Vegas Radio Host on Derek Carr: “There’s Something That He’s Holding Back, But He Won’t Say It”

The body language on the Raiders’ sideline has changed a lot over the last few weeks and Derek Carr has been no exception.

Everyone is frustrated with the way the Raiders are playing, but Raider Nation Radio personality Clay Baker believes there is more to the Raiders’ situation than just a team trying to execute better.

“You could see it,” Clay Baker said this week on his weekday Raider Nation Radio morning show.

“Here’s the thing about Derek Carr at that press conference yesterday. [He] was pacing back and forth like there’s something on his mind. He wants to say it, but he won’t say it. There’s something that he’s holding back, but he won’t say it… but there was something bothering him big time and when you brought up the discombobulation you could see it, his eyes were starting to roll like a slot machine like ‘yes, there were problems’ and I don’t know where it is, but there is a communication factor that’s not getting met.”

It’s possible that Carr, like everyone else, is just tired of losing. But it’s also possible that there is more going on behind the scenes.

Shortly after Gruden resigned in October, an NFL Network report indicated that the Raiders’ offensive game-planning and play-calling duties would come from a “collaboration” of coaches, including offensive coordinator Greg Olson and offensive line coach Tom Cable.

Adding to that dynamic, there were whispers in the past that Cable occasionally tried to overstep his role when Gruden was in charge. With that in mind, it would be interesting to know what Cable’s input and role has turned into now that Gruden is out of the picture… and whether the Raiders’ offense might once again have too many cooks in the kitchen.

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84 thoughts on “Vegas Radio Host on Derek Carr: “There’s Something That He’s Holding Back, But He Won’t Say It”

  1. This team has been through a lot, they are human not robots! Unfortunately there is no time to work all the dynamics out right now! The Raiders need to figure out how to beat Dallas tomorrow! A win will at least calm things down if only for a few days before they prepare for the WFT a week from Sunday! Let’s Go Raiders!

      1. Our offense opens up when Jackson is in the game but when we don’t have a deep threat are offense becomes narrow and predictable
        And need to stop relying on Jacobs to be sitting on the bench for four games he’s done nothing on the field and we need to stop playing too deep safeties when teams are doing short passes and we need to blitz more.

        1. Thing won’t change until the raiders are sold. The raiders need a total revamp from the owner down to QB it’s a dumpster fire that won’t be put out any time soon. I have been a fan for over 40yrs.

      1. I 100% agree! Ive been a loyal Raiders fan since 1976. I completely understand theres a lot going on riight now but what about the last 9 years since Carr came into the Raiders and several years before that? Win a playoff game n maybe I’ll become a believer again…..maybe. Because this is heart breaking.

      2. I feel the VERY SAME way. I am so damned tired of hearing the word “rebuilding’ every year! It’s time to give the fans a little pride and poise with their Raiders!

  2. If Cable wants to take over the offense and call the shots, fire his butt today!
    He’s had that gig and was HORRIBLE at it.
    Also, no offense, but a Special Teams coach can never be a head coach. Too much kicking, too little trick plays and never ready for the other team to blind side you. They think that the Special Teams can win a game- nope, but they can loose a bunch.

    1. It’s “lose” not ‘loose a bunch” ROFLMAO!!, glad to see kids these days not learning anything in school! Haha

        1. Ditto 2 Juls statement! Bet they learned plenty of racist bs in their CRT classes however… Like how too be passively racist with your screen name… and too use acronym gestures to help dilute blatant inflammatory remarks, meant to infict emotional damage. Whilst, also adding no substance to the actual commentary~ Thanks Pondscum~ GO RAIDERS!!
          Honestly though… Really??? NFL bushwhacked the Raiders organization! Only COACH Grudens emails get leaked??? WTF??? Yeah right! And then, the Henry Ruggs tradgedy* No one is talking about the huge negative impact this has had… Just another collapsed ROCKSTAR~ that could not keep Their feet on the ground! Fame and Fortune is often a curse! And the young lady who lost everything, because a young man chose himself over everyone else!! Our Team is in Hell… Because of a few… They need too be reminded that “RAIDER NATION” is MANY! And too be part of that Nation is too suffer with this TEAM💯 as well~

          1. Bro the League has had it out for the Raiders ever sense Al took them to court about moving the team! It’s totally clear! How meany years have the Raiders had the toughest schedule even though they had 4 wins the year before! That’s not how the scheduling is so supposed to work! Why is it Raiders always play KC in KC in the KC weather? It shows on games how the flags are called or not called! It’s blatant and clear to me! The NFL never wanted Al as a owner from the start! Al only got control by hook n crook … look it up. Been a fan lot of years. I was 7 or so when madden was our coach! I think NFL is trying to make Mark sell the team!

        2. If Carr is injured, then go to the backup.As far as a game plan – Thow it 25 times in a row to start the game and then keep em guessing.💯🥁🎸🥁🍻👌

          1. AGREE :RAIDER FAN
            SINCE 62.. GRUDEN
            JUST WIN BABY!

      1. ROF? Lmao … what’s rof bro
        But anyway yeah this season was everything we had dreamed of and now it’s a freakin nightmare
        I’m almost 50 and I’ve been through tooooo many fkn seasons with toooooo much bs

        Just fkn WIN FKN NOW FK ALL THE BS

        1. Raider Nation since 1975,
          To Coaches, let Carr do what Carr does best!
          Y’all saw the drive that ended up with a touchdown, 3 snaps and 75 yards marched down the field for a score.
          That’s what DC can do best, he’s got a beast of an arm so don’t hold him back, but hold him accountable instead, otherwise forget about your debut season.
          JUST WIN BABY
          Raider Nation speaks!

      2. Carr cant win a title. Hot to move on, play Mariota, he has more heart and isn’t scared. Trade Carr for whatever you can vet in the off-season. Cable, olson and biasaccia gotta go too.

    2. Cable didnt do much? Well gotdon he took us to an even season in one season that he had that role. With less than what we have now…. Lets be honest and letmariotta take a chance… He might take ur boys job. If u still backing carr with the horrible job he is doing then u must also think jamarcuss russel was a good one too… Dont get me wrong carr i ls good but he is like a toxic girlfriend…. He might be good it just aint happening with us.

  3. Please Mark Davis hire Harbaugh from Michigan he is a winner and a strong leader. I don’t want the flavor of the month bienimy dabbol etc. I have been watching raiders football since 1973.High school football coach since 1990 .Harbaugh is the guy.

      1. Harbaugh went to the Super Bowl with Kaepernick. Do your homework Legrandless. He won the NFC Championship game!

      2. Look what Harbaugh did to turn the 49ers around. **** nearly won the Super Bowl was in the NFC title multiple times. He is a winner.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Harbaugh won me over during his stint in SF. Gruden had the QB mentality and Harbaugh can slide into that gap very nicely. Plus, Raider Nation needs a fire lit & he ABSOLUTELY can get that burning!

    2. Sure by all means hire Jim I wish just once I could stop whining Harbaugh, by all means if you want to choke never win when it matters and go nowhere, sure he’s the coach for us 🙄. no thanks, come on man lol

  4. It’s the day before Thanksgiving. The wife is preparing for tomorrow’s guests. I’m due to help her in a minute, but I want to take this last part of spare time to vent here where people can relate. I’m 65. Been a Raider fan since the 60s, which was the start of their GLORY years. And those “glory years” were glorious indeed. In 67 the Raiders were 13-1 and appeared in the second Super Bowl. Yeah they were trashed by the superior Lombardi Packers, but that didn’t send the Raiders into a tailspin.

    The next year, in 68, they were 12-2, but lost to the Joe Namath Jets in a close AFL Championship game. Then in 69, Madden’s first year as HC, they were 12-1-1, and Madden was coach of the year. But the Raiders lost to the Lenny Dawson/Hank Stram Chiefs in the AFL Championship. (Interesting to note, the Raiders had beaten the Chiefs in both regular season games that year.) Then in 70, the year of the merger, the Raider faltered a bit, going 8-4-2 but still won the AFC West but lost the AFC championship to the Baltimore Colts. In 71, they had the same record but failed to make the playoffs. Then, in 72, they finished 10-3-1, and were AFC West champs again, but, alas, that was the year of the Immaculate Reception.

    Although they lost the AFC championship to Miami for the 73 season, the Raiders would lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers the next two AFC championships after that, (the 74 and 75 seasons.) But finally they hurdled that Steeler obstacle in the 76 AFC Championship and got their first SB victory over Minnesota.

    They were robbed by the refs in the 77 AFC championship, then struggled the next year, going 9-7 in 78, and Madden retired. But Tom Flores took over and after a 9-7 record in 79, won the SB for the 80 season. The Raiders struggled again in 81, which was when all the moving to LA crap was happening. But their first year in LA, they were smokin’ hot, and finished 8-1 in the strike shortened year, but lost to the Jets in the playoffs.

    In 83, it all came back and the Raiders won their third SB over the Washington Redskins. But after two more winning seasons, (11-5 in 84 and 12-4 in 85, with both ending in disappointing playoff losses) it all came crashing down. Since 1986, the Raiders have had only EIGHT seasons with winning records, (two of those being 9-7 records.)
    So think about that…8 winning seasons out of 36 seasons.

    So, it was Al Davis himself who turned the team into crap, and, but for a few exceptions, the team has remained crap. Al was a visionary when he took over the team, but the rest of the league caught up and passed him by. Can anyone bring them back to those glory years? I would like to believe someone can. But we better not hold our breath while we’re waiting. (I’ve got to go now. Time to help the wife. Good thing, too. I could be writing for another hour.)

    1. I thought I was the only Raiders fan who still remembers the greatness of old days. There’s a huge difference between then and now. Then the QB was the general on the field. He called the plays, according to what he saw or the defense showed. The great ones knew how to control the game and use the clock. The longer the offense is on the field, the more rested the defense is and the other teams O is not scoring. Plus a good QB doesn’t blow TOs or throw the ball away on 4th down. Raiders need a thinking QB first and foremost. Then the rest will follow, the other players will play hard for a QB who doesn’t quit on em. Time to park the Carr and try a different ride.

    2. Nice take. I am 66 and remembered everything you said. My first year really watching them was ’68, Heidi game year. Stabler was money, so was Plunkett. Thanks for the good memories.

          1. LOL….I actually read BLANDA in my mind, even though you spelled it BLANCA. LOL…I didn’t realize your error until you reposted BLANDA to correct yourself.

            Yeah, the BLANDA days. For the 70 season, BLANDA was the AFC’s Player of the Year. He was 43 years old at the time and he was the BACKUP QB. He took over games when Lamonica was struggling and pulled off several miracle comebacks.

    3. JB, I am 66 years old and I also remember the glory days. That’s a great piece you wrote especially for young Raider fans.

  5. Harbaugh can barely win at Michigan let alone beat their rival Ohio State. Do you honestly believe he can come back to the pros, after so many years, and be a top head coach in the NFL? Yeah right! I’d rather take a chance one of the top assistant coaches around the league.

  6. If Tom Cable is another distraction to the team, I agree. Fire him. As for Derek Carr, if he has something else on his mind, just let it out. Seems like this season too is headed straight down the tubes.

  7. It’s time for Mark Davis to be a owner and take the lead with this team.Hire a GM a head coach and new quarterback for this team going forward for all raiders fans.

    1. Mark Davis did that when he took over. He hired Reggie McKenzie, who fired Hue Jackson and hired Dennis Allen. That was when I sold my season tickets. Reggie had very few good draft picks. Mack was one. Wasn’t Carr another? Gabe Jackson was a good pick, and Amari Cooper. That’s four picks. As for Allen? Not good.

    2. And that QB would be who? Whenever someone says they want to dump or move on from Carr, I always ask, and get who? The free agents at QB are garbage, the next year’s draft class won’t have any QBs available when we have our pick, and the people that are really reaching say hire Kaepernick and I just roll my eyes and sigh as another silly person tries to vie for Colin. He was garbage when he left the league and he is garbage now, plus who wants that drama queen in the locker room especially with all we’ve dealt with this season.

  8. Please get an elite quarterback and a experienced hard nosed coach we as Raider fans can’t take any more losing for hell sake!!!!!!!!

  9. Hire Jack Del Rio back. He at least got them to a winning season of and go to sling to with players. Even Derick Carr w as as doing good until he got his leg broken.

  10. I’d like to see what happened if Carr got the Manning treatment. Give him full control of the audibles and majority of the play calling.

    1. That’s what we’ve been seeing since Chucky left. But go back and review the season so far. They’re lucky to be 5-5. I know everyone is always scared to make a change, especially when the rest of the league is saying how great Carr is. That’s because as long as they keep him, the Raiders aren’t a threat to them. Carr is not going to get them to the playoffs. How many more years is it going to take before they wake up. Try Marcus at least he will make it interesting to watch.

      1. I wonder how you and the many other carr haters felt about carr earlier in the season???!!! he was in the running for MVP!!! Carr has not changed!!! it is not his fault that both Gruden and Ruggs are idiots!!! carr is playing behind an extremely porous offense line. watch the time that the Great Tom Brady gets vs the time that carr gets. there has also been a number of articles written about how bad Josh Jacob’s is. anyone that knows ANYTHING about football realizes that the game is won at the line of scrimmage. Carr is a heluva qb who has no one except whalers to throw to, Renfrew is great in a pinch but not a number 1!!! the raiders, because of that horrible o- line are 1 dimensional!!! yet another brilliant move by Gruden!!! yet people want to blame carr!!! sadly, if the raiders EVER reach the playoffs again, carr will have been long retired. Gruden has successfully screwed this team up for an extended period of time!!! yet people continue to blame carr. odds are we will only get 1 first round draft choice for the next couple of years, finding a Crosby and Renfrew are very rate finds. instead of blaming carr, the raiders and raiders nation need to support him and draft on the offense line and good receivers (we all know that Zay Jones is not the answer and it would appear that Edward’s is a joke too)!!!

        it’s not carrs or Jacob’s fault!!!

        1. Thank you. You just said everything that I wanted to. Carr is a very good quarterback just check his stats. But no all of the whiners out there put it on Carr instead of the coaches. Not every quarterback gets a ready made tight team to stand behind like some others have. Gruden screwed up the o line but the blame where it should be.

  11. This year is more painful than most of the last 20 years. They should pay Bill Bellacheck 20 million a year to straighten this **** out. I’m tired of being more interested in the draft than the season.

  12. We certainly have the best fans in the NFL!
    I am also a fan that joined in the 60’s who agrees with the fan that brought out the idea of the quarterback being able to call his own plays. Let’s see if Car has the intelligence I think he has to get a few more Super Bowls.
    Let’s go!!!!

    1. The word I continue to use about 5his team is “snakebitten”. Someone prove me wrong if you can.

  13. I think Derek Carr will retire at the end of the season. He has said that John Gruden is the only coach he will ever play for and I believe him.

  14. I don’t know about this so called story about something going on behind the scenes. But what I do know is that ever since Ruggs left so did that swag Carr had. He better get that sh! right otherwise we’ll all witness a bloody Thanksgiving day massacre

  15. Our offense opens up when Jackson is in the game but when we don’t have a deep threat are offense becomes narrow and predictable
    And need to stop relying on Jacobs to be sitting on the bench for four games he’s done nothing on the field and we need to stop playing too deep safeties when teams are doing short passes and we need to blitz more.

  16. Eric Bieniemy , the offensive coordinator for KC would be an excellent HC for some team. KC has an exciting playbook with several misdirection plays. Look what they did to the Raiders. The Raiders need a new age HC!!!!

  17. Ok how bout Carr get a haircut and at least act like you want to lead the Nation back to where we should be. I’m tired of seeing Carr on the sideline with no emotion just sitting there not communicating with the other players. Seriously try to figure something different than the same **** you keep doing!!! They can’t keep this **** up they start off hot and end up being the joke of the west every year!!! I love the RAIDERS till I die but please pull your heads out.

    1. It’s time to let derrick call the plays grudens plays that he knows like the back of his hand. It’s funny he plays pretty good under those plays. Derrick is the only person in this to win it. The line the coaches all suck why do we have people we let go once before back on our side tired of watching Josh Jacobs laughing at press conferences. Doesn’t he know his nfl career is just about over maybe one more year the most for but the laughing during all this just lose baby is unacceptable. I’ve been watching the raiders since I was 5 that’s 50 years. Since Gannon we have had only 1 QB worth a crap that’s number 4 and if I’m wrong name one I’ll wait

  18. I agree with everyone here I’ve been a Raider fan since 1993 and I’ve only seen really 3 good seasons this year has been a huge distraction I believe Derek Carr is not playing good for over a month now time to start Marcus mariota at least then maybe the Raiders could save this year otherwise it’s only going to be more bad .

  19. God bless the raiders. I miss the oakland raiders, but that is life. Still thankful to have a team. The raiders will beat dallas today and get back on their feet. Not easy the nfl. So much talent and politics. So raider fans,take heart we got a good coach . I would dare to say Lombardi like. He cares. Enjoy the game and be thankful. Die hard raider fan.

  20. For those who want Marriotta he can’t take a hit and the league figured him out why do think he was sent packing. He is a first round draft who lost his job to that guy from the dolphins start him good for me cause he’ll just get knocked out of it.

  21. Pay Parcells to come in for a year! Just do SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!
    Anything is better than the EMBARRASSING product you are forcing on us!

  22. Harbaugh that was a special teams coach is the one that coaches the ravens and he won a superbowl

  23. John Madden once said ” you have to let the players be unrestrained, if not you’re only going to get an air ball “. I hope I’m wrong, but if the RAIDERS implode, it’s gonna take a long time to actually rebuild again and I feel the NATION is getting fed up, just fucking frustrated, but if you ask me ” what are we’re going to do the rest of the year? Win the fucking AFC and the fuckn’ Super Bowl, next year, same gotdamn thing. RAIDER 4 LIFE AND THE AFTERLIFE, get it together and kick some *** !!!

  24. If Carr is not playing well right now, why the hesitancy to put Mariota in ?! He can’t do any worse !! Marcus may not be the loud, boisterous leader but anyone will tell you that his confidence and the way he inspires his team mates is second to none. Just put the guy in ! What are they waiting for ?

  25. As much as I like Carr and I do, it’s hard to look past 16 games under 500 as a starter, 1 winning season and no playoff wins ! . And let’s not forget the below average drafts every year for 20 years ! . . You can’t win baby like that !

  26. How well has the high school you coached done? I dont think they have been very successful considering you dont know very much about football

  27. 11.21.21 – the day I gave up after 48 years! This entire organization is soft. Raiders used to be tough, proud, scary, intimidating, ruthless and winners! No team fears the Raiders anymore! Only the Lions and Browns have worst records over the last 20 years! And let’s all face it… even if we had the #1 ranked offense, #1 ranked defense and the leagues best position players across the board… the NFL will NEVER allow the Raiders to win a SB! (Doubt that? Why are the Raiders the #1 penalized team EVERY YEAR? That’s not even possible… but it’s fact!)
    11.21.21 I’m out!
    Just. Keep Losing. Baby

  28. All you al Davis haters….just remember one thing ole al went to war with the NFL to save the Afl and won …so all you young punks need to learn a football lesson from ole Al…..ask the la chargers …Dallas Texans….new York Titans….Houston oilers….Boston patriots…. Cincinnati Bengals….Denver bronco’s…Miami dolphins…. remember this all you happy go raider fans who want to jump ship…Big ole Al Davis says Just win baby win…he forgot more **** than the rest of the NFL ever learned

  29. Carr had a good game not a great game.missed a touchdown by leading his wide open receiver. Then in the third quarter had foster merou wide open and overthrew him . More big plays missed. And fck all the penalties your being paid to be pros , act like many chances to win the game and end up in or again.

    1. Bitch,bitch,bitch, the RAIDERS won on the road in dallas and some people are still not satisfied. I’m proud of em’, always have the defense had more (pop) in their hits, wide outs stretching the field, good pass rush on defense, Renfo running under routs, Waller just being Waller, yeah I’m proud of em’. We kicked dallas in in dallas on turkey day…….GO RAIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and **** john wayne……………..

  30. Here’s my take, young guys are enamored with Vegas the lights the city and the fact they are celebrated person’s. Gruden had a tight leash on the guys but not as tight as we would think to some guys this is too tight and when gru was out they just ran wild. Carr made the comment about being out late and having late dinner’s. I think carr is trying to dad all of these younger guys and their not having it. Also think some players are getting to big of a head. Waller could be one of them guy’s who says okay the guy who brought me in is gone and I want out or I want to choose my QB and that can be sensed by the locker room and staff I guess only time will tell.

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