Khalil Mack’s Asking Price Said To Be “Enormous”

There seems to be more optimism that Khalil Mack isn’t about to get his pink slip away from Oakland anytime soon, but there’s still a lot to get done before Mack is a member of the NFL’s $100 million club.

According to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, Mack’s asking price is “enormous” but the Raiders are ready to find common ground.

Whatever Mack’s asking price, it would be interesting to know if it went up after seeing the numbers on Aaron Donald’s contract. The Raiders and Mack reportedly couldn’t agree on Mack’s valuation for the past 8 months and there’s no question Donald blew the top off the market previously set by Von Miller.

General manager Reggie McKenzie and Jon Gruden surely weren’t doing cartwheels after seeing what the Rams paid Donald.

Looking back, would the Raiders have been better off biting the bullet on Mack’s contract in the offseason or even earlier?

There were discussions a year ago about extending Mack, but McKenzie said the team wanted to hold off on the deal for another year. Now here we are and Mack is about cost six times more than the Louisiana Purchase…

Not counting for inflation, of course.

And about those cartwheels… do we think McKenzie can still do one of those?

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  1. The “asking price” Schultz is referring to is clearly the Raiders’ asking price in any trade.

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