Raiders Media Personality Says He is “Believing” and “Sensing” a Trade Could Happen For a Defensive Playmaker

It’s that time of year where speculation runs wild in the NFL. There are rumors. And there are rumors about rumors. But one situation to watch with the Raiders in the weeks and months ahead could be a significant trade to add a defense player.

JT the Brick, who is generally well plugged in with the Raiders hinted at the idea this week.

“I wasn’t shocked last year. I knew they were going in the Ruggs direction over [Jerry] Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb,” JT The Brick said Wednesday on his Las Vegas Sports Network radio program.

But then JT shifted to this year’s draft and said he is sensing the Raiders might be up to something little different with their draft capital this year.

“They got to slam the door and go big on defense. I’m just believing. I’m sensing that those picks that are so important, and they were important to Mike Mayock when he initially came here. I wouldn’t mind a second or third-rounder, or a fourth-rounder, or a first next year to be moved up for a defensive blockbuster deal.”

This is something that we’ve talked about on here and it makes a lot of sense for Jon Gruden to consider trading picks for a veteran defensive player – even if it means parting with a high draft pick or two. Like everyone else, Gruden has been frustrated with the production of the Raiders last two draft classes that included five first-round picks. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Gruden is waving around draft picks to other teams (and no, not in hopes of finding a new quarterback).

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11 thoughts on “Raiders Media Personality Says He is “Believing” and “Sensing” a Trade Could Happen For a Defensive Playmaker

  1. Ferrel is panning out, his injury was bad timing just as he was coming into his own and could have had a breakout season and Abram is young. Mad Maxx is doing great but the CB’s have been a no gain sitcho. Mullen plays pretty well but Arnette and Robertson have been duds.

  2. The FA additions on the D have been worse than the draftees. Collins and Littleton were supposed to be studs, they were duds. Nevin Lawson and Kesian Nixon? Please stop and spare us any further embarassement. Lawson gets torched more often than he makes the play. Jeff Heath is our best Safety. WTF happened to Isaiah Johnson? About time for him to produce or be cut. Id sooner let Littleton go than Morrow.

  3. well, based on Gruden’s Draft history, in Oakland, and in Tampa, it’s been obvious that while he can coach an offense, he has a poor record as a Draft evaluator (he chose Derrick Gibson, while Drew Brees was staring at him, then selected Tuiasosopo, after Brees went earlier in Round 2, and everyone knows how much he “loved” Manziel, while he questioned the tackling ability of Khalil Mack, during the 2014 Draft broadcast). With that, the Raiders will be better off selecting an already established player.

  4. That sounds good which would be for the a good running game and a good defense can win with ate q b D Carr keep up the good job go raiders from kenny g

  5. Their draft picks have been the worst. Always reaching instead of taking the best player available at that position. That’s not always the best strategy. Looking for someone to fit their offensive or defensive scheme is also important, but, they have reached too much too often.

  6. Gruden’s my name & reaching is my game! Come on Gruden! Analyse, watch the film and take the best player… Don’t pick on hope! Draft an outstanding performance

  7. I wouldn’t believe a fuckin thing jt the prick says gruden. Or mayock wouldn’t tell this jock sniffer a fucking thing we all know defense is where the focus should be he ain’t saying anything raider nation doesnt already know

  8. Defense wins championships. Brady, Brady, Brady! Tampa defense won this year’s. SB. Shut down best offense in league

  9. I have been a fan of Raider Nation for 34 yrs! We have seen a lot of loosing seasons if this team wants to make any kinda playoff run they better make some moves on the defensive side of the ball!! There offense ROCKS!! Tired of missing post season! Loved Gruden the first time around but if we don’t make post season this yr gotta go!!! Time to BRING IT!!!

  10. I enjoy listening to JT the Brick…..he has lots of enthusiasm…has access to the Raider staff……but any Raider fan worth their salt knows that Defense was lacking big time last season. Hiring Gus Bradley as DC was a smart move. He has big time pedigree. But he needs skill on the field in the form of accomplished players. The lower salary cap makes Free Agency tougher to maneuver this year. The team has released Cogs, and sounds like Gabe is next. Creates cap space, and if they don’t sign elsewhere, the Raiders could resign them at a lower price. Look for more moves like this. Why? Because the Defense needs a veteran presence in the secondary, the LB position needs someone with strength, agility and coverage skills to cope with opposing TE’s, and signing a proven Edge rusher who can deliver on 3rd downs is a must. Offense is important, of course, but if the D can’t get off the field, Carr and Co. can’t score from the bench !

  11. Hopefully we do good in the draft & free agency this year. So far all of Jon Gruden’s & Mike Mayock’s draft picks so far have been BUSTS!! Except for RB. Josh Jacobs. We need to focus on improving the defense. If we don’t make the playoffs next year Gruden should NOT get paid. GO RAIDERS NATION 4 LIFE!!

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