Sean Lee: Marshawn Lynch Maybe The Hardest Guy I’ve Ever Tried To Tackle

Sean Lee is one of the best middle linebackers in football and prior to playing the Raiders in 2017, he talked about how difficult it is to tackle Marshawn Lynch.

“[Marshawn Lynch] is maybe the hardest guy I’ve ever tried to tackle'” Lee told the Cowboys website in December. “Not only his strength, his speed, his elusiveness, but just how he brings it throughout an entire game. He never stops.”

Recently released in the ‘All or Nothing’ series, Lee is shown talking to defensive teammates as they prepare to face Lynch in December:

“If you go low, you better grab a leg. If you don’t cut him you’ll hit him and bounce right off and he’ll keep going.”

“He’s faster than you want him to be, he’s heavier than you want him to be and he also has this thing where he cuts, he will f—ing punch you right in the face and put you on your a–.”

“For me, when I hit him, it’s everything I got and I’m driving my feet and I’m holding on for dear life.”

Sounds like he’s talking about trying to tackle a tornado, doesn’t it?

And speaking of the Cowboys (and whirlwinds of disaster), is it any wonder Dez Bryant is the one veteran Jon Gruden doesn’t seem to have any interest in signing?

Whatever “Gruden Grinders” happen to look like, they surely don’t sound anything like that.

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