Mo Wilkerson in “Full-Fledged Get Me The Heck Out Of Here” Mode

Mo Wilkerson’s status on the trade block is the worst-kept secret in football right now. His agent shamelessly leaked that Wilkerson is enamored by the Raiders – of course, that was back when Oakland had a little more money to spend – and now Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News says Wilkerson and his agent are in “full-fledged get-me-the-heck-out-of-here mode.”

The Jets continue to seek a first-round pick for Wilkerson, but clearly they aren’t going to get a top pick. And that, of course, begs the question, is there still a chance Wilkerson could land in Oakland?

The consensus remains the same. It’s a long shot and maybe next to impossible. But the Raiders have eight picks in the draft – including two in the fifth round. Those picks become more valuable as the draft gets closer and the Raiders are always a threat to trade down on draft day and acquire more picks.

Could something happen if the Raiders happen to have an additional second-round pick?

Then there’s the question of whether the Jets would be interested in either Matt McGloin or Mychal Rivera to sweeten a deal. McGloin may not be someone Reggie McKenzie is willing to trade, but we know Rivera is available.

The Jets top receiving tight end in 2015 was Jeff Cumberland who posted five receptions for 77 yards on the season.

For now, a Wilkerson trade is nothing but a mass of speculation, but speculation is fun. It’s okay to keep up with his situation and as long as he’s in “get-me-the-heck-out-of-New-York” mode, anything is possible.

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7 thoughts on “Mo Wilkerson in “Full-Fledged Get Me The Heck Out Of Here” Mode

  1. A 5th and Rivera won’t cut it. They’re going to want number 14, Rivera and a 5th…

    1. They can want in one hand and ….. in the other. Offer a 5th and Rivera and swap 1st. Must have a long term contract w/ Mo first. So we traded down to get a pro bowler and gave up a player we don’t need and an extra 5th. Dominate OL & DL We cut Jano and Reese, and Helo and half his contract is paid for. Pick up a vet safety and corner and draft well we are set.

  2. It would be extremely hard giving up picks for a position that isn’t a glaring need. It would be like the Broncos trading for a pass rusher. I’m against this trade unless he falls in our lap one way or another. I think Aldon is more likely to continue his career with raider nation.

  3. I wish this story would just go away until it is something more than just speculation, and drama caused by an agent trying to create a market for a player that doesn’t exist.

    This is one of the deepest D-Line drafts in recent history, The Raiders don’t have a glaring need on the D line, and Reggie covets draft picks more than anything in the world. Also, from a GM’s perspective, when a player pulls stunts like this it doesn’t make them more attractive. Sure, it gets the word out that he is unhappy, but it also shows every other GM in the league that he is willing to be a distraction to his team if he ever becomes unhappy in his situation. Reggie and JDR are signing players of high character, especially if it’s going to be at a high cost to the team. Aldon Smith was signed because it was essentially free with no risk to the future of the team.

    Without getting into the numerous reason why trading for him would be detrimental to the team, its easy to just say that it’s not Reggie’s style, its not happening, so get over it.

  4. No this would set us back to expensive we have D tackles . Don’t want to do what Miami did .

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