Maxx Crosby Fined For Alleged Incident the NFL Seems to Have No Proof Actually Occurred

To the surprise of no one at all, it was announced last week that Steelers guard Trai Turner was fined for spitting on Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby during Sunday’s game.

The incident was witnessed by officials and Turner was ejected from the game.

Ted Buddy 🏀🏈 on Twitter: “Trai Turner spit on a Raiders player and was ejected / Twitter”

Trai Turner spit on a Raiders player and was ejected

After the game, Turner claimed he was spit on prior to spitting on Crosby. The officials didn’t see Crosby spit on anyone (or they would have thrown a flag) and apparently there is no video evidence that it happened, either.

The letter from the NFL to Crosby did not say how the league determined that he spit on anyone. It wasn’t visible on any of the angles shown on the CBS broadcast,” NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Sunday.

Nevertheless, the NFL is trying to sneak in a $6,971 fine on Crosby and that means the league precedent is essentially set. Accuse a player of something and the NFL will assume the accusation is truth.

Crosby, assuming the league isn’t withholding accurate information, should easily win his appeal.

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5 thoughts on “Maxx Crosby Fined For Alleged Incident the NFL Seems to Have No Proof Actually Occurred

  1. It used to be **** like this only applied to republicans if they did something or allegedly did something against a Democrat. You don’t need any evidence if you’re a Democrat to accuse a Republican of anything. Politics politics entered this league with the kneeling so expect it to stay and now that you’ve made your bed, sleeping at.

  2. I don’t know Mad Maxx personally, but on the field he’s been a consummate professional, a wrecking ball on offensive linemen and quarterbacks so it seems to me to basically convict him without any evidence on hearsay is absolutely ridiculous and typical of a tyrannical NFL front office eerily similar to insane NCAA rulings!

  3. NFL vs the Raiders. Nothing new. Ain’t gonna change. Crosby is the last player in the league that would do a creep prank.

  4. The NFL doesn’t seem to surprise me what so ever with acts such as this. Boils down to if your a Raider you’re in the crosshairs, even if you don’t do something they’ll find a reason to slap a fine or make some accusation that its justified. Spitting on another person is classless and these professionals should be held to high standards, especially considering that they get paid millions of dollars to play a sport and be icons to the kids looking up to them! Heat of the moment is the heat of the moment in the sports world of competition, but spatting into another mans face you should be arrested for assault!

  5. Look who he plays for. Goodell is consistent.
    He hates Gruden, he hates Davis, therefore he hates all Raider’s. So why don’t all football fans hate him. Oh, wait, we do.

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