Insider Says Raiders Have “Dumped” Over 75 Percent of Josh McDaniels’ Playbook

Four months from now the Raiders could have a new GM, a new head coach, and a new quarterback.

For now, the team is trying to hold on to their slim playoff chances, but the transition away from Josh McDaniels has been no small task.

One of the first moves by the new coaching staff was the decision to start Aidan O’Connell, and it sounds like the process involved in featuring a rookie quarterback has been a lot more involved than simply making an announcement.

Not only was the playbook built for Jimmy Garoppolo, a report last week indicated that O’Connell still wasn’t proficient in McDaniels’ playbook. To simplify things going forward, it sounds like a huge portion of McDaniels’ playbook has been thrown out.

“The [coaching staff] had to dump the majority of the play book, over 75 percent of the play book, because [the] team couldn’t do it,” Carpenter said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast.

One detail that seems to be obvious in recent weeks is that the Raiders have been running their scripted plays extremely well. The offense looked very good in their early possessions against the Dolphins and the Chiefs, but fell apart in both games after that.

In theory, the offense should perform better as O’Connell becomes more familiar with the playbook. He isn’t a quarterback that will make a lot of plays happen outside of their design, so it makes sense that he hasn’t been great when the coaches call plays that he hasn’t rehearsed.

The Raiders stayed close with the Chiefs for three quarters on Sunday and O’Connell was arguably their best performer in the game. If he continues to improve his understanding of the playbook and develop rapport with his receivers… who knows… maybe the Raiders can feel good about going into next year with O’Connell as the starting quarterback.

If not, they will have plenty of other options to consider.

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17 thoughts on “Insider Says Raiders Have “Dumped” Over 75 Percent of Josh McDaniels’ Playbook

  1. On 3/4th down short yardage, why run between the tackles when the defense is stacking the box? Get creative offensively. The defensive secondary needs serious help, more veteran players ( good defensive backs ) not just any defensive back. Above all, GET CREATIVE ON OFFENSE.

  2. It’s JH time, do what ever it takes to get him and build trenches and QB in draft. This team is going know where the way it currently built. If Adams wants a trade then get max value.

  3. It would be nice to have NOT seen Josh Jacobs bashing into a KC loaded front, not run those plays, gotta be more crafty. Need a much quicker RB and better O-Line. I do believe that the Raiders screwed themselves on settling for Chandler Jones instead of bringing back Mack.

    1. Well McDaniels is responsible for Chandler Jones. He set us back three fuc**ng years this guy

  4. I have more faith in AOC than the coach and offensive coordinator. Neither one are able to make adjustments at the half to give AOC the best chance too succeed and still can barely score 17 points a game. I’m hoping they make a play for Harbaugh, I think Pierce is over his head and needs a few more years of coaching to make the jump to head coach.

    1. I would get a OC in an advisory capacity, on deck. It’ll help the learning curb of our current OC, and team.

  5. Raiders need to improve their defensive tackles in the offseason as well as find a speed back. Jacobs is fine but once through the hole it’s about quickness and speed. Which currently the Raiders do not have on their roster. Thumpers in the secondary will also help. They need to quit signing lousy free agents and reducing their cap.

  6. I have no problem with drafting a highly rated QB and letting him compete with O’Connell for the job.
    At any rate, we need to bring in an OC guru. The award winning, highest rated OC in college football right now is Garrett Riley. Just sayin’.

  7. Who’d have thought?? Week after week, consecutive run plays up the middle that rarely work. Long passes into traffic, where were the crossing patterns. 4th and 1, missed fuel goal!
    On defense allowing wrs to catch the ball before chasing them.
    I’m no expert but some things a just SO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  8. AP I’m sure it’s a good guy **** good football player but he’s just not ready to be a head coach yet I hope they really go get Harbaugh because that’s who they need to take them back to the playoffs and Beyond

  9. AOC is average at best, Adams talks too much, if the team couldn’t understand the playbook the response was get rid of the coach? Lol… Send Jimmy G. to New York, Boston, somewhere he has a real team and fanbase to support him.

  10. Our OL is bad and has been needing upgrade at the OG, RT, and possibly the center positions. That was so evident after last season. Still dumbfounded on why Ziegler ignored the OL. Hard to get a read on any QB when they play behind that OL. I think selecting the right GM is just as important as the right HC.

  11. I am hoping that we go after Jim Harbaugh and grab an explosive QB to go along with AOC. Retain the offense player makers. Grab some good young lineman early in the draft and then get some pash rushers and DB.

  12. Beating the NY teams at home means nothing, I’m still not sure switching head coaches or QBs mid season is sane. O’Connell is nothing special, even compared to other rookie QBs. I will always be a Raider fan but Davis and the media (and Adams?) forced a decision that should have waited until after the NY games and maybe season’s end.

  13. Raider since 1970, the offensive line has to be better in run blocking and you have to audible out of run plays between the tackles with 10 men stacked in the box, half time adjustments have been a problem all year both offensively and defensively you have to take advantage of other teams aggressiveness by calling screens and draw plays ,more usage of the tight end and in 2nd and 3rd longer passing downs you have to make quarterbacks uncomfortable by sending at least 5 it’s impossible for any backfield to cover for 10 seconds

  14. Right when things look better, they fall on their faces again and again, better plays and get mad attitudes needed.

  15. NEWS FLASH… word is DA was set with Carr, totally against new playbook which spread the ball so turned the locker room on the coach and JG… Close source.

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