Michael Lombardi on Antonio Pierce: “He Thinks He Knows the Raider Way Because He’s from Compton. It’s a Joke.”

Michael Lombardi once served as a senior personnel executive for Al Davis, but in the years since he was fired in 2007, Lombardi has morphed into the one of the team’s most reliable critics.

Lombardi seemed to relax his role when his sons were added to Josh McDaniels’ staff in Las Vegas, but the gloves have come off since the last Lombardi left the building this month.

A week ago, the senior Lombardi put Antonio Pierce on blast for his comments on the ‘Mahomes Rules’ tactic that defeated the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

“This guy is driving me crazy,” Lombardi said about Pierce on The GM Shuffle podcast. “Can he just shut up? Why won’t somebody in the Raiders tell him to shut up?”

This week, Lombardi picked up where he left off.

This time he accused Pierce of not knowing what the ‘Raider Way’ is really about.

“The ‘Raider Way’ isn’t a word,” Lombardi said. “It’s about ‘this a prototype of the player we want at this position. This is a prototype of a player we want at that position.’ That’s the Raider Way. What’s so comical is what he’s talking about is because he’s from Compton, he thinks he knows the Raider Way. It’s a joke.”

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60 thoughts on “Michael Lombardi on Antonio Pierce: “He Thinks He Knows the Raider Way Because He’s from Compton. It’s a Joke.”

  1. I remember the day Al Davis fired Michael Lombardi,the guy claims he knows everything about the
    Raiders but didn’t know when to keep his big mouth shut then and still doesn’t know now.
    I guess Al firing his dumb *** was the Raider Way too huh.

  2. Lombardi has been a Joke for Many Many Years… he hasn’t got a Clue. All he does is defend his sons and their living though they don’t know shiite either… Can’t anyone tell him to Shut the F#c& Up? Mikey, it is better to have people suspect that You are an Idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…

  3. Seems to me, Lombardi doesn’t know jack himself. He was fired by the Raiders in 2007, so his credibility is less than squat! Sour grapes is all I hear from Limpbardi

  4. I love AP but part of me agrees with Lombardi. Hue Jackson’s biggest flaw was not shutting up. That and giving first round pick for Palmer. But, Lombardi should call AP instead of blasting him to media. Would he be complaining this much if AP would have kept his sons on the staff?

    1. Bitter, table of one! Ironically AP has brought more to the team in his short tenure than any of the Lombardi clan has done for years. He has brought back pride, swagger and heart to this organization after years of neglect. He’s never said that being from Compton is the reason he knows the Raider way, he simply refers to his childhood and love for the team when they were in LA. The Raider persona back then had meaning, they were relevant. His intentions are to bring that back instead of chasing some new identity and I think he’s on the right track thus far. Lombardi can be the contrarian all he wants but he’s doing it from his couch not the sidelines for a reason.

      1. He never was. This is just more desperate crap to try and keep himself relevant to the team that fired him for being as useless as a screen door on a submarine in the first place. Must be rough being that insecure. Especially when you need others to point it out to you ‘cause you’re too stupid to recognize it yourself. Lombardi is a complete and total joke.

    2. He is still right. Everyone is once again jumping on the bandwagon like Raiders fans do every year. But I will tell you now AP as the HC is going to fail. Just will. Mayo will do the same in New England. Two defensive guys who are not HC material.

  5. If Mr. Lombardi knows so much then why is he (still) not working for us? “Clown class is dismissed”

    1. Al Davis said best about Lombardi
      “He has been fired from every job he’s had”.
      That’s what you do with trash you throw it out.

    2. You got that right, AP brings attitude and wok to the organization. This will bring results, THAT IS THE RAIDER WAY!

    3. If the Lombardi family knew the “Raider way”…. Then maybe, just maybe there would be one on staff. Truth is… They live off the name.. LOMBARDI. PERIOD! THAT’S THERE CLAIM TO FAME AND THE ONLY REASON ANY ONE OF THOSE SILVER SPOONED IDIOTS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THE NFL.

  6. I think Lombardi is the joke. Being from Compton means you’re tough and you’re a badass that’s the right away

    1. Being from Compton means you like to think that but without being that you are just talk. That is his point.

  7. Sounds like someones bitter because his whole family sucked enough to all get fired. Now whos a joke?

    1. Hey Lombardi, Why don’t you hop into your little clown car & take your case of butthurt over to the Raiders office & tell it to Pierce man to man? Oh, That would be a problem. Antonio would be a man short!

    2. Sounds like his criticism is based off his failed attempt to right the ship, I already see a team responding to a coach that speaks their language, and I look forward to seeing what he does with our team

  8. Yeah, hes just giving the chiefs bulletin board material. Plus, think about it.The Refs are going to be ticky tacky on calls involving
    Mahomes. He just shot his self in his own foot.

    1. It’s chiefs vs raiders. It doesn’t matter what’s said that week. They both gonna ball out as best they can. Plus how much more can they do to embarrass us? They did the “ring around the rosey” thing on us on national tv. Bout time someone said enough

  9. I’m sorry your family was let go, why don’t you wait till the season starts before bashing him. I’m a die hard Raider fan. In 1979 I played for the Copaigue Raiders. I was 11yrs old. I suffered through the worst of times after they won the Super Bowl against the Commanders. I never bashed anyone until they failed.

  10. Hahahaha 😂😂😂 He sounds like he’s big mad. He can kick rocks with that nonsense Kuzz Head Coach AP does know the Raider’s Way and he was just giving everyone a lil taste in the nine games he coached that he’s bringing the Raider’s Way back just watch and see. It’s Raider Nation 4Life! No Suckaz Allowed!

    1. This team and it’s coach will have a losing record next year. The people getting inline and jumping on the bandwagon are the actual Suckaz’s.

      1. Says the one who has been hating on just about anything anyone has to say. The team responds to AP and will do just fine next year. BTW, who’s your team?

    2. Why was he fired from the Raiders?

      Because Randy Moss couldn’t run anymore. Then went to the Pat’s and broke multiple records.

      This guy is the joke!

  11. Maybe Lombardi might be right but he was quiet until his son was fired… So everyone has an opinion and the reality is words are nothing… the Facts. The play on the field and the actions of the players speak loud enough… AP smart enough to surround himself with awesome coaches after being named the HC.. No AP is bringing the Raider swag back !! Now he needs his GM to get it right in the draft room…

  12. What’s Lombardi know about Compton besides what he sees in the movies. Lombardi acts like he’s a know it all about everything and every one. This god complex won’t help him dry his tears. It’ll just keep and his fam from other organizations that don’t want to hear the backlash and lies when they’re fired.

  13. Any long time fan knows the Raider way was forged here by King AL in the EAST BAY during the 1960’s, and sustained until the wheels fell off in 1986! We’ve had flashes a couple of times since then but not the consistent winning that was…The RAIDER WAY!
    Lombardi didn’t do that! Neither did his sons as they’ve just been pieces on the same merry-go-round of clowns who can’t get this franchise on track! This definitely sounds like sour grapes as a previous fan posted!
    I like that AP grew up a Raider fan in Compton and is fired up! I’m fired up too! AP can say whatever he wants as long as we JUST WIN BABY! Let’s do this!

  14. The attitude and mentality that AP is showing , is exactly what made me become a Raiders fan back in 1980. And this is the first time in a long time that the players are showing that Raider stuff. RN4L

  15. Being from Compton doesn’t hurt. The 1983 Raiders were one of the best ever and trying to emulate those player positions could serve them well. AP brought them back to the right attitude. They are a couple of players away from greatness again! Viva Los Raiders!

  16. Just because his last name is Lombardi, he thinks he has some kind of prestige. Someone needs to create another Lombardi trophy after him in the form of sour grapes.

  17. I was a little skeptical of AP based on his lack of experience. But he’s putting together a very good staff. Even though I’m not sold on the OC just yet. And since AP is a defense minded coach, Getsy is pretty much the man on that side of the ball. AP has the locker room and that says something. The last time the Raiders had a D minded HC they were the most feared team in the league. I think he has his finger on the pulse of the “Raider Way” Screw Lombardi and his family. And as for giving the Chiefs Bulletin board material…So what?! What are they going to do about it? That’s the Raider Way.

  18. He and his sons are the joke. They been living on the last name for years with terrible results.

  19. He thinks he know football because his last names Lombardi, and he’s a fucking idiot. He should be less obvious in his hatred for the Raiders. He is a clown, there’s a reason he’s not even a sideline guy a commentator he occasionally talks on ESPN, someone tell him to stfu

  20. It remains to be seen, if Pierce is the answer to Raiders dilemma, or just another stop gap, however, Lombardi certainly Wasn’t an answer.

  21. Sounds like he upset cause his son was fired !! What does he have against AP? Shut your pie hole, the Raider way Is Intimidating fear respect & just win baby !!! 😎

  22. Most Raiders fans are like the guy who catches his wife cheating for the 5th time and believes her when she says she will not do it again. LOL

  23. AP IS A RAIDER FOR LIFE!!!! Lombardi is a L7 weenie!! The only way he will ever be connected to the Raiders is his name matches the trophy AP and our Raider Nation will be bringing home sooner than later!!!

  24. I’ve been bleeding Silver & Black since I was a 6 year old child in 1970.
    The Quarterback must go down, and he must go down often is what the late great Al Davis used to say.
    The Jordan rules were to knock Jordan on his ***.
    If I remember correctly, that is the point of football. Unless the NFL wants to put a dress on Mahomes as they did with Brady, I see nothing wrong with APs comments.
    I applaud his energy. Unless one is blind, one could see the immediate change in the Raider effort once they came to their senses and let McDaniels go.

  25. Hey Lombardi, here’s the Raiders way. F#$k Lombardi, just win. Lombardi get a pen and learn something from the Harbaughs before speaking. APs stats are better than your BS.

  26. The Raiders are taking up alot of space in that man’s head – rent free! 😅 He can’t get another gig and he’s blaming Raiders. You know you’re incompetent when your last name is Lombardi and no team in the NFL will hire you.

  27. This guy was such an expert that he advised Al Davis that we should draft Jamarcus Russel. Straight up clown show. GTFOH already. Raaaiiidddeeerrrrsssss beeeaaatch

  28. Wow! The only two Lombardi’s worth a d*** is Coach Vince Lombardi & the Lombardi trophy. Everyone else after are just riding the coattails of the original. Then you also have Mike Foolio (Florio) trying to make more out AP’s comment about Mahomes. They will be apply, “the Michael Jordan rule to Mahomes and knocking the head off the snake” comment. He’s not talking about taking cheap shots. AP is talking about the intensity and toughness the Pistons would play against MJ. Foolio needs to rewatch the Raider vs Chiefs game from Christmas Day 2023. We played that way against and won. If you want to stop the Chiefs, you need to stop Mahomes. Foolio is taking the comment too literal. I can’t wait for next season to start. Just Win Baby!

  29. Like father like son neither one couldn’t get the job done so dont hate on the man and you try goin to Compton to see how it is…!!!!Tough guy..!!!!

  30. ‘If you know, you know ‘. Obviously, M.L. didn’t nor does he know The Raiders Way… Stop hating! It’s obvious that you are sour bc you couldn’t uphold your last name.

  31. Antonio Pierce should be thrilled that Michael Lombardi attacked him… After all in 2017 The “Genius” Lombardi made headlines by criticizing Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson: “He might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone I’ve ever seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL.” Pederson would lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl championship later that season.

  32. He thinks that the Raider’s way is convincing Al Davis that Randy Moss can no longer play. Then getting traded away to his beloved daddy Bill Belichick

  33. Someone sounds like a cry baby just because his son failed in his job. I would like to see AP bring back the old Raiders way. Like sitting on helmets smashing the opponents in the mouth. I think AP is what was missing from the ” REAL RAIDERS ” Growing up in Compton is Raiders.

  34. Why was he fired from the Raiders?

    Because Randy Moss couldn’t run anymore. Then went to the Pat’s and broke multiple records.

    This guy is the joke!

  35. I like AP and he does capture some of the the old mystique, but as a Raiders fan for over 50 years I know the Raider Way was established in Oakland in the 60’s – mid 80’s. LA was the beginning of the decline of the franchise.

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