Raiders Among Four Teams Believed to be in the Mix to Trade for Justin Fields

The Bears are working hard to find a trade partner for Justin Fields, but every indication to this point is that their asking price is too high.

Last week, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter gave the Raiders a 20 percent chance of trading for Fields, but he strongly implied that the Raiders aren’t going to be serious buyers for Fields until the Bears drop their asking price.

Outside of Hondo’s report, there are several national insiders still linking Fields to the Raiders.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Raiders are one of four teams believed to be in the hunt for Fields…

“The major quarterback domino that many are waiting to fall is Chicago’s Justin Fields decision,” Fowler reported in an ESPN insider piece. “Chicago has not played its hand, and several league sources believe Fields — who has not requested a trade — could probably garner a Day 2 pick in a potential deal. There’s no firm deadline on a trade, though the start of free agency is sort of a soft one. Chicago will need multiple teams in the fray to drive a market, and after asking around, I expect Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Minnesota to be on Fields’ radar.”

There was a report several weeks ago that the Raiders were likely out of the mix for Fields after they hired his former offensive coordinator in Chicago, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“For all of you who thought Luke Getsy and [Fields] hated one another, that’s not true at all. That’s not accurate,” Hondo said on Sunday on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast.

The odds still seem to be against the Raiders trading for Fields, but with rumors that Kirk Cousins might be considering the Falcons, and Russell Wilson among the favorites to go to the Steelers, the Bears could soon be in a position where they have to consider a third-round pick for their 24-year-old quarterback.

If the Bears are willing to give up Fields for a third-round pick, is that a trade the Raiders should be willing to make?

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1 thought on “Raiders Among Four Teams Believed to be in the Mix to Trade for Justin Fields

  1. For a 3rd, it absolutely makes sense! Giving up our future to pick up a rookie could be as bad as all the bad picks of our past regimes. Getting Fields that cheap would enable us to grab a stud offensive lineman to protect him and open holes for our RB’s. Still might be able to pick up Rattler at some point for a 3rd QB. We have plenty of holes to fill and selling tons of picks would help us to fill them!

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