Raiders Are Creating And Preventing Big Plays at Elite Level

The 33rd Team last season unveiled the Big Play Index (BPI) a metric that tracks the differential between the big plays a team creates on offense and allows on defense.

With input from former Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, the metric considers a big play to be “a run of 10-plus yards and/or a pass of 16-plus yards.”

Here’s how the Raiders fare in this metric:

  • Big Plays Created: 24 (19 passes and 5 rushes)
  • Big Plays Allowed: 14 (9 passes and 5 rushes)

The Raiders differential of +10 is second in the NFL:

There is a strong correlation between success in this index and win/loss record. In 2020, the top-five teams in the BPI averaged over 10 wins whereas the bottom-five teams averaged fewer than 6 wins.

Through two weeks, that correlation continues to hold, with five undefeated teams in the top seven of this week’s BPI.

Needless to say, if Gus Bradley’s swarming defense can continue to limit big plays, while the newly aggressive Derek Carr can continue to create them, big things could be in store for the 2021 Raiders.

Twitter: @TravisGilkeson