OC) and to make a run at Cousins in free agency. cousins is a perfect mentor for O’Connell…very similar style and talents, plus no loss of draft capital. Arthur Smaith may be out, but Cousins is still out there.

    1. Maybe Cousins is mentor on the chalkboard…..but have you seen O’Connell run? He makes Tom Brady look like Usain Bolt!

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