Insider Says Josh Jacobs Had a Message to the Raiders Coaching Staff Prior to the Jets Game

No one on the Raiders’ roster has experienced a bigger breakthrough since Josh McDaniels left than Josh Jacobs.

Jacobs says his ideas are now welcomed by the coaching staff and there’s no question that it is making a difference. He has combined for 214 rushing yards and two touchdowns in the last two games.

More importantly, the Raiders are 2-0 in those games.

Prior to the Jets game, which turned out to be Jacobs’ most productive game of the season, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter said that Jacobs told him something that stood out.

“[Josh Jacobs] told me something that you guys will appreciate,” Hondo said on his Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast this week. “Before the Giants game, he went to [the coaches] and said ‘I want the ball first’ and he said ‘whether I get 10 yards or not, they’re going to know how I’m running on that first play.’

“What he was saying is [that he] was going to be so physical, [he] was going to hit the hole so hard, that they’re not going to know what’s hit them.”

The irony of Jacobs’ monster game against the Jets’ is that they featured the best defense the Raiders have faced all year. If he can run over them, he can run over anyone.

Looking ahead, the Raiders are expected to rely heavily on Jacobs against the Dolphins on Sunday. One of the keys to beating Miami will be controlling the clock, and if Jacobs can set the tone early against the Dolphins, the Raiders should be able to keep the game within reach.

And without Josh McDaniels on the sideline, good things are always possible, right?

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3 thoughts on “Insider Says Josh Jacobs Had a Message to the Raiders Coaching Staff Prior to the Jets Game

  1. How about you kick that Raider OL in the balls one at a time coz they back like climate change protesters

  2. Let’s face it, nation…when Josh Jacobs goes, so go the Raiders! Is there really anyone who doesn’t know that, other than that unemployed joke of a coach who literally poisoned our team? Jacobs is a beast and if resigning him isn’t priority one this off season, then maybe McDaniels poison penetrated the organization more than we thought. I just hope that firing that clown might give us a chance to keep not only Jacobs, but DaVante Adams as well! As far as the Miami game tomorrow… Don’t be too disappointed at the outcome of this one, they’re a little ahead of where we’re at right now. I love you, Nation!!

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