Report: Trade Conversations Stirring Around Raiders Gabe Jackson

Less than two weeks after Jon Gruden voiced his excitement to have Gabe Jackson back in the lineup in 2020, an NFL Network report is indicating that Jackson could be on the move.

League insider Ian Rapoport said on Tuesday that there have been trade “conversations” around Jackson, who comes with a $9.6 million cap hit next year, but can be traded without the consequence of any dead money.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From NFL Now: On the possibility that #Ravens QB Robert Griffin III and #Raiders OL Gabe Jackson are traded…

The report could have come from anywhere but occasionally a team will leak their interest in trading a player just to make sure there aren’t any teams interested in the player. Whether or not that is happening here, it’s at least safe to assume the report is accurate.

After parting ways with linebacker Tahir Whitehead, the Raiders have around $56 million in cap room, but if they are looking to trade Jackson, it’s probably a sign the Raiders plan to be aggressive in free agency. Certainly $56 million looks like a lot on paper, but a few of the top free agents linked to the Raiders are expected to sign for around $15 million per year.

One position to keep an eye on is cornerback. The Raiders seem to be sniffing around all the top corners on the market and even a few potential trade options at cornerback, as well.

Also, what will the cost be to completely revamp the Raiders linebacker group?

That won’t be an inexpensive process, either.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Trade Conversations Stirring Around Raiders Gabe Jackson

  1. Jackson is a really good guard … He would most definitely help our offensive line ., He moves forward and would really help Jacob’s running game . If we can afford to keep him and he can stay on the field … By all means … These Big guys get chopped down every game … Its hard for any of them to stay healthy though … Its about depth !

  2. I for one will be glad when free agency starts offically, because personally I’m really tired of all the speculation. Talking heads who have no frigging idea of what is going to happen and what moves will be made are just making all kinds of speculation and trying their damnest to find a fact or two to bolster their rumors….. This part of the process really sucks, I would hate to be a member of the team and have to read all these wild allegations….

  3. I really like Big Gabe Jackson. Terrific player. Much part of our great (and big) O-Line. I also know football is a business, so much in this era…
    I personally really hope we can keep him.
    Of course if you are stupid enough to let Kalhil Mack go, you are stupid enough to do almost anything.

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