Are the GM and HC Really Divided on what the Raiders should do at Quarterback Next Year?

The NFL draft is less than two months away, and the overwhelming expectation is that the Raiders will make an aggressive move for a quarterback in the draft.

According to Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders are going be “hyperfocused” on the quarterbacks at the NFL combine, and there’s a good chance they will end up taking a quarterback in the first round.

A separate report last week suggested that Antonio Pierce might be happy with Aidan O’Connell at quarterback, while adding that new GM Tom Telesco would like to leave the offseason with a “big name” at quarterback.

It’s possible the Raiders’ GM and head coach want to go in different directions at quarterback, but every indication to this point has been that Pierce and Telesco are off to a very good start together.

With that being the case… this is what might actually be going on between Pierce and Telesco with the Raiders’ quarterback situation…

For now, O’Connell is the starting quarterback and there are no guarantees the Raiders will be able to land a quarterback better than him. It’s possible, and probably likely, that the Raiders will pass on the big-name quarterbacks in free agency, and the 13th pick might not be high enough to draft one of the top quarterbacks in the draft.

The Raiders could trade up, but they are at the mercy of what other teams might be willing to spend to move up in the draft.

With that being the case… until O’Connell isn’t the starting quarterback, there is no good reason for Pierce to show support for anyone other than his second-year quarterback.

Another advantage to Pierce’s support for O’Connell might come in the draft.

Everyone knows Mark Davis wants to find a franchise quarterback.

What NFL owner doesn’t?

Some believe the Raiders’ owner would be willing to sign off on just about any deal that would bring Caleb Williams to Las Vegas. But if the league perceives that Pierce might be wanting to roll with O’Connell at quarterback, maybe the Raiders can keep some level of mystery to their plans in the draft.

Obviously, it’s all speculation at this point… with answers coming in just a matter of weeks.

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11 thoughts on “Are the GM and HC Really Divided on what the Raiders should do at Quarterback Next Year?

  1. I think the Raiders should let Adrian lose his starting position at Quarterback. Give him a chance to win it or lose it. Saying that, We need the defense to play lights Out All Season Long.Especially if they want to get into the playoffs.

  2. I agree with the coach. AO did very well while he played, seeming to get better each game. As I have mentioned, Brady was not a runner AND when he becomes a part owner HE CAN HELP GROOM AO.
    In addition, we are going to have a new qb coach. AO can put in as much time in as his arm can take this summer. AO has exhibited that he can throw darts and lay arcs in.
    My first choice for a pick in the draft is J. J. McCarthy. He is very young and may well beat out AO. If J. J. drops to 13, it is a no brainer for me. I think he will go before 13. However, I would not trade the HOUSE just to get J. J. or any other qb. A future #1 sure, but not the house. AP loves defense and defense wins games. He should do whatever to make sure that the defense has no holes. If there is a first rate defensive pick at 13, take him. Or 13 could be an offensive lineman to block for AO. Enough said. Go AP, go. You worked wonders in 2023, keep it up!

  3. Going with O’Donnell is a bad idea if they do we will not be going anywhere O’Donnell is a back up not a starter

  4. If this speculation has any truth to it, it’s not unexpected. Oh what a surprize! The new GM and the Head Coach have a disagreement about who should be quarterback. Instead of reports of the new GM and the new Head Coach working in harmony in the best interests of the Raider organization. I guess we should all be expecting this type of reporting while these two continue in their roles. Figure that?

  5. Do not trade up. Build with the picks we have. DO NOT waste picks to move up for an unknown. AOC was the 2nd best rookie QB last year, and he came in the 4th round. Consider that AOC, Bo, and AP were stuck with the JMD dink and dunk playbook. AOC is accurate, can SEE the field (unlike Carr), and has poise (again, unlike Carr). He will benefit greatly from a full off season with a new OC and playbook. How many first round QBs the last few years are not worth their cost, including the cost of lost future picks.

    Good teams and dynasties build through the draft with the picks they have. Any id10t can blow the future to move up for a top prospect. The problem is that most don’t pan out and you are left with holes in your roster and no picks to fill them. You then turn to FAs which break the bank and cause cap issues. Build with the picks you have. Use rookie contracts to manage the cap and afford key FAs.

    We need the best CB at 13. If a good QB prospect falls to round 2, then jump. Otherwise, we need a LB and DT or two and OL depth. We have money for free agency, and a great GM finds value in the mid and late rounds. Finally, stay away from players with injury issues in the early rounds.

  6. No no no to cousins=damaged goods, we still have garappolo also damaged goods. Hoyer well cut him, mayfield ? How many teams has he been on? Jaydon Daniels or justin fields. A youth movement not a home for senior citizen quarterbacks.

  7. Bring back Marcus Mariotta, save your money, pick a QB on your 13th pick, all three try for QB1 and Marcus can tutor both. Marcus still have some gas left not like the other veterans that’s running on fumes and want more money. Keep Josh, and since you’re planning on releasing your TE, bring back Darren Waller.

    1. Waller is trash, he hasn’t done anything since he got his bag. He wants to be a rapper and he isn’t any good at that either. AOC will be fine with a new OC and playbook, build the defense!

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