Rapoport: “Keep an Eye” on Jordan Love and the Las Vegas Raiders

Based on the way everything is being talked about in Indianapolis, the Raiders are doing a lot of self-examination at the quarterback position.

We know about the Tom Brady rumors and even the little hint of a Philip Rivers conversation, but it’s combine week and there are a couple rookie quarterbacks also being linked to the Raiders. One being Jordan Love.

“I would keep an eye on the Vegas Raiders. They are a team that sounds like they like [Jordan Love] a lot,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on Friday. “They obviously have said nice things about Derek Carr but seem to be open to upgrading. Having Jordan Love land at 12 with Vegas is certainly something to kind of keep an eye on.”

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From NFL Now: The Jordan Love, um, love is real at the Combine. https://t.co/nJwZpkJCrf

What is interesting about Jon Gruden and the draft is that Gruden doesn’t have a history of taking quarterbacks near the top of the draft. It’s unlikely that Gruden will want to start a rookie quarterback anytime soon… or ever. So being aggressive and taking a quarterback at pick 12 seems like a stretch, especially with so many legitimate holes on the Raiders roster.

Maybe the information on Love is coming from the Raiders, but more than anything else it sounds like a little draft posturing.

Just a guess, but the Raiders will probably want as many quarterbacks drafted ahead of their 12th overall pick as possible, and so will Love’s agent (meaning Love would probably be one of those drafted).

In that case, everyone benefits from a little “Love to Las Vegas” buzz as we get closer to the draft, right?

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14 thoughts on “Rapoport: “Keep an Eye” on Jordan Love and the Las Vegas Raiders

      1. Have you scouted Love? People had the same concerns about Maholmes. Carr is average, maybe slightly above. We need a great QB now to compete in the west.

  1. We had ghost to the post ! Now we could have a Love bomb … But we need a #1 wide receiver… for Derek Carr !

  2. Love threw 17 INT’s against terrible Mountain West Conference defenses…. this guy will never become a legit NFL QB.
    As usual, the morons hating on Carr have no idea about football.

  3. Why the hell isnt anyone talking about Jalen Hurts? I mean the guy through for a butt load of yards and ran for 1200 and 20 tds. Can anyone say Lamar Jackson 2.0?

  4. We need a WR1 before we worry about developing a new quarterback.We have a QB a franchise can build around that’s been in a complicated system for 3 years.You waste a high pick on a QB then were starting from the bottom again …

  5. The issue with Carr is his decision making. He misses a lot of open looks, and just checks it down.

  6. I agree with what is said about wasting a pick with greater needs. I dont think any of these guys in the top 5 QB’s end up being long time starters but Burrow, and Herbert. I think we will be good if they add at least one of the top 4 receivers in this draft but hoping for Jeudy. We should spend the rest of the non WR picks on Defense.
    Gruden being in love with other QB’s especially old guys is pathetic. After all his “genius offensive mind” is very predictable Run, Run, Pass short of the sticks or run, pass, pass. I wonder how many times he passed on 1st. Bring in a top notch offensive coordinator or let Carr call his own plays. It couldnt be worse.

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