Raiders CB Damon Arnette “Could Be in Significant Disciplinary Trouble”

In just a matter of months, the Raiders have been forced to publicly navigate more off-field issues than what most NFL organizations deal with… ever.

And now, less than a week after the Henry Ruggs tragedy, three incidents involving another player have surfaced in the news.

“There are rumblings another first-round pick, Damon Arnette, could be in significant disciplinary trouble,” Peter King wrote in his weekly Football Morning in America column.

In no particular order, the latest unsettling reports connected to Arnette…

A lawsuit stemming from a motor vehicle accident

According to a TMZ report on Friday, Arnette left the scene of an accident in October of last year near the team facility. He apparently had a friend stay at the scene to provide his contact information to authorities, but that friend then claimed to be the driver of Arnette’s vehicle. 

The matter was sorted out by police and Arnette was ultimately cited, but now the woman that Arnette hit on the highway has filed a lawsuit claiming damages of more than $92,000. The damages apparently include head trauma, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, depression, and even panic attacks.

Allegations that Arnette berated and spit on a resort employee

According to ProFootballTalk, a lawsuit has been filed against Arnette by an employee at the Aria Hotel & Casino.

Arnette was evidently told by the hotel employee that his car could not be recovered from valet parking because Arnette had lost the receipt. The lawsuit claims that Arnette then berated and spit on the employee.

Online threats toward an individual while waving around what appears to be semi-automatic firearms

This one is particularly disturbing.

A screen recording that surfaced last week appears to show Arnette threatening to shoot someone and waving around a collection of semi-automatic weapons. The video can be found all over social media and the Raiders are unquestionably aware of it by now.

For what it’s worth, a simple online search will turn up a number other threats that appear to come from Arnette’s social media accounts, as well.

Just a guess, but don’t look for Arnette to be a part of the Raiders’ organization a whole lot longer.

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