Mo Hurst Wants To Punish Teams For Not Drafting Him, Says “31 Teams Didn’t Want Me”

Because of an existing heart condition, Maurice Hurst fell all the way to the fifth round of the draft before being scooped up by the Raiders.

Judging by an appearance he made on Sirius XM NFL this week, Hurst isn’t happy about his draft tumble and can’t wait to make teams pay for passing on him it:

“31 teams didn’t want me and just take that and let it motivate me every game that I play. Just work and make teams regret that.”

In the same segment Hurst confirmed a few details of his condition that had previously been reported:

“Just an irregular heartbeat. I don’t think it’s anything of concern for myself or any other team. So, the Raiders, it’s something we have to get checked up every year and just make sure everything’s good.

It’s something where you just trust the doctors that took you in and reviewed all your medical. Just like anything else, just like an injury or anything like, it’s just something where you trust your doctor’s judgement to allow you to stay on the field.”

Hurst’s statement essentially lined up with what Reggie McKenzie said after the draft. Hurst passed his physical with the Raiders and he’ll be re-evaluated each year.

A report last week offered a quote from an anonymous employee of another team (not the Raiders) stating that it was “irresponsible” for the Raiders to draft Hurst.

Dr. David Chao, who was previously the San Diego Chargers team doctor and now occasionally writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune, basically labeled it as “irresponsible” for a team employee to call the Raiders “irresponsible” for drafting a player cleared to play by some of the top medical professionals in the country:

“Hurst played collegiately at Michigan and had UM doctors and Harvard doctors clear him. Clearly, some think he is fine to play. It seems true some teams removed Hurst from their draft board, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play football.

Nick Fairley had a known heart condition, played six season with the Lions and Rams and even passed a physical to play one year in New Orleans before being ruled out with a heart issue by the same Saints doctors that initially passed him.

I am not saying the Fairley and Hurst cardiac issues are comparable, but if the Raiders can safely get six seasons out of Hurst, that would be a great return.

If the Raiders discover there is a risk of Hurst “droping dead” I would expect the doctors, team and his family would all rule him out. No money is worth that risk for a player – especially not fifth-round money.”

For what it’s worth, Hurst’s motor looked like it was working at full capacity in college…

A great in-depth analysis of Hurst’s skill set and fit into Paul Guenther’s defense was put together in March by Ted Nguyen in The Athletic (paid content). It is well worth the read if you happen to have access.

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7 thoughts on “Mo Hurst Wants To Punish Teams For Not Drafting Him, Says “31 Teams Didn’t Want Me”

  1. It’s irresponsible of the Raiders to steal a guy other teams wanted to draft later or pick up as an UDFA , probably using his heart condition as the reason . The NFL is a dirty business. Of course , none of this means anything if Hurst can’t deliver on game day .

  2. Maybe the Raiders should pay to have Mo checked out by a heart specialist just to see where there at with him, I mean he didn’t have one problem at Michigan, I believe Mo will make all the other teams regret not taking the chance on him, just hope this young man has a great career with no serious health problem’s, go get em big Mo!!!

  3. It’s not irresponsible for the anonymous persons to comment, it’s cowardly. In fact, it doesn’t get much more cowardly. It was irresponsible and self serving (probably more the latter) for Matt Miller to report it, especially given he didn’t ask Mo’s take, seeing how it’s his life, nor did he give any credence to MU’s or Harvards medical programs as they both cleared him.

    The whole story Miller floated was based on 2 inflammatory ANONYMOUS comments who have no expertise in medical issues. Cheap ‘click bait’ journalism Mr. Miller.

  4. I believe we got a bargain in drafting Hurst at 5th rd. I hope the team to use the saved money to hire and purchase cardiac specialist and equipment for their medical staff as precaution. GO MO HURST!

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