Pat McAfee Mocked Derek Carr For Months, Then Suddenly Loves Him to be the Colts Next Quarterback

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee is known for his hot one-liners and daily comedy routines. It’s been his calling card since joining the media industry in 2017. He was good at punting footballs and he is now very good at entertaining.

But even as one of the top entertainers in his field (rivaling even the great Skip Bayless), McAfee should come with a warning label when it comes to his football takes.

Less than two months ago, McAfee dedicated a segment of his show to laugh at Derek Carr’s career and predicted that the Raiders quarterback would be a “backup for at least the next year or two.” The show’s microphone minions even jumped in and mockingly clapped for the end of Carr’s run as an NFL starter.

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⁦@PatMcAfeeShow⁩ on Derek Carr less than 2 months ago…

The problem, though, is that when the jokes are over, the perception around the NFL is that Carr is a very good quarterback… and improving each year under Jon Gruden.

Among other teams, McAfee’s former team has been working every angle to make Carr the next quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. And so began the narrative flop. Suddenly, McAfee remembers Carr a little differently…

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⁦@PatMcAfeeShow⁩ on Derek Carr this week…

But fortunately for McAfee, he can get back to his regularly scheduled programming soon enough, because Carr isn’t going to the Colts for anything short of a king’s ransom.

On a side note, McAfee seems to have a great time questioning Carr’s physical toughness. Fair enough. But that’s a heck of an accusation from a punter whose body couldn’t hold up in the league.

For Raider fans who haven’t heard of McAfee, you may remember him better for his play on the field…

And now you know the rest of the story.

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  1. I am a very big supporter of Carr . I don’t think he is a good fit for the Raiders tho. We need a duel threat quarterback.

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