Report: Marshawn Lynch “Intrigued” By The Idea Of Playing For Jon Gruden

One of the interesting storylines of the Raiders’ regular season is soon to be one of the interesting storylines of the Raiders’ offseason.

What will the Raiders do with Marshawn Lynch?

If the team wants to have him back, does Lynch even want to come back?

As of now, it sounds like both sides may be open to an encore.

According to The Athletic’s Lisa Olson, Lynch and Jon Gruden have a “tentatively scheduled” meeting to discuss Lynch’s status.

Olson also said that Lynch is “intrigued” by the idea of playing for Gruden – further indication ‘Beast Mode’ is open to the idea of returning.

Once considered a long shot to be back (had Del Rio returned), Lynch seems legitimately in the mix to be back in silver and black.

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21 thoughts on “Report: Marshawn Lynch “Intrigued” By The Idea Of Playing For Jon Gruden

    1. The most consistent offensive player . From Oakland , born and bred. he’s more raider than anyone on the team. you sound ridiculous.

    2. He’s Oakland. He only did what he was allowed to do by the previous Coaching Staff, his play on the field when he was used properly, in my opinion, showed he still has a lot left. I hope we keep Lynch another year and actually get to see him run behind our O-Line

  1. If I’m wrong that he WASN’T a locker room cancer, then by all means being him back. He was our best RB when dumbazz Downing didn’t try stretching him out on an outside zone blocking run, which ALWAYS resulted in 0, or less, yards. Washington just plain sucks (another wasted draft pick) and Richard looked like a shell of his former self, not to mention the numerous fumbles he had! Is Elijah Hood worth a look or no?

    1. I’ve been wondering about Elijah Hood since the middle of the season! He’s a powerful North and South runner…..maybe he’ll get a look with Gruden at the helm!

  2. Only way that Lynch is worth having back is if he falls in line. He’s about promoting his brand. I don’t knock the hustle. Gruden’s return only increases the exposure he can get for one more year of free advertising for his brand. However, Gruden is looking for grinders. Lynch is not a grinder and he is not about the team, or about the RAIDERS. He’s about securing his long term life after football. Again, I don’t knock him for taking care of himself. It’s not like the NFL doesn’t chew up and spit out players. But unless he does it Gruden’s way, he is not gonna make the final 53 regardless if he comes back or not. This time it’s nof his choice.

    Shout out to the fellas at Those dudes had Lincoln Kennedy and a dude from PFF Autin Miles on their podcasts. Pretty dope for a small RAIDERS podcast. I’ve benn listening to stuff in their archives. Pretty cool. It’s worth a look. Great RAIDERS content.

  3. If our dumbass oc would have stayed with our power scheme he would have had way better numbers!! We didn’t use him enough if you ask me and when we did he was good to go. I remember one game he was averaging close to 7-8 yards a carry and once we got him to like 15 carries we just stopped giving him the ball- straight dumb ****!! All that locker room cancer talk is bullshit- that’s the media looking for scapegoats – here they are- Del- Rio, Crabtree,Norton and Downing-good riddance to all of them!! By the way (hero ball butter hands) Seth Roberts can go with them!!

    1. Lynch was used to zone, he was the whole reason they switched to zone. He hasnt played in a power scheme since maybe buffalo.

  4. Lynch was productive for the Raiders last season so I think he should come back. He was out for a year before returning to the game. As for him not being a true Raider think about his terms to return to football, he wouldn’t have come back for any other team, sounds like a true Raider to me. I believe this coming year beast mode will be even more productive now that he’s had the year to get back into his game shape. Bringing him back helps on so many levels. First it allows you to draft for your real needs and still gives you a great presence in the back field

  5. Lynch, knows bringing back Tom Cable will make our OL the Best in 2018 & Gruden will make Beastmode the
    “KRAKEN” Lynch will become a more Polished RB, under Gruden? Look what Gruden did with “Charlie Garner

  6. I want to see Lynch in Gruden’s system I think he has a lot left and will kill it next year in Silver & Black #RaiderNation

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