Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium Expected to be at Full Capacity in the Fall

For the first time ever, the Raiders will have fans in the seats in Las Vegas.

According to Bill Hornbuckle, the CEO and President of MGM Resorts International, Allegiant Stadium will be at full capacity for football games in the fall.

That’s huge new for the Raiders, who were counting on ticket sales that never happened in 2020. But it’s also a sign that the Las Vegas tourism market expects to return to near full strength in the months ahead. Certainly the economies of every state have been hurt by pandemic regulations, but Las Vegas has been hit particularly hard.

The NFL and the Raiders still have about four months to figure how they will get fans back into stadiums, but for now it seems most teams plan to be at or near full capacity. Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers are already at full capacity in April, so the blueprint will be there when the NFL is ready to follow.

It was estimated that around $571 million in tickets sales was lost on the Raiders last year – the most of any NFL team. That figure factors in the secondary market of ticket sales, but it does not account for all the money lost in food, hotel, and other entertainment venue sales (which would account for a lot more than $571 million).

Safe to say, there are a host of area enterprises counting on the Raiders bringing tourism back to Las Vegas… which probably has a lot to do with why the first story about the Raiders allowing fans into the stadium up didn’t even come from the Raiders.

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  1. I don’t agree that fans spend more money on game day than they do in ticket prices. Especially if it is a family.
    I might spend $800 on some tickets but I’m not dropping $800 on hot dogs and beer.

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