Zierlein: 2018 Draft May Offer Another Marshawn Lynch

The Raiders would be wise to uncover a running back in this month’s draft and according to one draft analyst, there’s a Beast Mode 2.0 waiting to be called upon.

NFL Network’s Lance Zierlein says Louisiana State’s Derrius Guice has all the makings to be the next Marshawn Lynch.

“I compare [Guice] to Marshawn Lynch. I think his running style is very similar and if you go back and look at when he was healthy in 2016, I think you’ll see it. Elite balance through contact, he can take contact, wiggle around, spin through it, balance himself against contact and keep the run going.”

He can create for himself through some elusiveness, but also through that balance, contact, and power. I really like his mindset as a runner, too. Extremely physical as a runner. The type of guy, I think, that fits into a will-imposing running game. I think he has a lot of similarities to Marshawn Lynch.”

Guice is projected to be a first or early-second round draft pick and the Raiders would presumably need him to fall to the 41st overall pick if they hope to add a baby Beast.

That said, the Raiders could very well trade out of their 10th overall pick and maybe add another second round pick.

Who wouldn’t want to watch Thunder and Thunder storm through the AFC West?

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  1. We got other needs. Considering the depth in this year’s draft, RB at our current 2nd rd pick is a little too high.

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