Mark Davis Isn’t Toting the NFL’s Company Line After ‘Hit Job” on Raiders

The Raiders have a rich history of not playing nice with the NFL and many of it’s owners. For years, Mark Davis seemed to buck that trend, but the league’s handling of Jon Gruden’s personal emails seems to have turned the Raiders’ owner against many of his counterpart owners in the NFL.

The vast majority of NFL owners, including Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, want the findings from the Washington Football Team investigation to be covered up forever. NFL owners know better than anyone how damaging the 650,000 emails reviewed in the WFT investigation could potentially be, but Davis doesn’t care.

He wants the league to show their hand.

The NFL targeted Gruden and the Raiders. Davis was said to believe the email leak was a “hit job” against the Raiders. Now Davis wants to see what skeletons the league is hiding in their own closets.

Given how viciously the NFL is fighting the release of 650,000 emails, it’s probably safe to assume that Gruden wouldn’t be the only league personality to lose his or her career if the emails were to go public.

Davis surely isn’t making many friends in New York this week, but like his father, he doesn’t seem to care. Davis has catered to the league long enough. He has a new stadium in Las Vegas, so the organization doesn’t need to bow to the league any longer.

The Raiders have always been the NFL’s renegade organization. What better time than now to embrace that grand tradition?

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9 thoughts on “Mark Davis Isn’t Toting the NFL’s Company Line After ‘Hit Job” on Raiders

  1. Gruden will sue the NFL for 50 million dollars of lost wages and and other 150 million dollars for character assassination and future lost wages. He will get a demand the release of all emails from the Washington football team and maybe from EVERY team for his defense of being targeted. This is a reasonable request, even if the actual names might have to be redacted.
    He might not win a penny BUT the peek behind the NFL’s dirty little curtain will be damning….
    Lawyers are already getting in line to take this case.
    Get your popcorn – Al Davis is smiling ear to ear up in heaven right now

    1. Love This! He shouldn’t be The Only One Going Down!
      Jerry Jones doesn’t want the emails released because he’s The Biggest Offender!!! As well as many in the organization. I dealt with so much of this, way back in 1990 and 1991… Specifically with the Cowboys.

  2. I grew up in Piedmont, CA. That is where I saw the “Raider Pool” in Al’s backyard. I am a Raider Fan for life/// Al made the AFC to what it is today…Go Raiders!!!

  3. Do all raider fans a favor and get rid of Derek BRIKEN DOWN Carr
    He has failed every year in his carrer and is soon to do it again he is a scared qb,cant hold onto the balk more than 3 secounds

    1. Try to stay focused. the topic of conversation is about the NFL’s hatchet job on Raiders & Gruden with the release of emails from Gruden. Noting is mentioned about Carr.

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