Mike Mayock Shared the Experience that “Embarrassed and Upset” Him as GM of the Raiders

Mike Mayock spent three years with the Raiders as the team’s general manager, but at no point in that period of time did he have full control over the roster.

Jon Gruden had control over the roster until he resigned in October of 2021, and Mayock’s power was limited in the three months he was around after Gruden’s resignation.

Over time, we have learned about the dynamics of the Raiders’ building during the Gruden era, and Mayock gave an example this week of how peculiar the decision-making process could be with Gruden and Tom Cable in the mix.

In March of 2021, the Raiders were looking to add a veteran offensive lineman, and Mayock brought Kyle Long in for a workout. Long is the son former Raiders’ legend Howie Long and Mayock said he was “all in” on signing him on the day of his workout.

But as the story goes, former Raiders offensive line coach Tom Cable put Long through a rigorous 30-minute workout before letting him know the team wouldn’t be signing him.

Mayock was asked about how the misunderstanding came about on the Green Light podcast with Chris Long, and he explained in detail how it was Cable who stepped in at the last minute and stood in the way of the Raiders signing Long…

“I think what you have to understand [about] the background of this is coaches have their favorite players that they have coached in the past, and with that they have comfort levels. Guys have that been in their system. Guys that have played for them. Guys they want to sign because of that, and I don’t always see that agenda until a certain point.

Basically, it was all set to bring Chris in. We took him out to dinner the night before. He was going to do, in my mind, a quick workout the next day and we were going to sign him. We had the space. I knew how we were going to get the space and Gruden was on board and ready to go. They next day he came out and I thought he had a really good workout…

I was ready, and this is hard for me because I felt my word was out there with the Long family, and Kyle held up his end of the bargain. Kyle went into shower and a conversation ensued, and there was another offensive lineman available out there that our coaches had a comfort level with. Obviously I knew [the player] was out there, but this is the first time I had heard they wanted to sign him ahead of Kyle, and Kyle is showering in our locker room…

This is not a shot at Tom Cable. Tom had a guy out there he wanted to try and sign. A veteran O-lineman that played for him… but I felt very strongly about Kyle, obviously, for all the reasons. I thought he would help our team… I thought he would end up starting for us...

Here’s the problem I had. If that’s the way we were going, we shouldn’t have brought Chris in and put him through that. I was embarrassed and upset, and it was even further embellished when his next stop was Kansas City, and they didn’t even work him out.”

At the time, Kyle Long didn’t understand why the Raiders passed on him, and he posted this message on Twitter in the days after…

kyle on Twitter: “They never offered me a contract I don’t understand the misunderstanding here. Chiefs did so I accepted!! / Twitter”

They never offered me a contract I don’t understand the misunderstanding here. Chiefs did so I accepted!!

It’s water under the bridge now, but Mayock’s story offers a unique glimpse into the way the Raiders sometimes operated under Gruden.

It was rumored at the time that Cable had a strong voice within the organization, and Mayock’s story definitely supports that theory.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Shared the Experience that “Embarrassed and Upset” Him as GM of the Raiders

  1. Cable was a complete and total anus cavity. They should not have brought him back. That was a mistake.

  2. Jon Gruden is going to win his law suit and prove what we have always known, the NFL actively helps the “Billionaire Boys Club” who buy their advantages while working against other teams, teams not as rich such as the Raiders. ( The Cowboys, Patriots and San Francisco have dominated the last 40 years of the NFL with their paid for privileges.)

    Just as with Boxing before Football, the money caught up with this sport and if you don’t get that you don’t comprehend the gambling commercials in your face. Mayock and company got the NFL torpedo and “our new owner” did not have the strength of character to fight for Gruden and Mayock. Al Davis would have fought for his people for certain. Al Davis brought the competitive fight and will to win, this is what is missing with this team since he passed.

    West Side
    Since 1974

  3. Hard to read….Kyle Long, then Chris Long, and back to Kyle, LOL!? At one point Chris went into the shower and Kyle came out!? 🤦🏾

  4. Loved the Green Light episode. When the Raiders brought in Kyle Long, I thought he’d be a Raider for certain. He had the pedigree. The lineage, obviously. But, when he left without a contract offer, I thought what happened here? Now we know.

  5. We all understood Gruden had control over the roster or at least a 50/50 with Mayock….but as the GM if your going to let the Offensive line coach decide who’s on your roster you get what you deserve….your the GM, it’s your show!

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