Report: Raiders Offense Under Jon Gruden To Feature “A Bit Of Everything”

Jon Gruden hasn’t given many clues to what he wants to do on offense next year, but he’s been clear about one thing – he’s going to put more on the plate of Derek Carr.

As it turns out, Carr might be going from a ham sandwich to a full smorgasbord.

Instead of a specific scheme, the Raiders plan to run “a bit of everything” according to The Athletic’s John Middlekauff, who sourced a Raiders offensive coach.

Via The Athletic:

“Just because the Raiders hired Tom Cable to coach the offensive line doesn’t mean they will just run zone schemes. Just because new offensive coordinator Greg Olson just came from Los Angeles doesn’t mean the Raiders will copy Sean McVay’s Rams offense.”

“The Raiders expect to blend everything together and put a lot on Derek Carr’s plate. The reason you pay Gruden $100 million is because of his offensive prowess, and I would expect that to be on full display from Game 1. From what I’ve heard, they will attempt to be like the Patriots in the sense of a game-specific scheme offense. Change by the week and let the matchup dictate their plan.”

Who wants one playbook when you can have all the playbooks?

Not only will Carr need to learn a new offense, but he’ll also be required to get in and out of personnel and plays efficiently.

A tall task for a 26 year-old… but who isn’t excited to watch the Gruden and Carr chapter unfold?

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2 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Offense Under Jon Gruden To Feature “A Bit Of Everything”

  1. Raiders already have a playoff caliber team and with Gruden coming in I fully expect them to play to their abilities. Carr had a down season but he had help with dropped passes. Gruden should be able to bring excitement and get the most out of the abilities of the players.

  2. Chucky will definitely have some interesting schemes on offense this year, that’s for sure. Hopefully the power blocking scheme will be a large part of the running game, instead of the disastrous zone blocking scheme that idiot Downing forced our O line to run. Our O line is full of Road graders & ppl movers like Osemele for a **** reason… To RUN OVER PPL! The whole season last year in the running game was wasted trying to get all fancy, having linemen shift all over the place to block EVERYWHERE except where was needed. Straight f*kn ahead!

    As for the passing game, we should be fine, since Chucky will bring the routes & receiver utilization back to the Pro level, instead of the basic, predictable high school schemes that always stopped yards short of the first down marker instead of trying to actually gain yardage by, idk, doing something that matters, like, actually moving the down field & instead of sideways, which was the kind of stupidity we repeatedly ran last year. Assuming our receivers can actually catch the ball without getting into a dumb *** slap fight & ejected, and our RB puts all his effort into running over ppl while being a TEAM player, instead of repeatedly siding with the enemy, our offense should be just fine even if Chucky calls every play in the book!

    Some of you have been yapping that Carr just isn’t elite, a good enough leader, or deserving of such a huge contract. Me, I strongly disagree, with the exception of him not yet deserving exactly how much $$$ he was paid. However, I firmly believe he’s exactly the QB we need to win more superbowls!

    True, against the rush, he does have a tendency to get happy feet when the pocket starts to collapse & pulls the ball down too early… That forces him to not complete his checkdown progessions the way he should & miss open receivers too often. Which is by far the biggest hole in his game. However, for the first time, he noticeably improved at facing the rush last year, so there’s finally reason to hope for continued improvement in that area.

    As for his play over all, any idiot that knows football could see that Derek Carr just wasn’t 100% healthy most of last year. The great majority of his passes had little accuracy, horrible placement, wobbled like wounded ducks when thrown more than 15 yards, & anything deep down field floated up high like a freaken rainbow instead of reaching our receivers with their customary zip & velocity. That wasn’t the case before his back injury, & has never been a previous issue during his career, either. He’s known for great arm strength, decent to avove average accuracy, & occasionally trying to force a pass which gets picked off, but the zip & placement were always there. If his back ain’t right, his passes won’t be right, either… No matter how often he tells the media he’s fine, his play will show whether or not he’s completely healed, or still limited physically. Which is exactly what happened.

    Last, while mic’ed up during Pro Bowl activities recently, he tells Alex Smith that he couldn’t really plant on his right ankle. Felt like it would just go ‘BOOM’… So somehow, his wheels werent right either. His bad back, & an ankle he didnt trust combined to make the perfect recipe for substandard, even horrible passes most of the season. However, with extended time off till ota’s, he should be fully recovered & back to playing a much better brand of football.

    What worries me is our secondary & ILB position. If we don’t fix those 2 areas, it won’t matter what kind plays Chucky calls, because we’ll still get ran off the field on defense anyways

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