Report: Raiders “Digging In” on Five First-Round Draft Prospects

Like every other team in the NFL, the Raiders will spend the next three weeks trying to anticipate as many potential draft scenarios as possible. One of the interesting conversations ahead will involve who they might be willing to trade up to draft earlier in the first round.

Based on what one team beat writer is hearing, there are at least five players that the Raiders would love to see fall to pick 17… and might consider trading up for.

“This is one of the funnest NFL drafts I’ve covered and I’ve been around a long time,” Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter said on Friday on the Pritch and Clay radio show. “I know [the Raiders] are looking at a couple of tackles, I know they are looking at Micah Parsons, and I know they have their eyes in a couple of defensive backs. There are five guys they are really digging in on right now.”

“I keep hearing with the amount of time they are doing, and these are all guys they would have to move up for,” Carpenter continued. “I think they are absolutely getting all their scouting in line to say ‘ok, at what point is this guy worth moving up for?'”

Obviously, there is a lot misinformation making rounds this time of year, but nothing about the Raiders drafting a linebacker, offensive tackle, or defensive back doesn’t pass the eye test. The Raiders have needs at all three positions.

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “POLL: If the draft options all graded equally, which position should the #Raiders draft in the first round? / Twitter”

POLL: If the draft options all graded equally, which position should the #Raiders draft in the first round?

No self-respecting journalist would ever put their reputation on the line to predict what Jon Gruden will do in the draft (or anything else for that matter), but in case you haven’t been keeping track, the Raiders have been said to be prioritizing their secondary with their first-round pick… focusing on addressing their need at right tackle… and apparently love linebacker Micah Parsons.

So many rumors and we still have another three weeks until the draft. Plenty of time for one more ‘Gruden isn’t happy with Derek Carr, might draft a QB early’ headline.

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9 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Digging In” on Five First-Round Draft Prospects

  1. I really hope the 2 defensive backs they are considering moving up for are Patrick surtain jr. and Jaycee horn…..especially surtain who could be the elite game changer our defense has been dying for. He would probably cost a 3rd rounder this year and our 1st round pick next year……F staying at 17 and possibly reaching again….go RAIDERS

    1. T-diddy,
      I can go for Patrick Surtain Jr with no qualms whatsoever. Given your assessment, then those three players, Patrick Surtain, Micah Parsons and Jaycee Horn SHOULD be the players that Raiders Management are targeting in the upcoming draft. Should Gruden acquire these three, the Raiders will definitely be headed in the right direction. It would be an enormous coup but well worth whatever it would take to pull it off.

  2. Make up your mind. Most of the time u people are publishing things that portray Mayock as a decision maker who has actual GM powers. Now u correctly post the following:

    “No self-respecting journalist would ever put their reputation on the line to predict what Jon Gruden will do in the draft (or anything else for that matter).”

    This is the 1st time u have correctly reported it. Gruden makes EVERY decision n Mayock is a paper GM only. He admitted this upon hiring n its obvious n implied within Gruden’s contract n all the horrible decisions made since his return.

    U should dedicate entire report extensively discussing the fact that Mark Davis possesses duty, an obligation owed 2 the fans n as such he should have never brought back Gruden n should remove him from the organization.

    Davis may believe its his team n his money but without us fans there is no franchise, money, or ability 2 exercise a gay infatuation desire 2 hire lames. Decisions should not be made based on feelings eapecially when everyone knows Al Davis never would have made a terrible decision like that (never rehired Gruden).

    I have personally written 2 Davis explaining things 2 him about team n players n such. Everything has been dead on accurate even in my predictions. My assessments are exact and detailed and had Davis liatened 2 anything I sent 2 organization from 2015 through 2018 organization would be better off n very much a factor each year.

    Its not rocket science but these so called football intellects are actually mentally challenged. Why is it that so many new coaches that have n continue 2 come onto a team n produce immediately but Davis n Gruden make excuses n Gruden has produced s**t. Even Del Rio won in his 2nd season n he (as well as most other new team hire coaches) took over a team in worse shape than Gruden did. Look at Arians and what he has done twice now n Gruden has not ever done.

    Gruden is a joke period n he is the most overrated coach in history of league 2 go along with team having worst owner in history of league. That does not make for a success story. Davis fell into Vegas deal (dumb luck) as he tried 2 go other places long before. Davis is not only the worst owner but a horrible business person. Thats just the truth based on indisputable facts. Gruden is on the lower side of mediocre n would never have received anything near that contract from any other owner (it took worst owner in history for Gruden 2 steal what he has from Franchise, The Davis Family, Raider Legacy, n most importantly us Fans).

    Davis breached his duty n obligations owed 2 us Fans n in reality the Fans should n I may pursue a lawsuit against Davis for said breach n other causes of actions. I believe I possess a very good case and may do just that.

    1. I’m just glad the money mr. Davis is going to have to spend on extra security because of you won’t count against the salary cap… need to relax brother

    2. “In gruden we DONT trust”
      He would make every meaningful draft pick or free agent be for the offence.
      Defense gets whatever draft picks and money leftover after he gets his players.
      I have no belief he will do the right thing when it come to player additions, only if it benefits his own ego.
      I hope mark davis enjoys scratching his annual $10,000,000 cheque to gruden.

    3. Richard, EVERYTHING that you have said is indisputable. While I applaud your efforts and definitely share your concerns, NOTHING would make me happier than to see this team TURN AROUND from 20 years of losing. However, I am not sure what it will take for Mark Davis to realize his mistake of hiring Gruden. My hopes have been that either Steve Wynn or Jeff Bezos will buy the team from Mark Davis and make wholesale changes. In truth, in ONE YEAR , the Miami Dolphins have turned their franchise around and previously perennial losers like the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams have made enormous strides, in recent years, while Gruden has plunged the Raiders further into the abyss. Shucks, even the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns have experienced a resurrection. I’m absolutely certain that you recall how Bill Belichik took a previously 4-12 team and won the Super Bowl the next year with the 199th pick in the draft after Drew Bledsoe went down. I mentioned this because it is my belief that “the right coach” can change the fortunes of a team. See Andy Reed and Bruce Arians. The record shows that Gruden has a track record of late season collapses and this played out in predictable fashion last year. How many more years of less than a .500 winning percentage at a cost of 10 million dollars a year that Mark Davis can stand, I don’t know. I do however know that, as a Raiders fan since 1968, I am VERY tired of us losing and heading in the wrong direction.

  3. In truth, there are two players that the Raiders NEED to acquire in this draft. First is Micah Parsons and second is that cornerback from the South Carolina Gamecocks, Jaycee Horn. In the later rounds, CB Israel Mukuamu of the South Carolina Gamecocks. Mukuamu is definitely “a project” worthy of good coaching.

    1. Dan,

      What do you think about this guy below at number 17?

      In their most recent mock draft, PFF has the Silver and Black picking up Darrisaw at number 17. They justify the pick due to his overwhelmingly positive grades for 2020.

      The 6-foot-5, 315-pounder was one of just two offensive linemen in the FBS to earn 90-plus PFF grades as both a run-blocker (94.5) and pass-blocker (90.8) in 2020.
      After reconstructing most of their offensive line, the Raiders need to play it safe and go with Darrisaw. Reaching on a defensive lineman or even safety in the first round could be disastrous considering the current hole at the right tackle. It’ll be interesting to see how the Raiders’ brass plays the first round this year.

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