Simms: Raiders “Little F—ing Story Book Thing” Will Come to an End This Week Against the Dolphins

No one, other than NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, is picking the Raiders to beat the Dolphins in Miami this week.

The Raiders are the biggest underdogs in the NFL in week 11 and NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms thinks the Raiders will be coming back to earth after consecutive wins with interim head coach Antonio Pierce.

“[They are] 5-5, but it kind of fell just right for [the Raiders],” Simms said on PFT Live. “This little f—ing story book thing you got going here, it all ends this week. It melts in the Miami sun. It melts when Tyreek Hill does his second backflip of the day after scoring a 60-yard touchdown. I just think the Miami defense is getting better. I think the week off Miami [will] recalibrate on the offensive side of the ball… ”

The interesting thing about Simms comments is that we haven’t heard him talk about the Raiders since McDaniels was fired. He hasn’t said much about the job that Pierce has done since taking over the team.

The last time he really went in depth on the Raiders, it was to bash owner Mark Davis for not being patient with McDaniels. Simms was one of the few media personalities who couldn’t see how awful the Raiders were getting under McDaniels.

Simms was also one of the story tellers selling the narrative that the roster McDaniels inherited wasn’t very good. He said that as recently as the day after McDaniels was fired…

“Just the optics of the fact that they went to the playoffs the year before [McDaniels] got there,” Simms said two weeks ago. “They got lucky to get in that year if you really look at it, and who they played, and the quarterbacks they played at the end of the season. But either way, those optics certainly went against McDaniels. You know I played for Josh. I worked for Josh a little. It doesn’t make me happy to see this day. That’s for sure.”

When it comes to Josh McDaniels, just file away Simms in the category of Albert Breer. They are going to defend their buddy even at the expense of sounding crazy.

All that being the case, Simms isn’t wrong that the Raiders will have their hands full in Miami this week.

The Dolphins play well at home and they are coming off a bye week. Mike McDaniel is one of the best offensive coaches in the NFL and it’s going to be interesting to see what he has been cooking up with his extra week to prepare for the Raiders.

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23 thoughts on “Simms: Raiders “Little F—ing Story Book Thing” Will Come to an End This Week Against the Dolphins

  1. Chris Simms comments in sports is the same like his career he had in football, it doesn’t matter.

  2. While Miami is certainly a better team on paper, there’s a reason the games aren’t played there. We’re big underdogs and frankly we should be. If Im being honest, we’re one of the teams that Miami “should beat”. So we’ll see where we are against them and that should give us some idea of where we need to get better. That said, run the ball, control the clock and play good D and we have at least a punchers chance. Even if we lose, let’s make ‘em pay for the W.

    As for Chris Simms? His opinion as an analyst is worth about as much as his ability to read a defense. So basically nothing.

    1. 100% bro. We’ll see on Sunday. Team is playing with an attitude that has been absent since McDaniels was hired. Let’s surprise all the ex spurts (sic) and watch them eat crow. Or
      Maybe phish.

  3. Simms also said that MD hired AP as an excuse to tank, improve draft position and get better players. In his (weird) mind, Mark purposely didn’t hire a “legit” coach….he thinks MD wants AP to fail, and it’s all part of a grander plan.
    What a clown.

  4. He may be Correct about Miami but it should be closer than 12… But he a Bitch when it comes to McClown!!! He has lost my respect due to his Blind Loyalty to the Clown…

  5. Let be noted that Simms wasn’t very good either, he won a super without having any offensive. Defense won the game. Let it be noted that he is lucky to have a Super bowl ring.

    1. His dad Phil won a Super Bowl and he was a decent QB. His son just runs his mouth, if McDaniels was so good why did Chris Simms suck so bad.

  6. Simms is full of **** ! McDaniels was definitely the problem. If the Raiders beat Miami , someone put Duct tape on that assholes mouth .

  7. Not about old Bill but, that asshole Simms, went are U people going to learn he has always been again the RAIDERS. He really does belong with the soccer team that play international league. pus—y do why don’t you go! Chris Simms

  8. And who exactly is this simms clown? All the commentators last week gave my Raiders zero chance in beating the jets,all except Florio. How did that turn out for all you clowns. The Raiders are going to be in town and you better be ready.What an A-H@!E.


  10. I wouldn’t bet on Miami. The fire in the Raiders since McClown and Ziggy left is insane.

  11. “Most best”??? One of the best is fine, one of the most [insert adjective here] is fine. “Most best” I can expect from an elementary school learning proper language, not a columnist which supposedly knows how to write

  12. Simms is an idiot! How does he even have that job. Who’s *** did he have to suck the **** out of to get that analyst job. Simms is a Raider hater and we’ve seen plenty of Raiders haters Simms is just the GAY one. Pussy

  13. The phins are finally getting healthy except for their offensive line. Their defense is real! Achane is the real deal!

  14. The thing I remember most about Simms was him going on and on about how Tyree Wilson was the greatest defensive end around. I hope it turns out that way, but so far we haven’t seen much. He lost a lot of credibility with me over that one.

  15. Chris Simms is just plain bad when it comes to commentary & sports talk. But he is still 10x better at that than he ever was as a player. The simple fact that he can’t recognize how bad JMD was as the Raiders coach should prove his intelligence level…

  16. Simms is an expert at knowing how to suck at anything that has to do with football. Dork! Living off his Dad’s name…

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