Insider Thinks It’s a Three-Man Race for the Raiders HC Job: “I Don’t Think Anyone Else Has a Shot”

The Raiders locker room has been sending a message all week about who they want to be their head coach next year, and the fan base seems to be mostly in agreement that Antonio Pierce has done enough to earn the job.

Pierce has one game left to build his resume, and Sunday’s game against the Broncos will determine whether or not he walks away from the season with a winning record during his nine-game stint as the interim head coach.

Once the season is over, the competition for the Raiders’ head coaching job appears to be a relatively short list, although the Raiders will have to conduct a lengthy interview process to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

Other than Pierce, the two other names that appear to be the frontrunners for the job are Jim Harbaugh and Jon Gruden.

“I think it’s a three-man race,” Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter said this week on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. ” I think Antonio Pierce is in first place right now by a hair, with Jim Harbaugh and Jon Gruden [being the other two candidates]. I don’t think anyone else has a shot at this job and it’s going to be fascinating to watch. I think Jon Gruden is third, but I know Mark Davis loves him.”

There will be more twists and turns in the Raiders’ hiring process, but a convincing win over the Broncos in week 18 would go a long way toward Pierce securing the job.

If the Broncos win or the Raiders turn in a messy performance in the season finale… things could get interesting.

Harbaugh has been rumored to be very interested in the Chargers job because of Justin Herbert and if Pierce doesn’t close out the season on a high note… could Gruden wiggle his way to the front of the line?

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11 thoughts on “Insider Thinks It’s a Three-Man Race for the Raiders HC Job: “I Don’t Think Anyone Else Has a Shot”

  1. Vegas has the Chargers OC as the favorite to get the job.
    I think Gruden would be better off in many ways coming back to the Raiders as the O.C.
    He could give 100% of his attention to the Offense.
    He wouldn’t have to do weekly press events.
    He could work with his son again.
    He wouldn’t be involved in drafting players.
    He could get his old house back.
    He is a perfect match with A.P.. They seem like birds of a feather.
    He would be the perfect coach to groom Pierce in how to navigate the HC job.
    Gruden bleeds Silver and Black.

  2. Gruden has won a Super Bowl. The players want Pierce. Harbaugh wants San Diego. It’s a two man race. Additional factor-Davis probably wants to stick it to Goodell after he was forced to get rid of Gruden. Gruden will be the choice.

  3. I love AP for what he has done. The HUGH advantage of JH as head coach is experience. He has managed to build UM to an OSU killer, something I did not expect. JH could may also be able to draft his current qb JJ, who would love to continue to play with JH. JJ is meant to be a pro qb, but needs more coaching which JH can do. JH might also be able to coach up our current qb if he can’t draft JJ. I also would like to have Davis hire AP as head defensive coach and have JH groom him for the next head coach. The current OC, Bo, should be kept with JH grooming him unless JH hires UM’s current OC.

  4. Who in their right mind wants gruden back with the Raiders?
    What is there to miss,horrible draft picks and free agents?
    Outdated ultra conservative offensive playcalling?
    Spending all the cap on washed up offensive players that kiss his *** and neglect the hell out of the defense?
    What was Sucky good at besides being a closeted bigot?
    If gruden comes back it’s goodbye Raiders for me,that will be my last straw.

  5. Being a Raider fan and have never missed a game. Mark made a mistake hiring the two rock stars mcstupid and zigzag. I guess he didn’t know mcstupid and ziggy like country music not rock.Well anyway they are gone. My wish is that AP and CK get the jobs they deserve it. Gruden aka chucky speaks for himself. He is a grid iron tough dude who with his personality can change things. Coach jim harbaugh is also a real tough dude. He was taught by one of my all time favorites next to madden is mike ditka. Iron mike was the dude. Player, coach, hall of famer. This is why jim would be good. Taught by the best. Whatever you do Mark Davis stay with one of these 3 and you will be good. If you decide on a young coach a lot of your players will press the blue button. Oh, that’s the mass exodus button. Nobody will want to play for a scumball owner see ua mark. Do the right thing. And by the way ding dong the patriot way is dead! The new way is the old Raiders way— Run like the wind and just win baby!!!!!!

  6. My heart says AP my head says JHMy heart says AP my head says JH I Have wanted JH3 coaches ago He is nothing but a winner And a raider Make no mistake about it he is a raider

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