Insider Shares the Latest on Davante Adams Trade Rumors

Davante Adams has been at the center of trade rumors for several months, but it sounds like the cost to get him might be more than any team will be willing to pay.

According to league insider Tony Pauline, the Raiders would most likely want two first-round picks for Adams, and that is if they would even trade him at all…

“Whether it be spoken about on ESPN or New York sports talk radio, the prospect of the New York Jets trading for Davante Adams seems to be real, even imminent. The Jets need a receiver heading into he offseason, and who better to pair with star wideout Garrett Wilson than Davante Adams, a favorite target and friend of Aaron Rodgers from the past.

Yet as I initially reported back in November, no one in Las Vegas believes trading Adams to the Jets is remotely possible. That was true in November, and that is still true as we move through the third week of February.

The reasons given to me just this week run parallel to those I reported more than three months ago. Adams is valued by the Raiders’ franchise on the field and in the locker room, he’s part of the winning culture new head coach Antonio Pierce wants on the team and, more than anything else, the Jets won’t meet the asking price…

Sources outside the Raiders and Jets tell me a first-round choice and third-round choice in the 2024 draft won’t be enough for the Raiders to move Adams. More likely, the Raiders will demand the Jets’ first-round picks in 2024 and 2025 in return for their All-Pro wideout. And with desperate needs on the offensive line as we head towards a draft rich with offensive tackles, many question the wisdom of giving away so much early draft capital for a receiver.”

Pauline isn’t a high profile insider, but his message on Adams is consistent with the majority of reports on the Raiders’ All Pro wide receiver.

To this point, most of the trade rumors around Adams have been based on circumstances and speculation.

Adams appears to be content in Las Vegas, but it will be interesting to see what kind of offers the Raiders get for him, particularly from the New York Jets.

Aaron Rodgers seems to be calling the shots in New York, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the Jets offer something ridiculous for Adams.

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7 thoughts on “Insider Shares the Latest on Davante Adams Trade Rumors

  1. Q meyers reported that trading Adam’s triggers a 40 million dollar cap hit. That plus he’s like our 2nd best player and is happy as a raider makes him untradeable imo. Can’t believe this site didn’t do it’s homework..

  2. Adams isn’t going anywhere. He’s too valuable, not only as a player but as a teacher to receivers and defensive backs.

  3. I agree with the $40 mil cap hit. Do your job. Thats just lazy *** reporting and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! DA ain’t going anywhere! He’s the hub of the wheel that makes this team go, along with Maxx.

  4. Keep Devante and let him aapt to whomever is the new QB but dont trade him for less than at Minimum a 1st rounder in 2024 AND 2025 draft pick position

  5. Trade Adams to the cardinals draft Marvin Harrison with the pick go and use that 20 million to get what they need

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