NBC Broadcast Shared One of Josh McDaniels’ Biggest Weaknesses as a Head Coach

For nearly 21 months we heard about the amazing and wonderful mind of Josh McDaniels.

By some accounts he was one of the smartest coaches in football, so it came as a surprise when the Raiders were getting worse and worse with him in charge – particularly on offense.

How could an “offensive genius” be such a failure at coaching offense?

There are plenty of reasons why McDaniels failed, but the NBC production crew on Sunday night shared one of his biggest reasons why his offenses have been so terrible.

Quoting the NFL’s reining rushing champion, the NBC broadcast said Josh Jacobs finally “feels like he’s respected” now that Antonio Pierce is the head coach and confirmed that last week was the first time Jacobs was able to give input on the runs he wanted.

And for what it’s worth, Jacobs isn’t the first to say something like this.

Several reports last year hinted that even Derek Carr didn’t feel like he had enough input with McDaniels.

Players didn’t feel like they were important to McDaniels and that was part of the reason why they didn’t work well with him.

As for Jacobs, he added that he had made up his mind that he wasn’t coming back to the Raiders next year, but his mindset has shifted since Pierce has been in charge…

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “@iAM_JoshJacobs said Antonio Pierce has him thinking for the first time about coming back to the @Raiders next year… pic.twitter.com/Doh11huXZq / Twitter”

@iAM_JoshJacobs said Antonio Pierce has him thinking for the first time about coming back to the @Raiders next year… pic.twitter.com/Doh11huXZq

He may have been an offensive genius on some hidden level, but McDaniels was never able to implement that “genius” on the field.

He didn’t listen to his players, he was a terrible motivator, and it has become obvious over the last two weeks that no one enjoyed playing for him.

Is there any better recipe for failure as a coach?

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10 thoughts on “NBC Broadcast Shared One of Josh McDaniels’ Biggest Weaknesses as a Head Coach

  1. Chris collinsworth is a Raider hating punk he always Roots against the Raiders every time he does their game.

  2. True tv sportscasters have to be neutral when covering an event if they aren’t the league needs to find someone that is.

  3. Chris Collinsworth is a pencil neck dweeb he’s on his way out soon too .
    I hear you brother Raiders against the world .
    They hate us because they can’t be us RAIDERS MISTIQUE .

  4. It is now obvious that Josh McD was NOT a Players Coach. He could draw up a plan but couldn’t relate to the players when they had to execute his plan.
    Think of successful coaches and most had/have the admiration of their players.
    To be a successful Leader, It is necessary and it’s not something that just anyone can put on or maybe even learn.
    Now, Coach Pierce “you can’t just play with emotion.” You do have to have strategy and execution. And he wisely said last night, “ we will figure that out.”
    This Man is a Leader.
    RWA, I’m all in.

  5. Some coordinators just don’t make a good head coach but McDaniels just sucks as a coach and human. How many good raiders he let go. We still need defensive backs and a safety who can hit. Jimmy g is still a good QB he just like carr got blamed because of McDonald’s i mean McDaniels sorry both are clowns. Raiders i wish were still in Oakland home of the raiders it just sounds better Oakland Raiders..at least stay in California . California is Raider Nation…

    1. I was with you right up until the point you said Jimmy G was a good QB. This is a man that never played winning football with anything less than a top 10 defense. He’s just a game manager that is paid to not make mistakes. He’s not the guy that will put the team on his back and go get a win for you. He’s always depended on his defense to keep the score low and all he had to do was put the offense in position to score just a few more points than the D gives up. Been his MO since he covered for Brady’s Deflategate suspension.

  6. Yeah….Chris collinsworth is dud wished he played one game against Jack the assassin Tatum….Tatum would have lit that little bony *** up coming across the middle….lmao

  7. It’s the Peter Principal. Promoted beyond his capabilities.

    Joe Walton of the 1980’s Jets was the same. Great OC, however poor HC.

  8. Josh McDaniels never an “offense genius”. All his successes with Patriots were from from Tom Brady. Brady carried him.

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