Tafur: Raiders “Definitely in Play” For Tom Brady

If the Raiders end up staying with Derek Carr at quarterback, they might have some explaining to do.

The Tom Brady rumors have been swirling around the Raiders for over a month and as of lately, even the local beat writers seem to be fully on board. In other words, the Raiders interest is Brady is real.

“Both Raiders general manager Mike Mayock and coach Jon Gruden gave Carr votes of confidence this week, but the Raiders are definitely in play for Brady,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Friday. “It may not be logical, given all the young players that would have to learn a new offense for someone with maybe two years left, but again this is Brady, and Gruden would make it work.”

But here is the thing. The Raiders chances of getting Brady just aren’t very good.

Brady will have better options in terms of finding a Super Bowl ready roster (Tennessee and New England) and even if the Raiders promise to add more talented receivers around him, those receivers are almost certain to be rookies. Brady, on the other hand, would be 43 years older than the stadium in Las Vegas and in no position to wait on the maturation of young wideouts.

As for the other missing pieces on the Raiders roster, Brady would have to trust that the players will come… unless he decides to sign a few days into free agency, which also seems unlikely.

The Raiders might be able to give Brady the most money, but that surely isn’t going to be the determining factor in where he goes. So most likely the Raiders are going to stay with Carr and in a few weeks have to do their best to explain to him how everyone got the Brady story all wrong.

Good luck with that.

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14 thoughts on “Tafur: Raiders “Definitely in Play” For Tom Brady

  1. If the Las Vegas Raiders really want to sign Tom Brady I would say this all about making a big splash in their new dig’s not about winning football games . Now as a life long Raider fan., I have seen some of those big trades before ., and most did not work out real well and this will not either … Brady is just to old and not mobile enough . The defense of today are so fast that a statue in the pocket will not work … and game planning for him in particular will not work as there is plenty of tape to show his tendencies … I think the offence would be to predictable … But unfortunately the NFL is starting to look a little staged … WWF style ! But hay by hook or by crook what ever… Made for TV ! The Raiders win the Super Bowl Next year ! Go Raiders

    1. Brady would have gotten the Raiders to the playoffs THIS YEAR!!
      Something I do believe Carr can do with enough weapons. But we’ll NEVER WIN THE SB WITH CARR! Maybe if you give him the best Defense in the league. And just ask him to be a game manager like Tenn. did with Tannehill!
      Same QB!!

  2. Bring in the TB12 brand baby! All these fanboys think it’s about winning football games. Tom is on his last contract before retirement. It’s all about money and selling the brand. A new stadium and all that Vegas casino money…lol…bye bye Derek Carr…Have fun in Indianapolis.

    1. I’ve had a hard time warming up to Chuckie since his return. That 2000 SB was more than I could take. I know it was all the referees fault in that Brady rule Snafu. I’ve been been a loyal fan of the raiders since 1960. A lot of people were not fans of Al Davis but it’s 2021. I don’t have a whole lot of SB’s left so I’m falling back!
      JUST WIN BABY!!!
      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  3. Brady is done. Has been. Oldies radio. Bringing Brady and revamping everything around him would prove to be a big stupid move. Besides……no self respecting Raider fan even likes Tom Brady or the Patriots. I’d rather see him eat dirt with someone else.

  4. Vic Tafur is basically an a$$, likes to stir the pot! Carr will be the Raiders QB! It makes absolutely no football sense to revamp everything the Raiders have worked on these last two seasons to put Brady in a Raider uniform. If and that’s a big IF the Raiders sign Brady it’s no longer about football and it’s about having a Vegas style revue show. Almost like when Elvis was at the end of his career and became a caricature of himself and played Vegas! Fit Brady for a studded jumpsuit and Cape if Las Vegas signs him. And then declare this Raider fan extremely pissed!! Carr 2020 Las Vegas Raiders! #RN4L

  5. At this point I’d take Brady over Carr. Heck I’d take Teddy, Stafford, Tasum or Tannehill over Carr. Why? I’ve watched every single Raider game and press conference and I’ve come to the conclusion Derek just doesn’t have it. What’s that saying? Good is the enemy of great. Staying with Carr because of fear of the unknown is cowardly. Carr has proven he can’t elevate the play of his teammates, nor have the guts to will his team to victory. Whatever was in him in 2016, is long gone never to return. How many seasons has it been that Raider Nation has said one more year he needs an Oline. Now it’s a #1 WR. Next season it will be another excuse. Excuses are NOT the Raider Way. Commitment to Excellence. Just Win Baby. #RN4L

  6. Wouldn’t it be Tafur and the local beat writers who have something to explain to Carr? They’re the ones propagating these rumors.

  7. Mr. Brady is just another excuse for a losing season.
    We went through the flavor of the month concept, both at coaches And quarterbacks.
    Mr. Brady is a step backwards for us.
    What about this team building concept.
    How can he possibly fit. He won’t even be in football at that time.

  8. Don’t need Brady when we have a better younger QB that put better numbers last year without a #1 wr and with the #2 wr out half the year injured! Just get Carr some weapons and he will be back in the MVP conversation and the Raiders will be back in the playoffs! Signing Brady would be idiotic! I am hoping that Mayock and Gruden have let him know that he is in fact their QB of the future and that they are just letting the Brady smoke screen float to keep other teams guessing what they might really do in free agency or draft!

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