Latest Tom Brady Rumor? Raiders Offering Ownership Stake

Just when you thought the ‘Tom Brady to Las Vegas’ rumors might take a little siesta before the weekend, an obscure website in (or at least about) Las Vegas has come out with the most outlandish report yet.

According to, who is apparently the source for “News, Rumors, Tips, and WTF” in the Vegas area, the Raiders are prepared to give Brady $65 million over two years and a stake in team ownership.

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Speaking of quick escalation: Word is Tom Brady offered $65 million by Las Vegas Raiders for for two years. Key element of deal: Ownership points upon retirement. Told Patriots have signaled they won’t match it. #SportsballBoomAF

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on Brady, but very little about adding Brady at age 43 makes sense for the Raiders from the perspective of winning football games. Brady might not be better than Derek Carr now and has almost no chance of being better in a year or two. And it sounds like he’s going to be a lot more expensive, as well.

Throwing in ownership stake to add Brady would be even more ridiculous.

It’s believable that the Raiders might be sniffing around Brady, but what NFL owner would offer equity in the organization to a player in the absolute twilight of his career?

Surely none of them.

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33 thoughts on “Latest Tom Brady Rumor? Raiders Offering Ownership Stake

  1. The only way it makes sense is if we plan to draft a QB that needs a couple years to ride the pine behind a quality Vet- you know, the way all teams used to do it.

    1. Still doesn’t make sense, bc Raiders will be losing in the meantime. Brady isn’t good enough anymore to make up for a mediocre team, let alone one with the worst defense in the NFL.

      Not even Mahomes, with KC offense around him, could make up for the Raiders defense. Raiders only smart option is to use the resources they have to build up the positions that are actually bad.

      That’s exactly what a good team would do.

      Build the team up, and if the QB prevents you from winning, replace him. Doesn’t matter who the QB is if the team is bad tho, which is why Browns went through QB’s like bottles of lube at an orgy.

      KC went 3-1 with a backup QB. NE went 11-5, then 3-1 w/o TB. Saints went 5-0 with a QB who literally checked down the entire game. The QB position is a lot less important than most fans seem to think it is.

      If guys like Flacco, Foles, and 40+ year old Manning can win a SB, then Carr is absolutely capable of doing the same. Raiders need to build a good team around him, or anyone for that matter, before that can happen.

      Build the team up, THEN worry about the QB. That’s exactly what Titans did, and that’s how they found out Mariota wasn’t good. TB, Big Ben, Rodgers, Mahomes, and even Greats like Stabler and Bradshaw, were all drafted to playoff caliber teams. Carr wasn’t gifted that luxury, and Raiders have failed to build around him ever since.

      They need to stop spinning their wheels and actually build the team with good drafts and FA, not pull a Browns and think the next QB will make them a contender. That’s incompetent thinking for a fan to have, let alone a pro sports franchise.

      1. ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!!! That is the most thorough and perfectly articulated response to the media circus and uneducated fan grumbling that I have yet to read since the Carr / Brady rumors began.

  2. Brady was sub-Carr last year and will be even worse this year.
    We will NEVER learn all of Gruden’s lingo, nor would he even try
    Gruden and 43 year old Brady just wouldn’t work out, not being able to be on the same page
    Brady has one more year in him and EVERYBODY who knows football, knows that
    His las year will be his career worst
    Brady will be at the bottom fourth of all starting QB’s next season
    Vegas talks the talk but VEGAS odds are a billion to one that the Raiders are stupid enough to sign him, trade Carr, give him more than one year, pay him over 18mil AND partial ownership (which Mark Davis AND his mom only has 47% ownership)
    Nobody, including Gruden wants Brady. They DO want other teams to over pay him, and that is what you are breathing in at the moment.

    1. who cares at this point i just wish this **** to be over talk about beating a dead horse. lets just hope they get it right.

    2. Yes, you get it. Everything around Brady is being said for the sole purpose of getting the contract he wants from NE. That’s it. That’s the only reason. He’ll get it too, hopefully sooner than later.

  3. Brady at 50 yrs old would be better than Carr. Why you mooks can’t admit that blows my mind. Carr is getting traded for a 2nd rounder folks….prepare your minds

    1. 😅😅😅 their aint no available quaterback around!! you blind !! apparently you don’t watch football you sound like dont!!

  4. -Mark Davis doesn’t have enough ownership to share with Brady.
    -Carr is better than Brady at this stage, Brady is 43 and Carr is 29 with two years of experience in Gruden system.
    Stop doing this.

  5. Oh look more garbage posting by an amateur sports blog.
    This isn’t even legal by the CBA, a player CANNOT own a stake in any team.
    Typical clown show by this page, as usual.

  6. And just when you thought the BS couldn’t get any deeper, there’s this! This has reached the beyond pure insanity level. If anything Kraft will offer him a stake in the team. This is Bradys agents creating a parallel universe of what he wants with New England. He’s not looking for Vegas he’s looking to become the King of Massachusetts!

  7. Carr is a garbage time QB in terms of stats. One winning season in 8 yrs. he’s all hat and no cattle. He’s got to go. Brady has peaked two yrs ago. He’s not worth the money or the partial ownership. He would put asses in the seats, from all those Win, lose, draw yahoos. If you don’t care if they win….why watch the games. At 47% ownership, he wouldn’t be getting much from Davis. Carr hasn’t been the same since breaking his finger, Transverse and leg. He’s brittle and has happy feet. Can’t extend plays, is a dud in the red zone. His teammates tolerate his Tebow religious BS. Plus he cried in front of them. Sooner he’s gone…the better.

  8. 😅😅😅 their aint no available quaterback around!! you blind !! apparently you don’t watch football you sound like dont!!

  9. Fix the **** DEFENSE already. Enough with the Brady garbage. Give Carr some weapons and fix the defense you morons.

  10. Raiders don’t need the cheatriots fading qb. After the tuck rule fiasco no true raider fan in their right mind would want that cheat on the team. Carr may not be the man to do it in the long run but Brady **** sure ain’t. Brady his big time coach and the patriot name will always be linked to cheating and scandals.

  11. Bad defensive back field allow them to many yards and t-ds need better defensive coach carr needs fast wide recievers and big and fast tight ends and all have to be able to catch if carr wants to be better he learn the defenses and pay cut to get better players around him and gruden needs to take a pay cut so they can get the payers they need

  12. I love the” Brady ain’t worth it ” windbags! He’s only the greatest QB ever to play the game ya jackwagons! 2019 the Patriots had absolutely no weapons for Brady to work with and he still stepped into the playoffs yet again! Even if he’s lost a step, he’s still the best option for half the teams in the league! Carr would make a wonderful clipboard holder for Brady. As for the cry me a river “Cheater” wankers; Brady Nor the Patriots Team have ever been proven to cheat! Fact!
    The Tuck Rule: was a actual rule!
    Spygate: was video taping a team 15 feet from the where the brand new stated camera men should be. Even though the rule was incomplete in its definition and redefined clearly after punishment was dished out to the Patriots. And not to mention the rule was circulated by office memo and wasn’t overseen that all teams received.
    Deflategate was a natural occurrence known as “Ideal Gas Laws”. It has now been proven by every creditable scientist and about 1, 000 elementary school, middle School and High school students all over the globe.

    Everyone hates a winner! Noone but 49rs fans liked Montana until he retired! And He had the best player’s money could buy for career lengths. Oh and his receivers hands were covered in Stickem. Also his lineman and defensive players soaked themselves in oil to get out of blocks and holds! Rice and Montana both admit this. Yet, Cheater isn’t screamed? It’s because they aren’t kicking the crap out of your teams and continuously hoisting the championship trophy every other year or more!
    If Brady shows up there, enjoy being part of greatness! Be glad you had him on your team for a time! It’s definitely the closest the Raiders could come giving some pride and hope to a team that vacations in December!

    1. opinions are like assholes everyone has one!! continue greasing your tom brady poster you have in the room😄😄

  13. Lol Brees is jus as old as Brady but if he said he wanted to leave saints everybody will b like let’s get Brees but wait ,,, don’t Brady got more playoffs runs & wins over Brees & more rings as well,, and Brady’s stats might look better than Brees too !!!! & Remember saints wasn’t nuthn til they got Peyton & Brees , and now look they been a crazy hard team to beat against any team that plays them!!!! So would y’all pass on Brees hell naw y’all wouldn’t,,,, so y would yal pass up BRADY??? Is yal crazy do yal know wat that man can do & bring to the nation to make us a team we need to b !!!! Shidd me personally let’s get Brady & spread out our #1 drafts on off n def and get a couple vets n free agency! I think that would b a huge upgrade n progress.and that would also be visually appealing as well!!!!!

  14. It’s March madness so let’s do something crazy with our team and turn thangs upside down and start make the impossible,, possible!!! Let’s turn things around by b n unpredictable like we shud b on the field WE NEED WHOLE NEW LOOK,, PERIOD from players to plays!!!!!!! Let’s go NATION!!!!!!

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