Mayock: People Need to “Pump the Brakes” on the Derek Carr Talk

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you know about the quarterback rumors swirling around the Raiders.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock was asked about the rumors (again) during NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL Combine and he talked about the play of Derek Carr over the past year.

“People don’t understand how good our quarterback is and it frustrates me a little bit because Derek Carr threw for 70 percent, 4,000 yards, almost a 3-to-1 touchdown to interception,” Mayock said on Friday.

“The real deal is I think we’re no. 7 in the league in third downs, we’re no. 11 in yards, and the disconnect was even though we’re 11 in yards, we’re 24 in points. We have to do a better job scoring points. That’s on our defense number one, we’ve got to be better defensively. We put too much pressure on our offense. We weren’t good in the red zone. We weren’t good goal to go. That’s not on Derek Carr. We’ve got to be better everywhere and I think people need to kind of pump the brakes a little bit and give the guy some credit.”

But here is the real real deal.

Mayock wasn’t asked about Carr. He was asked about Tom Brady. All he would need to say if he wasn’t interested in Brady is “we’re happy with our quarterback and we’re moving forward with Carr.”

So Mayock probably isn’t actually frustrated by the rumors. He sounds frustrated by the fact that his quarterback, who is very likely to be back next year, has to hear the rumors every day for the next three weeks. Furthermore, by reeling off flattering stats, Mayock sounds more like a general manager trying to boost the trade stock of his quarterback.

If you’re counting down at home, there are still 18 days until NFL free agents can sign. Which means we might have to wait another 18 days to get real answers from Mayock or anyone else on the Raiders quarterback situation.

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20 thoughts on “Mayock: People Need to “Pump the Brakes” on the Derek Carr Talk

  1. Why should he say he is or is not interesting in Brady or anyone else, just because a bunch of journalist say he is interested in him. just wait 3 weeks and we’ll all know. Personally I hope they do not as it would surely just pause the building of a (hopefully) perennial winning team for a couple of years.

  2. Oh come on now, you know full well asking about Brady was a round about way for Rich Eisen or whoever asked the question to find out, or try and find out about Carr’s status with the team! And besides Brady is not yet officially a free agent, any comment made about Brady can be construed as tampering, and don’t think Kraft wouldn’t love to stick it to Mark Davis on a tampering charge! Bottom line Mayock answered the question properly and maybe he didn’t say it outwardly or as outwardly as you’d like, Carr is the QB for the Las Vegas Raiders!

  3. I like Mike, but being 24th in scoring is NOT the defenses fault like he said. Being bad in the Redzone and goal to go is in fact on Carr. Is that the defenses fault too. First time I’ve heard Mayock be nonsensical. Our defense sucks and Carr sucks. Two things can be true at the same time. RN4L

    1. Carr made some iffy decisions in the red zone, there were times when he could have taken off running and scored instead he just threw the ball away. And he did that a lot. When he did run for a touchdown, instead he fumbled the ball out of the end zone for a touchback (again), and when he ran for a score everyone held their breath because we thought he might fumble again. Yep. Don’t know how to change his decision making, which at times is just giving up on the play. The comment about the defense and scoring, I took as Mayock referring to the lack of defensive spring, pick sixes, fumble returns for TD’s, and Safety’s. Not to mention creating turnovers overall, giving the team great field position, something the 2019 team sucked at, although better than the 2018 team.

    2. Did you not watch any games? How is it the quarterbacks fault receivers can’t catch when it hits them on the hands

    3. You do realize that Carr had excellent numbers last season and no receivers worth a ****…….to say he sucks makes me think that you don’t understand the finer points of the game……

    4. Yes it’s in the defense cause they didn’t stop any team they scored on us… that what he meant about that

    5. Give Carr some weapons this year. If he still sucks then trade him. Gruden needs to be unpredictable this year too.

  4. The Raiders would set the team back years if the traded away Carr! It would be like getting rid of Carson Palmer for no reason. Brady is old and in decline. . Carr, is in his prime and has developed positively in Gruden’s system. Get him some receivers that can get open and catch the ball and he will be back in the MVP conversation and the team back in the playoffs!

  5. If this is the answer why not say . look Derek Carr is my QB right. And that way all the speculation disappear Carr could sleep well and also the Fans don’t be so nervous about loose our favorite QB.if Mayock read this he need to think all the fans who love Derek Carr.

  6. It’s about time people stop this bull crap rumors about D.C he a very good Q.B AND great human being please stop this already and leave D.C. alone

    1. Hey by all means … I would love to see The Raiders win the championship … I have been rooting for Derik Carr since he came on stage., When David was Drafted … I sincerely hope it is destined… That would make for great Raider lore … Go Raiders … Think about it … Gruden / Carr., … RIP. MR . Al Davis .

  7. And, now the Florio rumor machine is saying, maybe it’s not Brady after all but Nate Sudfeld, the Eagles backup QB. Sudfeld about to become a free agent, and with Glennon and Kizer reportedly gone, the Raiders need someone to backup DC. Sudfeld played for the Redskins when Jay Gruden was HC there, and received some tutoring from Jon. We’ll see how this rumor pans out too.

  8. Get Carr some receivers, offensive line, a steel wall defense and we will be on our way to the Super Bowl. It would really help if Gruden had a better playbook and played more aggressive. If I can recognize what the play is going to be then I know the opposing D sure does. Gruden is not a guru by no stretch of the imagination.

  9. STOPPPP… The Clickbate, it’s pitiful. DC isn’t going anywhere… and you all know it. He needs better receivers. A red zone monster…

  10. Enough already with the Derek Carr rumors. Don’t you so called sports journalist have anything better to write about. WTF

  11. Let me just say that every year it’s all about rumors and new QB this and free agent QBs. Down the line. I have seen this same **** all the way back to Mark Wilson!!! Guys just let it go. Help Carr out and squash the bullshit rumors ok??? Hey get on board for the big win!!!!!

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