Insider: Raiders HC Antonio Pierce “All For Making a Bold Move” in the Draft

The quarterback situation has dominated headlines around the Raiders over the last four months and answers will finally be coming in under a week.

The team has been linked to Jayden Daniels and Michael Penix Jr. since the season ended and the rumors around those players haven’t slowed down with the draft now only a few days away.

Many believe the Raiders are a real threat to draft Penix with the 13th-overall pick and according to NFL insider Tony Pauline, the team continues to have interest in trading up for Jayden Daniels…

“Despite receiving a blessing from owner Mark Davis to trade up for the purposes of acquiring one of the higher-rated signal callers, I am told again that general manager Tom Telesco is against trading away the draft capital required to make such a move, something I originally reported a week ago. People tell me that they believe Telesco would be willing to make moves throughout the draft, though no one thinks he’ll trade into the top four.

Pierce, on the other hand, is all for making a bold move, if the Raiders could trade up for the quarterback he desires, Jayden Daniels. I’m told Pierce, whose had an intimate relationship with Daniels’ family for a long time, feels that the Heisman Trophy winner will be a Day 1 starter and lead the franchise moving forward.”

It’s hard to know exactly what the cost would be to trade up for Daniels, but it’s been rumored that the Patriots want as many as five first-round picks to move up to their no. 3 pick.

Assuming Telesco isn’t willing to part with all of his first-round picks for the next three years, Pauline mentioned Penix as a legitimate option for the Raiders. He said the “feeling in league circles” is that Penix Jr. is a “real possibility” for the Raiders at pick 13.

For what it’s worth, these were Davante Adams’ words on Daniels all the way back in January…

“I’m not great with college football, I don’t know [everything] that’s going on out there, but I did pay a little bit of attention to Jayden Daniels. I know he was a good tough [quarterback] and obviously he won the Heisman, so he’s a great player. That’s somebody that I think could come in and be a decent player. He’s going to have to slide a little bit more than what he was doing this year, because I saw him taking a couple of hits like 1-7 out there and his frame a little smaller than mine. I don’t know how much he can take of that…

I do think [Daniels] will be a good player. You never know, but that’s somebody I’ve seen that look like he can throw. He’s an athlete. He can kind of throw on the run, make plays with his legs and all that. That’s crucial in today’s game. You’ve got too many these dudes like Maxx chasing down the quarterback and if the quarterback can’t move around, it’s gonna be a lot sacks. Having somebody like him would be crucial for our team or for any team…”

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3 thoughts on “Insider: Raiders HC Antonio Pierce “All For Making a Bold Move” in the Draft

  1. Not worth giving up the draft capital for Daniel’s and Penix at 13 will be losing the draft. Dudes injured every year against college kids imagine what will happen against the best of the best. Might be worth to trade down a couple spots for another second and more and roll with AOC and Minishew.

  2. Please stop with the quarterback lust. We have two outstanding quarterbacks already. DEFENSE!!!!!!!! Mark Davis needs to start embracing the fact he must have a superior defense to win, if he doesn’t the Raiders stay mediocre till Davis sells the team. We already have an offense that can win the super bowl. Please, please, please, rock the football world and go all defense in the draft. We already have a good start to an awesome defense, an additional two or three key players could lift the defense into the sports fear-factor every time a team steps into Allegiant Stadium.

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