It Sounds Like Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Has Begun Advising Offensive Coaches

Prior to the Raiders’ win over the Cowboys on Thursday, an interesting report popped up about running back Josh Jacobs.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the Raiders have had “high-level communication” about getting Jacobs the ball and re-committing as a team to running the football.

Warren Sharp on Twitter: “”I’m told the Raiders will re-emphasize the run game today. There’s been high-level communication throughout the organization about not getting the ball to Josh Jacobs enough” – @JasonLaCanfora / Twitter”

“I’m told the Raiders will re-emphasize the run game today. There’s been high-level communication throughout the organization about not getting the ball to Josh Jacobs enough” – @JasonLaCanfora

At face value that isn’t a particularly significant report. But considering the Raiders current power structure, it is almost certainly an indication that team owner Mark Davis is dabbling in game-planning.

It’s possible that La Canfora is referencing GM Mike Mayock as “high-level communication” but that wouldn’t be particularly newsworthy and Mayock isn’t exactly “high level” at this point. What is newsworthy, though, is that Davis is almost certainly expanding his role now that Jon Gruden is no longer in the building.

In this case, it sounds like Davis has told coaches how he wants to see Jacobs used.

After the last few weeks of watching the offense struggle, it makes sense that Davis would want to see improvement. But the ticket to jumpstarting the Raiders’ offense starts with the quarterback. When Derek Carr throws for 300 or more yards, the Raiders are 6-0 this year.

They are 0-5 when he doesn’t.

CBS Sports HQ on Twitter: “The Raiders are undefeated when Derek Carr throws for 300+ yards this season #RaiderNation / Twitter”

The Raiders are undefeated when Derek Carr throws for 300+ yards this season #RaiderNation

If it isn’t obvious by now, the Raiders path to success this year will come by way of the pass setting up the run as opposed to the old-school philosophy of the run setting up the pass.

By all means, the Raiders’ running game needs to improve, but it would be naive to think the Raiders will go anywhere this year by placing a lot more emphasis on running the ball.

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36 thoughts on “It Sounds Like Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Has Begun Advising Offensive Coaches

  1. Yes
    I was impressed with Jacobs today.I never gave up with Jacobs and his inability to get yardage in the pass is not about him but the rebuilt offensive line.
    We are really in good hands with Jacobs no matter how this season ends this year.

  2. Something tells me this is bigger than just giving Jacob’s the ball more. This Raiders offense looked so much better than what it has been the last 3 weeks. I think there was a bigger strategy meeting on the direction and focus on the offense which clearly has been struggling.

    1. Looks like they came to play against the Cowboys. Now the goal should be to bring the same intensity EVERY game. Using their best RB more was a no-brainer, as well. Plus Drake was given some reps, which they must do each game.

  3. Jacobs is a true to game player he’s always focused on getting the job done on the field he’s one of the best running backs in the NFL league if not the best…..

    1. Not even a top 20 back. He has a bad attitude, he is always hurt, and hasn’t looked good in 2 seasons.

  4. Once again the raiderbeatdown is making up rumors, they have nothing to say that Mark Davis has started telling coaches how to run the team. Look at his history since taking over the team he said I know what I don’t know and he will hire people who know how to run a team.

    Where’s the proof? ……There is none

    In a previous post I gave you the phone number to the Raiders Headquarters but you still haven’t used it, still haven’t interviewed a single person from the Raiders, you don’t have access to the team so you make crap up.

  5. It looks like this game plan came from Gruden. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t contact him to assist in the game plan for the Cowboy game. This game plan did not look familiar to the previous three. But, look amazingling like the the first four games of the season under Gruden.

    1. You are high if you believe Gruden had anything to do with winning or planning for that game 🙄 Gruden was Trash and predictable! Offense was stagnant under Gruden Wow Best thing to happen to this Team was getting rid of him!

    2. Passing is key!!! When Derrick Carr throws for 300 or more yds,the Raiders are 6-0 this year!!! When he throws under 300 there 0-5!!!! That says everything pass the ball!!!!

    3. The Raiders weren’t scoring TD’s in the red zone under Gruden, so this in highly unlikely. Hopefully, they’ve moved on from that over-rated coach.

  6. I was at ease once I saw the defensive players communicating with each other on the field. You have to alert your players of things they may not be aware of. I have been a Raider fan for a long time and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen what I saw during the Dallas game.
    Things work better on the field when you are working together and helping each other when you can. “Warren $150”

  7. To be sure, the Raiders “problems” do not start or end with Josh Jacobs. Actually, and surprisingly, Greg Olsen did a much better job at play calling. Marcus Mariota is still being under utilized but Foster Moreau was actually targeted once during the game although Carr didn’t do a good job of ball placement. And, when Waller went out of the game with an injury, Carr was “forced” to throw to other players, most notably the third string tightend. Imagine that!!!! Spreading the ball around and NOT being predictable for a change.

    1. FACTS…. None of it happens without the O-line doing a better job as they did against the Cowboys!

  8. Hire Jim Harbaugh as the next head coach. The running game will get better with Harbaugh as the head coach

    1. No way we need to hire Eric B KCs offensive coordinator! He created KC offense! Also it weakens KC he would be perfect!

      1. Dan you are 100% on Track! Ppl don’t realize Eric Benemy unsure of his spelling sorry but he should be the Target for head coach

        1. Hire duece gruden as head coach who in turn will hire his dad as offensive coordinator and his uncle Jay as Def coordinator

        2. Eric B for HC & restructure the O line with some hogs. Utilize all our WR’s while we continue to run down hill with our dou RB’s

      2. That’s ALWAYS a gamble, because is the offensive production due to Andy Reid or Eric B??? The same question came up when Gruden selected Guenther as DC. It turned out that the Bengals highly ranked defense was due to HC Marvin Lewis NOT, as we found out, Guenther!

  9. I felt they had the right balance in the run game, even Drake contributed! They converted 3rd downs which was equally important! At the end of the day though Carr makes everything work! Can’t deny the record when he throws for 300+ yards! #CantBlameCarr

  10. ‘Ability is availability’… Jacobs is only a few plays away from being hurt again. Jacobs is a decent back but seems to be made of glass…

  11. Al continues to haunt us from beyond. What semi- qualified coach would ever want to work for Mark Davis? Time for the league to step in. Andy Reid must laughing his A off.

  12. Something or someone was holding Carr back maybe it was Carr himself who knows? I hope they use yesterday’s game as a recipe for success the rest of the season and beyond! I still wasn’t happy about that 3rd and 12 when we should have been more interested in getting a first down instead of a hail mary! We allowed the Cowboys to get back in the game instead of ripping their juggler out!

  13. They did great on a short week, and came prepared and ready and it showed on the field. This just makes the last few weeks even more frustrating, because we know what talent and potential this team has. They can make big plays, they can score quick and put up points.

    This W will stop the bleeding for now, but we must show up again and beat the WFT.

  14. Need another runner with Jacob’s talent to come on board with him and be used together on the field gives Jacob’s more on surprise pass or run with another star runner as simple as that

  15. Get creative with the offensive play calling. As a long time Raider fan (i.e. Jack “The Assassin” Tatum crushing Darryl Stingley), it’s kinda a no brainer what the play call is most likely going to be on short yardage downs. Try putting the backs and receivers in motion as the Chiefs do. Tyrek Hill is always in motion and yes always open running all over the field. Our receivers are just as good if not better. Have the tight ends chip before running their routes. You can’t keep going to Waller every passing down. The offensive play calling is way too predictable. On the defensive side of the ball, more blitzes, more stunts to free up the pass rushers and the defensive backs have to communicate with each other as well as maintain their cover until the play is over. Just look at how many completions are made because the defensive backs lose site of their man and the receivers are just running around freely. Just my opinion and observations.

  16. We have too many options with the passing game, open the defense up first, then let Jacob’s and Drake out the running game on. Plus let Marriotts more on short downs. He’s not afraid to run the ball. Since Carr got hurt a few seasons ago, he’s relectant too run the ball. Instead of holding it too long , then he tries to run. Too late !!

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