La Canfora: Better Odds That Raiders Trade Khalil Mack Than Not

Khalil Mack might not be going anywhere, but Friday night seemed to be dedicated to reports that Jon Gruden wants to send his best player to another team.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the odds of Mack leaving the Raiders might actually be better than the odds of him staying.

There is rumored to be four or five teams heavily interested in Mack and if you listen to reports outside of Oakland, those teams seem to have a real chance of landing the former defensive player of the year.

There was also a report this week that Mack either wants a new deal from the Raiders or wants to be traded. The news cycle moved so quickly since then that report seems to have been largely forgotten.

So what’s out there to believe? Figure that out for yourself, but it sounds like even the Raiders don’t know how this is going to play out (which is disappointing to imagine is true). If you listen to Bay Area beat writers, the Raiders have no interest in trading Mack, but the consensus outside of the Bay seems to be much the opposite.

Safe to say, it could be an exhausting weekend of rumors ahead…

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  1. Al Davis offered three first round and a starting QB for an unproven Stanford QB dumb-face John Elway. And Mack’s worth is more than that, hear me buyers.

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