Maurice Hurst Will Be Evaluated Each Year, Raiders Comfortable With His Heart Condition

Were it not for a heart condition, Maurice Hurst would have been a first round pick in the draft.

As it turned out, Hurst fell all the way to the fifth round before finally hearing the Raiders call his name with the 140th pick.

The mystery to his condition (Hurst called it an irregular EKG at the combine) is the fact that he played four years at Michigan without any issues, but was suddenly untouchable in the draft.

Hurst has known about the heart condition for four years and was surprised it was such an issue at the NFL combine.

“I knew about it here so I was a little surprised that they held me out,” Hurst said after the combine. “But I was excited I was able to do everything at pro day. I think it was just the fact that I had not had any testing done recently. Just a lot of times, the combine will play it safe. That’s what they did.”

General manager Reggie McKenzie downplayed the risk in drafting Hurst, but there was clearly risk or the Raiders wouldn’t have passed on him six times in the draft.

McKenzie did say Hurst will need to be cleared to play each year – an indication the condition could become a greater problem at some point.

But for now, Hurst doesn’t seem overly concerned about his career being cut short and McKenzie is at least saying the same.

For the Raiders, Hurst couldn’t have come along at a better time – regardless of the round he was drafted. He projects to be a perfect fit for defensive coordinator Paul Guenther’s system and is by all accounts a fine young man.

A gentleman and a scholar, don’t you think?

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19 thoughts on “Maurice Hurst Will Be Evaluated Each Year, Raiders Comfortable With His Heart Condition

    1. You obviously don’t know football and have to watched this young man the last player that happened to was Star Loutuli however you say it and hes 5 years deep with a fresh 4 year 50 mil contract but keep doubting him

    2. Have you seen his film? He is unreal. If Michigan and Harvard doctors cleared him, he was one of the best d-line men in the country last year, and if everyone agrees that he is a first round talent.. what level of idiot are you to say it is a wasted pick?

    3. Explain wasted. Without the medical concern he’s a 1st rd pick. Raiders get him in the 5th round.Harvard & Michigan universities medical cleared him. What’s it not to like? Now if you say “risky” instead; then I get that, but wasted?
      Unless of course you know more than the medical professionals that evaluated him.

  1. Hurst will be the best Raiders pick since Derek Carr/Khalil Mack. He will free up Mack from double teams. Both will be perennial all pros. Like a free first round pick. Excellent job, Mr McKenzie…

  2. The Raiders had an amazing draft. All of the priority draft position needed where addressed. I don’t get as caught up in all of the so called experts because they dont know diddly.

    1. Mo Hurst is a 1st round talent that will be great next to Mack. Inside presence to make the defense special. Even better if Oakland resigns Bowman.

    2. Arden Key is also a 1st round talent that will make rushing the QB in Oakland a #1 Weapon. Fire out Mack, Irvin, Hurst and Key. Wow. Just need to get him 100% physically and mentally behind being a professional NFL player.

    3. Probably the biggest need at OT was addressed with Kolton Miller. Size to be OT and with a great combine he solidified his draft status. Just needs further coaching and reps.

    4. Nick Nelson a CB needed to improve our DB corps.

    5. PJ Hall a distruptive small school player who dominated his league. He should grow into a menacing DT in Oakland’s rotation.

    5b. Brandon Parker another small school product needed to add dept to our OT.

    6. Azeem Victor ILB drafted but everyone is waiting for Oakland to resign Bowman to make this defense elite.

    6b. Jonny Townsend, punter replacement.

    7. Marcell Ateman WR long shot WR development for Gruden.

    Once again Raiders must resign Bowman to make this off season complete. This defense can be excellent very quickly.

    1. Very well said. It is hard to sit and watch the draft and not get one of the flashy picks That the “expert” panel is showcasing. But I feel we did get very solid need players.

    2. I agree with everything you just said. Everyone is quick to talk about “garbage” picks while they watch only what the “experts” want to show. Every college player needs refinement and that’s why all teams have coaches. This class is at last a grade “B” draft.

  3. This team has Gruden Grinders all around. Playoff bound at the least. Culture of winners, not whiners. Just Win Baby!

  4. I’m concerned about Bowman, he played great for us. Why did the 49’ers give him the boot. Why aren’t we resigning him. Why isn’t any team wanting to pick him up? Something must be wrong that we don’t know about.

    1. He is asking for too much money. His price will come down soon. Plus we just freed up almost 6 million more with Hudson restructuring his contract to signing bonus. Once all the mini camps are done his price will come down and good chance he will resign with us

  5. Raider Nation rejoice. Go to utube and watch some film on our draft picks. You will feel better.

  6. I love this pick,love this Hurst kid and he is a BEAST, can’t wait to see him push the pocket and give Mack, Irving and Key some much needed inside help. Oh, thank you Mr.Gruden for ripping the bandaid off of our 2016 2nd round pick and turning it into something positive. RNFL

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