Lincoln Kennedy Says Raiders Need To Find A Vocal Team Leader

As he’s done many times in the past, color commentator Lincoln Kennedy shared some interesting opinions this week on the Raiders.

Appearing on The Pillaging Podcast (a small podcast, but a good one), Kennedy opened by addressing roster needs and the draft.

“This team doesn’t need to go and draft another receiver. What you need to go with the first pick, the first couple picks in my opinion, is get yourself a linebacker, get yourself a defensive, get yourself somebody that’s going to help this defense because that’s where the biggest holes in this foundation seem to lay.”

“I want those boys to go out and get Roquan Smith, the linebacker from Georgia.”

Kennedy said the Raiders also need to shuffle around a couple young players in the secondary.

“As much as I love Karl Joseph, his inability to cover tight ends is what set him back,” Kennedy said of the 5’10 safety. “Karl Joseph has to move over to free safety.”

As for Derek Carr, Kennedy said the Raiders young quarterback did too thinking this season and it affected him.

“Calm down Derek Carr and simplify the reads.”

“What we saw out of Derek Carr this past year is we saw Derek Carr regress. The reason why he regressed is because he started thinking too much, either with the ‘check-with-me system’ or how to decipher a defense or whatever it was, he started thinking too much. I don’t want my quarterback to think too much. I want my quarterback to know before he touches the ball, where he can go with the football. That’s what Jon Gruden’s offense is going to bring.”

Kennedy closed his appearance by talking about the one thing he thinks the Raiders locker room is still missing.

“I think the only thing that’s really lacking of this team is somebody in that locker room that’s going to get in guys’ face…”

Kennedy said the Raiders primary leaders – Carr, Cooper, and Mack – tend to lead more by example.

Asked if there was a player currently on the roster who might be comfortable stepping into a more vocal leadership role under Gruden, Kennedy said he didn’t know.


Check out the Pillaging Podcast. Well executed podcast. Good job, guys.

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21 thoughts on “Lincoln Kennedy Says Raiders Need To Find A Vocal Team Leader

  1. I agree as far as the draft, defence ,defence, defence. I do think we need to upgrade the tackle spot if a stud is there to take in 2nd or 3rd.

  2. All true statements that need to be followed up. Big Kennedy played for Gtuden. He knows Chucky very well.

    That is Franchise showing his thing and building his confidence back up. Great to see.

  3. Maybe Bowan can step up and be a veteran leader in his first full year. He’s a respected guy in the NFL, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. This team will be very active in free agency, contrary to what most people think. I believe 90% of our DB’s could be cut and new guys brought in between FA and the draft.

    McKenzie can’t blow another draft like he has the past 3 yrs. I mean, none of our 2012 or 2013 drafted players are still on the team. He nailed 2014. 2015-2017 were full of foolish picks and reaches. That CAN’T happen again this year……… need to land some of the bigger free agents available, too. I’m also hoping Reggie get’s creative and makes some trades to move up in the draft. NO MORE REACHES!

    1. Conlan and Obi were not reaches by any stretch of the imagination. In fact both were excellent value where they were taken. How was RM supposed to know they would pick up injuries? Karl Joseph’s has the makings of a very good player but Kennedy is right, he needs to switch to FS. His biggest mistakes were in the 2016 second and third round. Neither has done anything to justify their pick.

  4. Not to be neglected in draft is LT. Carr needs maximum protection to be effective so an athletic prospect, if available or a guard in 2nd or 3rd day and slide Osemele outside for long term success.

  5. Linc is a stud. His weekly game breakdowns during the season are a must watch for me. That PJFF podcast is pretty tight. Those dudes know their football. Pretty funny too. Wish Linc got on our coaching staff. He’d set a few knuckleheads straight!

    1. Alley oop son… we pillagingjust4fun… these Pillagers have been doing there thing… from ten to then to put to pants up…

  6. That is the second time Linc has been on that podcast. The first time he gave his account of why the Bucs kicked Raiders butt in the Superbowl. Best “excuse” I have heard. I tend to believe Linc, because if some of the other rumors were true, Al would have broke out the overhead



    2. Hey bro… saw you on Nice to see you here man. Linc is da man! RAIDERS!!!!

  7. Good call on stacking defense. Carr was very impatient this year. He didn’t allow any plays to unfold, he even threw the ball away in a hurried manner on fourth down. Scramble like Russ, or allow the receiver to atleast make a play on the ball during fourth down plays, don’t just throw it away, that is terrible football. His regression lies within his mental game, he might have been afraid to get hit after he broke his transverse process. Toughen up Carr! You’re getting paid a lot of money to take hits, learn from the best and watch Tom Brady’s documentary on working out, diet, and life.

  8. Whats the scoop on Aldon Smith?…is he due for reinstatement… I hope he gathers himself it would be nice to see him play again!

    1. Whats the scoop on Aldon Smith?…is he due for reinstatement… I hope he gathers himself it would be nice to see him play again!

  9. Lincoln Kennedy should be one of our coaches. Gruden needs to call the guy and tell him to stop wasting his time dissecting this team and pointing out where they can get better and try actually helping them to achieve those goals. I think Lincoln would make a great coach. Just my two pennies.

    1. See my post above bro. He’d set some slackers straight real quick. Old skool is the best school.

    2. He seems to be doing well with his radio show, and his job alongside Tom Flores and Greg Papa has to be the best of both worlds. He gets paid to travel with the team, and basically sit on the sidelines. I have listened to a lot of NFL streams, and they are the best team in the business. The life of an NFL coach it a tough one, I think he is great where he is at.

      ps- Free Aldon!!!

  10. Tom Cable will make our OL the Best in 2018, Drafting “Roquan Smith” is Definitely not another Rolando McClain Experiments? Resigning Navarro Bowman, will Help R.S. to Transition Smoothly, Paul Guenther will make the Defense, a Top 10 Defense? We were also 31st in SACKS, Atlanta finished Last in SACKS, Gruden will have it Dialed in 😎✌🖤👍🏈🏈🏈🇺🇸

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