Lawsuit Claims Raiders CB Damon Arnette Injured a Woman in Car Crash

Just in case the Raiders needed one more legal matter in the headlines… enter Damon Arnette.

According to a TMZ report on Friday, Arnette left the scene of an accident in October of last year near the team facility. He apparently had a friend stay at the scene to provide his contact information to authorities, but that friend then claimed to be the driver of Arnette’s vehicle.

The matter was sorted out by police and Arnette was ultimately cited, but now the woman that Arnette hit on the highway has filed a lawsuit claiming damages of more than $92,000. The damages apparently include head trauma, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, depression, and even panic attacks.

TMZ posted pictures of the damage to both vehicles…

Courtesy: TMZ

Not the most significant damage to either car, but if the alleged victim has medical professionals supporting her claims, Arnette will probably have his hands full in court – especially considering he left the scene of the accident in the first place.

The TMZ report didn’t indicate when the lawsuit was filed, but considering the week the Raiders are having, it’s notable that the lawsuit details are coming out now.

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  1. LOL, dude seriously, this is a typical auto accident civil case like millions filed every year under similar circumstances. I’m sure they’re countless athletes who’ve been sued in civil court for a traffic accident, and they’re not being put on “blast”.

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