Report: Raiders Would “Love” Ezekiel Elliott To Fall To Them

According to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, the Raiders would love Ezekiel Elliott to fall them at pick 14, but they’re prepared to draft a big lineman if Elliott doesn’t slip.

These were Miller’s words on the Raiders options at pick 14 and a couple names to keep an eye on:

“A coaching source in Oakland said the Raiders would love Elliott to fall to them, but a realistic option is a big defensive tackle or left tackle of the future, per the same source. Two names to remember, according to the coach I talked to, are Chris Jones and (Robert) Nkemdiche.”

The Raiders could also have a difficult decision to make if UCLA linebacker Myles Jack falls to pick 14 – something that many believe may happen. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, several teams are scrambling to figure what to do if Jack winds up falling out of the top 10.

For what it’s worth, the Raiders are believed to be the last team to meet with Jack – and the timing could be significant.

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36 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Would “Love” Ezekiel Elliott To Fall To Them

  1. This is a Brainer trade up and get the next Marshall Faulk and make our team the greatest team on grass, Then no one could stop that offense, best gunslinger, best wide receiver , best all purpose back, Trade up and make the raiders Super champs by 2017 . Reggie do for AL bring the Silver Black to Super Bowl Champion

    1. I say trade up too, but don’t trade too much to do so. Otherwise, I’d say stand pat @ 14 & draft Ragland or trade down for more picks

      1. No need to trade up for elliot, only 7 backs got 1000 last year. Murray was one of them, our o-line is improced, just need a change of pace guy. Look for rb in 5th round. D-line will be the pick at 14, then they will address other needs. MLB, CB, OT.

      2. Package Mcgloin,Ellis,Rivera
        2016 second round pick. 2017 fourth round the Jets for Wilkerson.
        The be there back if you trade back a few spots.Get your second round pick back..Or imagine Edwards,Williams,Wilkerson, Nkemdiche. Thats terrifying itself. Add The best player Mack,with Irving and Smith..Dont know what to say.Glad im not a qb.That could be the best front 7 in all football. And i havent even mentioned a middle. Lb yet. ( has anyone seen AJ hawk).if you droped back and got your 2round pick back. One. of the injured players ,middle. lb, corner.if not 3rd round OL.or a fallen injured pleyer

        1. Iam with ya no trade stand pat if he falls take em otherwise just keep building

    2. That’ll be nice but I Elliott going be gone sooner than that. Jack would would make our linebacker core stronger than ever but it’s his knee that bothers me

  2. It would be AMAZING if Elliott were to actually fall to The Raiders. With all that has transpired in FA, I have no clue where they go if Elliott doesn’t fall to them. They need a MLB and a S but none of the MLB or S warrant the #14 pick in this year’s draft. A fall for Elliott to 14 would solve the problem of who to pick there. GO RAIDERS!!!

  3. It would be nice if he falls to us only if Dal goes in a diffetent way i see that happening… If any trades come about i would like for them to go frm 14 to mid 20s gain a 2nd round or 3rd wont hurt a very deep draft this year.

  4. If he falls to them great, but if not stay put and draft Robert Kkemdiche! He is going to be a steal. Mack & Bruce Ervin will take him under their wings. Hopefully they get some picks for Rivera. Elliot would be great pick up with Latavius Murray on his contract year.

  5. Nkemdiche? Heck no that dude is a train wreck off of the field. We don’t need that on this team. We don’t need some off field fiasco like Manziel.
    Keep drafting quality guys on and off the field, but I don’t think a trade up is a good idea, considering how much the Eagles and Rams had to trade to move up 6 spots.

  6. Finally Raider Nation completes the greatest show on turf by going and getting Elliott. He is a complete back. I’m from Ohio and have watched him grow. Grab a beast at DB/Safety from Clemson TJ Green at 44 SuA Cravens a slot wo and dline

  7. I think if Elliott gets passed Dallas they should work out a trade with either the Browns or niners to draft Elliott or Jack. I would first and fourth this draft and a second next year.

  8. Hello Elliott would make our team the best in the AfC , think about for a minute behind the best offensive line in the AFC, third best Quarterback in the Conference, second best receiver in the Conference, then you bring in the best all purpose running back prospect in recent years since Marshall Faulk .Wow are you kidding me 6’1″ 215 huh Man, do remembered Chuck Muncie he was the best all purpose until drugs ruined his career . This is our best opportunity to be ready for the next 10 years making the playoffs. Reggie Reggie let’s do this trade up

  9. No RB in the 1st. Take a CB, Hargreaves or Jackson. Take best Safety in 2nd. Mack and Co. will never get to the QB if passes are completed before they can get to him. We need at least 3 quality CBs and top tier safeties or we will get burnt. RB in the 3rd, maybe. I’d consider Utah’s Booker.

    1. G MCHUGH, I agree with your picks!! Oakland should have traded Rivera, Hayden and a few others to obtain Forte who’s always been healthy. They need to pick up big, talented CB and a few Safetys not spin their wheels with a maybe RB.

  10. I bleed black and sliver but the only way Elliott goes to oakland is if Mckenzie actually does the exact thing he doesn’t do and trade up. The best hope Myles falls do us do to all the dirty fake reports out there. We need to fix the middle of the defense. Tight ends killed us last year. Stop saying draft ragland have you all just had a brain fart a 2 down at best mlb and anyone remember the last mlb from alabama we drafted. Period

  11. If he falls to 14, (which he wont) then go for it. No way about it, he is not making it past Miami at 13. The Raiders would have to trade up to 12. It might only take a 4th rounder to do it or M. Rivera, but I think there are a lot of really good backs to be had out there this draft season. I want you guys to watch some game film of Alex Collins from Arkansas. Love how he approaches the line, drives his feet into the turf like a sewing machine and explodes through arm tackles. CJ Prosise would be an excellent late round option that would complement Murray especially in the passing game. Jordan Howard out of Indiana, has great vision and is an absolute truck. Watch him just destroy DBs when he gets to the second level. Not sure if he has typical NFL speed and might need a monster OLine to let him get into the secondary, but that is exactly what the Raiders have, and no one will want to step in this guys way late in the 4th quarter.
    Raiders should go Defense with their first two picks at least. I would love to see one of the higher end Corners, Hargreaves, Alexander, Williams in the first and Safety, Joseph, Thompson, Neal in the Second.

  12. I hate to break it to you but Elliott isn’t falling to oakland unless reggie does something he’s never done trade up. Are best hope is all the bull press they been putting out has Myles Jack fall to us. We need to fix the middle of the defense. Ragland isn’t going to do that at best he’s a slow 2 down mlb and anyone else forgot the last piece of garbage mlb from alabama we drafted.

    1. Ragland makes tackles PERIOD, he was always around the ball and nobody got free when he got a paw on them-take Reggie, RNFL, Roll Tide

  13. Hunter Henry TE macky award winner is the next jason witten he never dropped a pass last year.

  14. The Raiders can stay put or trade down to get more picks either way we are sitting pretty who ever we decide to draft will only improve our team at any position. I guess The only immediate need would be middle linebacker so unless Miles Jack falls to us we should select Eli apple or Leonard Floyd! Reggie Ragland has coverage issues otherwise I’d say he’s the pick?

  15. Exactly Elliott won’t fall past dolphins at all. A 1st rd swap and Riviera be all I’d want to give to move up. Draft picks are lotto tickets and and McKenzie picks well late in draft. I’m really not into ragaland. In today’s game a 2 dwn linebacker can’t be drafted at 14. Especially when we had a huge issue guarding tight ends. Hargreaves if he falls. Stay away from nkemdiche first rd. 2nd rd round swoop him up if there but not first

  16. Take jack Conklin in the first then a safety or corner in the second and rb in the third linebacker in the fourth. Championship.

  17. Trade up for a RB? Yeah right, value is not there. We have a 1,000 yard rusher and look at all the top RB’s in 2017. Trading up is not the answer, draft Nkemdiche.

    1. You want an idiot who falls out of hotel windows on your team yea good luck with that. The raiders are starting to rebuild because we aren’t taking flyer picks on losers with no common sense!!!

  18. William Jackson III in the first. But what about Derrick Henry in the second? Or Booker?

  19. The only way Reggie trades up, is if he can trade players on our roster. Hayden, Rivera, and any other piece that might temp other teams. Maybe the Browns at 8. Ramsey, Hargreaves, Elliot, or Jack would have to be there. No way in Hell should the Raiders select Ragland. I believe he falls hard. If the Raiders stay at 14, I think the correct pick will be Nkemdiche. I believe he will be a superb player in the NFL, and fills their biggest need. A three down player, who will stop the run, and cover the tight-end out of the backfield. No more blown coverage for huge gains, and scores.

  20. Fairy tales he’s not falling to 14 as much as he would completely revolutionize our offense he’s not getting out of the top 10 .

  21. Don’t matter what move we make we making the playoffs. Reggie been very consistent and I’m loving that especially when he grab Clive Wafford from the U. Yall don’t understand hes was the best TE in that 2015 class and all the TES that come from the U are official.Our offense is straight. Murray.. idk. He run to high for me. That’s why he got folded a couple of times. He runs timid to me even though he got 1,000 yards he only got 1,066 that’s barely over. Not explosive enough to me. It look good on paper though.. We got this RaiderNation 2016 draft ! But like that say offense win games defense wins superbowls! So I feel we should grab another linebacker so our defense can points on the board as well the offense!

  22. We need CB, Go Get the Apple, it would be a good grab for Raiders, Raider Nation, and the Football world.

  23. Anyone who says pick a linebacker with a enlarged aorta is a idiot. If jack is there that’s the pick. Where do you guys get the idea that football players play for 10 years anyway. Your lucky if they last 4 years the average is 3. Take a player at the major need postion and stop asking for worthless *** tide linebackers the last one was a nut case!!!

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