Could Social Media Posts Convince the Raiders to Keep Trent Brown?

Less than two weeks ago it looked like Raiders right tackle Trent Brown was taking a subtle shot at the team on his Instagram account. One theory was that Brown may have been angling for his release before the start of free agency.

Now less than two weeks later, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur says the Raiders have noticed Brown’s recent workout videos on social media and seemed to imply the videos could be a factor in the team’s eventual decision on Brown’s contract.

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Raiders have definitely noticed all of Trent Brown’s workout videos on social media. Tough decision to bring him back at $14 mil. Could still go either way.

It’s been a difficult 8 months for the Raiders in terms of their relationship with Brown. He reportedly showed up to training camp out of shape, got injured, and then didn’t return to the lineup anywhere near the timeline that the Raiders were hoping. There was also a COVID-19 breech of protocols involving Brown that contributed to significant discipline from the league.

Rumors around Brown for a while have been that the Raiders will most likely part ways with him, but maybe that won’t be the case.

It is possible the Raiders will roll the dice on Brown for one more year, but $14 million is a lot to spend on a player that seems to have a legitimate disconnect with the organization (and seems to lack the ability of availability). Maybe a few workout videos will change the Raiders’ mind, but if Jon Gruden can find a modest replacement for the second most expensive player on the team, don’t be surprised if he does it.

And while the Raiders are keeping tabs on Brown’s social media accounts, they might be interested in confirming this:

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Raiders T Trent Brown has unfollowed the Raiders on Instagram. Take it as you wish but with the health issues, off field concerns, and other various matters it’s not looking like Trent is back as the Raiders RT in 2020. Possible Replacements in comments:

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6 thoughts on “Could Social Media Posts Convince the Raiders to Keep Trent Brown?

  1. Keep him only if he cuts his contract. The Raiders can add a few more years to his contract at a reasonable rate. If he comes to camp out of shape then he gets cut and loses money. He will come to camp in shape this year.

  2. Trent is playing games with the raiders , we better be smarter than him and his agent. He is replaceable as good of a pass protector as he is . If someone don’t want to a particular place or with a team, Y force them , let alone pay them that amount of money, I’d try to trade him , if not let him go , if was fat and lazy for the raiders , he’ll probably be the same for another team. Don’t seem to love the game.

  3. This is a jokteam makes, right! A professional NFL organization makes decisions based on social media? Get real.

  4. Show up, get paid big money.
    Stop caring and start spending.
    What a waste.

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