Beat Writer Says Maxx Crosby and Davante Adams Will Get Behind Jim Harbaugh if Hired by the Raiders

Maxx Crosby and Davante Adams have been vocal about who they want to be their head coach next year, but how will the offseason play out if they don’t get their wish.

According to Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, both players will be fine if the Raiders pass on Antonio Pierce for Jim Harbaugh…

“Obviously, the players have Antonio Pierce’s back. We’ve heard from Maxx Crosby. We’ve heard from Davante Adams. That’s to be expected, but I would say this. If they don’t go in the direction of Antonio Pierce and turn to Jim Harbaugh, I don’t think that’s going to be a very tough sell with players like Davante and Maxx Crosby, in particular.

There’s nothing that you really have to explain if you’re the Raiders and why you chose Jim Harbaugh over Antonio Pierce. The resume and the track record, all of that speaks for itself. So I would expect Maxx and Davante to get behind Jim Harbaugh if it goes down that path.”

But what happens if the Raiders’ star players aren’t happy with the team’s next coaching hire?

In the hypothetical scenario where Crosby or Adams don’t approve of the hiring of Harbaugh (or someone else), would either player have options of recourse?

Crosby and Adams are both under contract through the 2026 season, but their contract situations are very different.

Crosby has a team-friendly deal considering he is arguably the best edge defender in the NFL. He doesn’t have a great deal of leverage in terms of his contract.

But Adams has a contract that almost guarantees he won’t be around beyond the 2024 season.

When a new coach is hired, there is almost always major roster turnover. Adams is 31 years-old and it’s possible that he would rather play with Aaron Rodgers than play through another reset in Las Vegas.

If that ends up being the case, a mutual decision to part ways could be a resolution that makes sense for both Adams and the Raiders.

Just something to think about if the offseason goes in any strange directions over the next few months.

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8 thoughts on “Beat Writer Says Maxx Crosby and Davante Adams Will Get Behind Jim Harbaugh if Hired by the Raiders

  1. At first I was like Nah and then I figured his Wife probably wants to escape the Harsh Michigan Winters and Move back to the West Coast.
    That being said can the Raiders Offer more stability than the Chargers ?
    And what if Carrol gets canned I can see Jimmy heading to the Pacific Northwest and trying to exact revenge on Jed and the 9ers.

  2. As much as we all want Pierce to be the HC it’s not going to be the same as it is now unless Grahm is part of the package too.If that’s the case hopefully they hire a DC just as good or better and also a good OC.But everyone should be happy and thankfull that Harbaugh might be an option too.He isn’t no Mc Daniel’s or even a Gruden.Hes has proven as a HC that he ain’t no joke and get the job done in the NFL and at the college level.Either way it’s time to GET ON UP SO WE CAN GET ON DOWN!!!

  3. Happy New Year Raiders fans! I would just like to say, let’s all be totally honest. The direction of all NFL teams are the players. Know matter how good a coach is, the performance of the players is determinative. If the players want to play to not get hurt and make the maximum money per their contract that is what they will do. On the other hand, if a team wants to be
    Super Bowl champs. They will perform on the level to achieve that goal. And so, whether it’s Antonio Pierce or Jim Harbaugh if the players fail to perform to the level required to win in the NFL he will fail. The Raiders may not have the personnel at this point to win the Super Bowl but they should reach the playoffs. We will see what happens.

  4. Ok mark it’s decision time . What does the nation stand to gain in this crucial time? Does the owner make the choice to once again pivot from a successful, player endorsed coach that took the reigns in less than optimal circumstances and guided the team to reach several history setting wins And a future that seems destined for more success or does he decide to make the same mistakes twice in a row and go for the coach with the “resume” that will no doubt need even more time to chAnge the team to fit his specific desire, with no guarantee of outcome. With all of our recent history how is this possible ?:doing the same thing and expecting different results is obviously insane or just plane stupid. So what’s it gonna be mark ? Listen to your players like you dad did – or cement your bowl cut Lloyd Christmas status because this decision will be you legacy .

    1. Its a no-brainer. What has Harbaugh done for Stanford? What has he done for the SF 49ers? What has he done for Michigan? He made them all winners. He’ll do the the same for the Raiders. He was a Quarterbacks coach for the Raiders and knows the Raider way. If he is the HC, we will have Super Bowl expectations by year two.

  5. I like Adams and respect him as a leader however, I think if JH is the coach of the Raiders then this team will need at least two years to truly be a contender. And Adams wants to win now trade him for max value to build this team through the trenches and draft a QB.

    1. you sound stupid hell na aint no trading adams .. why TF trade our number 1 receiver ?? For a coach thats not even guaranteed to have the raiders win. Yes jim is a good coach but coaching in the NFL and college two different things Look he failed with the 49ers is not guaranteed he will have the success he has right now with Michigan

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