Report: Mark Davis Not As Interested In Trading Khalil Mack As Jon Gruden Apparently Is

How serious are the Raiders about trading Khalil Mack?

Well, very serious if you ask Jon Gruden. Maybe not quite as serious if Mark Davis has anything to do with it. According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, the rumors are true that Mack could be traded, but Davis isn’t nearly as on board with the idea as Gruden.

Silver also confirmed another aspect of the story that makes a lot of sense. The fact that Mack hasn’t been returning Gruden’s calls hasn’t helped the situation as the two essentially have no relationship at all – and neither particularly trusts the other at the moment.

While Gruden is the one calling the shots, there’s no question Davis has reserved veto power for himself in situations like these – though he probably didn’t envision using that authority nine months into Gruden’s tenure.

Let’s just hope if things get too crazy in the next 24 hours someone steps in and makes sure there are no future Hall of Famers turning in their uniform at the end of the weekend.

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7 thoughts on “Report: Mark Davis Not As Interested In Trading Khalil Mack As Jon Gruden Apparently Is

  1. If Gruden does this he will not be welcomed in Oakland or the state of California period…

  2. Do us a favor. Sight single that indicates Gruden is even a little “enthusiastic” about trading Mack. True journalism, sports or otherwise, has been killedby social media. But hey, you wrote something and I’m giving it attention. I guess you win!

  3. I dont believe that a guy like Belichick would ever put $20m+ into just 2 players. It’s never been done before, by the way. BB would have traded Mack for a basket of picks and a 2nd tier, starting edge rusher. I further believe that in Jon”s time out of coaching he took strict notes on how the successful coaches succeed, the same way he studied offenses and defenses. Putting the two together, I think this is where we are at…… Jon wants to emulate the successful NFL coaches. I fully expect Mack to be traded, unless his side suddenly caves.

  4. As a loyal Raider fan & season ticket holder, I would be HIGHLY disappointed if they trade the most dominant defensive end in the NFL & a future hall of famer…
    Don’t do it!!!!

    1. Apparently Gruden didn’t read this reply! I am in total shock Mack is no longer a #Raider.. I hope and pray he knows WTH he is doing!

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