Raiders’ Head Coaching Search Will Include Two Members of Their Own Staff

The Raiders aren’t expected to reach out to potential head-coaching candidates until after the season, but there are at least two in-house candidates that Raiders’ owner Mark Davis is reportedly considering.

Interim HC Rich Bisaccia is obviously in the running for the job, but he might be interviewing against his own defensive coordinator.

Gus Bradley’s defense has been one of the pleasant surprises in Las Vegas this year and it would be a major blow for the Raiders lose him in the offseason. Considering Bradley has experience as a head coach, it makes sense that the Raiders would consider promoting him.

Aaron Wilson on Twitter: “Raiders are expected to look at multiple head coaching candidates, including Todd Bowles, Leslie Frazier, Gus Bradley, Rich Bisaccia, according to league sources. / Twitter”

Raiders are expected to look at multiple head coaching candidates, including Todd Bowles, Leslie Frazier, Gus Bradley, Rich Bisaccia, according to league sources.

As much as Davis would like to hire the best candidate he can find, it’s going to be tempting for him to try to keep as much of the coaching staff intact as possible – especially if they sneak into the playoffs.

There is also the financial aspect of the process. It would be a lot cheaper to stick with the current coaching staff for another year before making any major changes. A few weeks ago, that didn’t seem like a very good idea, but with two consecutive wins it feels like Bisaccia and Bradley probably deserve another look.

The next two games will probably go a long way toward determining how serious that look will be.

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22 thoughts on “Raiders’ Head Coaching Search Will Include Two Members of Their Own Staff

  1. Hope they bring in an outsider HC and replace, both Mayock and Carr. They need to bring in someone that can instill discipline and change the losing culture that has gripped this franchise for DECADES! Mayock has simply not done enough with the top picks, and Carr is too erratic (ball security, picks, too many field goals). We won’t get to a SB, much less win one with Carr. He reminds me of Darryl Lamonica, who would fold under pressure. We FINALLY won a SB when Stabler replaced him! Carr just doesn’t have the poise.

    1. Silly comment.
      Carr is a bona fide, top 10 QB and you just ASSUME with zero evidence and zero replacement candidate that you can just replace him with someone better who you KNOW in all your football wisdom, will win the Super Bowl.
      Let me guess. Raiders should just identify and draft the next Tom Brady in the 6th round next year, grab a HOF receiver in Round 4, a couple of All-Pro offensive linemen in Rounds 1 and 2. I mean the Patriots did it! Why didn’t the Raiders think of that?

      There is Silly and then there is “I never played a single down after pee wee but I am an expert,” silly.

      1. Been a d.c.4 supporter all along if they go outside for a new coach delrio could be one that could continue d.c.4 beyond this year?????

      2. If you could get Rodgers, Wilson or Watson and all could be available, wouldn’t you make the change? It doesn’t take a pee wee football expert to realize each of those would be a better choice than DC to lead a team to the Super Bowl… long Watson agrees to stay out of the vegas massage parlors. The kid out of Pittsburgh (Pickett) is intriguing , reminds me of Herbert, tall and athletic. The AFC West is an arms race now for years. The Raiders will be in trouble every year if their QB is the 4th best in the division. If Denver gets one of those three, the Raiders better find a way to get one too.

      3. Amen man… Very well said! Why people continue to shoulder everything on Carr is obsurd! Winning QB’s are very hard to find especially one straight out of college that comes in the first year and lights it up in the NFL. I say give DC a modest contract extension and let’s see what happens with a couple new additions up front LG, RT and another year of growth with Leatherwood! I mean once Mr. Denzel Good comes back we’ll see a major improvement.

  2. I have a idea for coach Bill Romanowski either you start winning or I’ll kick your *** and I’ll spit on you to

  3. Keep everyone, staff is steadying the ship w/o an experienced OL or a WR1…you’re stuck w/ Carr, a rookie or a retread, anything but keeping Carr & the staff wrecks stability. Draft OL, WR1 & stud DT’s

  4. I’d like to see the coaching staff stay as it is now. As for Carr, he’s led this team through a whole bunch of drama this year and the team looks to him for stability. He’s a true leader

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