Raiders Essentially Have Three Options With Derek Carr Moving Forward

It’s a tradition unlike any other. The least stable franchise in the NFL has gone full circle and it’s once again the Raiders.

With the general manager and head coach expected to be fired at the end of the season, the only familiar faces in the organization are soon to be owner Mark Davis and quarterback Derek Carr. But even Carr’s future with the Raiders is uncertain and Davis is expected to make a decision on Carr soon.

Essentially, there are three options that the team has with Carr. Let’s take a look at them…

Play out his final year under contract

Kick the can down the road one more year?

It seems unlikely that Carr’s representatives will want to take this approach. The Raiders have enjoyed the flexibility of Carr’s contract for two years and his agent would be wise to not give them another.

In theory, the Raiders could try to force Carr’s hand, but they can’t afford to not have him and get nothing for him. So the player has leverage in this case because he has significant trade value. Carr also has some leverage because the organization probably wouldn’t put it past him to retire. Like others before him, Carr could use the retirement card to force the Raiders to trade him where he wants to go.

Or he could actually cash in the retirement card… which would be the absolute worst scenario for the Raiders.

Trade him

There are a lot of people who think this is the most likely scenario. Carr has first-round value and at least 5-6 teams will be calling the Raiders soon if they haven’t already.

The question then becomes this… if Carr is such a commodity around the league (even among a couple of contenders), is it really the best idea to get rid of him?

Considering all the underwhelming QB alternatives in the draft and free agency, it would be a huge gamble to hit the reset button at quarterback without a viable replacement option.

Extend his contract

Not long ago it looked like a foolish decision by the Raiders to not extend Carr sooner. Now one of the respected insiders covering the team thinks that probably won’t happen.

At some point you have to wonder if Carr even wants to sign up for more years with the Raiders. He’s already been through two roster rebuilds. It’s possible that he wouldn’t be interested in a third.

Stay tuned, Raider fans.

The next couple of months are guaranteed to be a wild ride.

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77 thoughts on “Raiders Essentially Have Three Options With Derek Carr Moving Forward

  1. One has to ask, is Derek Carr consistently able to lead this or any team week to week?

    Looking at the most recent losses to Washington, Cincinnati, NY Giants. It seems the answer is no. He looks like a world beater one week and then falls off a cliff.

    1. RAIDERS are actually still in the playoff mix hope Derrick Carr plays his best on the games ( miracle ) but you never know!! Go RAIDERS!!!!!!

      1. The only way the Raiders will make the playoffs is if everybody in the NFC dies. Even then it will take them three downs to score.

          1. If I was Carr, I would be asking for trade. They trade 3 oline. & a 4th (Good) gets hurt. The Oline has been a diaster = they can’t run the ball & Carr has minimal time in the pocket. Except for Renfro, he has terrible WR & they let go Anghlor. He’s taking a beating & all these losers are blaming Carr for this
            fiascio. And to top it off the D has inconsistent, borderline terrible. Trade him, & go with Marriato.

    2. This is the same story year in and year out. Start out hot with high hopes early in the season only to be wiped out again by a 2-6 finish…This is embarrassing. I cant even wear Raiders gear without people laughing and talking junk. The only improvement I’ve seen from Carr was that he went from 15 check downs a game to 11. I look at players like Herbert who looks like a promising QB. Where did we go wrong?!?!?

      1. Defense, defense, defense. Without it Aaron Rodgers couldn’t turn this team around, Herbert either.

  2. I havensaid since 2016 Carr is not the answer you build a team around him and he still cant win.Get rid of him now

      1. Ahí tiene a Mariota ya deberían de probar con el Carr se ve que no tiene corazón por lis Raiders

      2. Ahí tiene a Mariota ya deberían de probar con el Carr se ve que no tiene corazón por lis Raiders

  3. It’s time to move on if you pay him you take away the money to rebuild the o-line and a wr you need plus added pieces on d all in all its time to move on

    1. They had a promising young O-line and they dismantled it… Carr has been through two roster rebuilds. How about some team consistency? Look at the time guys like Brady have to throw vs Carr. Every QB gets rattled if hit hard enough and often enough. Good luck with a replacement QB. Unless they improve the team around him, no QB will be consistently productive there.

    1. Great, rent-a QB for what, two years. Wilson, LOL. Seattle has a worse record than the Raiders, and Wilson has totally stunk it up this year. And Rodgers would be for what, one, two years at most. And Watson, seriously? You guys all think any of them would guarantee a SB win LMFAO. 2 SB wins between them over 25 total years, with much better supporting casts than Carr has had, and you think they would just punch the Raiders a SB ticket. Geezus. 🙄🙄

  4. Raiders should trade Derek Carr this offseason and acquire Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers . These 3 QBs are very elite veterans that Las Vegas need to become competitive!

    1. Yes!
      Get rid of the excess baggage, quit trying to rehabilitate broken players. A load of hard running back coming out of colleges, structure good performance based contracts for D backs, Linebackers and RB’s especially coaches…
      Get blown out, get humiliated, lose some dough…many say football is a business, run it like one.

    2. Hmm, that’s an interesting one. Watson and Wilson seem like very good options. Watson hasn’t played and should be in pristine condition and is the youngest. Of course Rodgers would be an excellent fit. The only questions are how expensive and how long?

    3. Watson, what’s he elite of? Stafford is elite and Carr leads all previous Raider QB’s including the snake. He won 1 SB and the other 2 belong to Plunkett. Keep Carr and improve a sorry defense. Defe se wins championships and Plunkett and Stabler had that.

      1. Stabler and Plunkett were winners not because of the Raiders defense, they won in conjunction with the defense….they did their part when they were called upon. Derrick Carr does not fight to make and extend plays, when his # is called upon to make a play in a must-have snap? 3rd and 7 and we’re down by 4 and need a touchdowns to win? Not consistent enough!!!

    4. Raiders with or without Carr are worthless. A veteran quarterback is not going to make any major difference. The best solution is to fire every player and start over LOL…

      1. Who ever you bring in the o-line is a mess ,You need a number one wide receiver who can stretch the field ,and a consistent running game.Then you can talk about the quarterback position because whoevers playing quarterback is going to have the same problem .

  5. With all the talk of a massive rebuild once again, it gives this Raiders fan a thought of not even watching football any longer! Why put myself through hell watching or supporting any longer… The NFL screws the organization over at every opportunity throughout the entire season, at every turn of a hat no call after no call, no wonder why players are showing no desire to play, force the owner to get rid of his head coach mid-season over some political scam saving another organization from taking the blunt of what happened within their building. Now you want to tear apart a team who was tore apart in 2018??? Mr. Mark Davis if you don’t think it thru very thoroughly with your upcoming decisions you could lose more than just the starting QB and anyone else that you see fit to move on from because I’m sure that I am not the only Raiders fan of 40+ yrs. that will finally check out on you and the NFL for that matter! I’ll stop buying merchandise, game tickets, most of all stop watching television on any game day, which we all know is where most of the money comes from! Place the blame on everyone else outside of the players who show up every day even throughout the offseason to make your team competitive. Again watch where the fingers are pointing because it could end very badly for your team as well as the NFL

    1. I’m sure by now Carr has had enough but you can’t put this on Carr and a high profile QB won’t want to play for a team that’d is ran by such poor management.They have players to win they have shown this at seasons start.Mark Davis said himself he has no idea how to run a team when he hired Gruden and it’s clear now he was not kidding.It is poor Management from the lack of a real head coach on up.Its clear you have players running the show and blaming Carr is the easy way out.

      1. What the Raiders need more then anything is a head coach that is a no bs coach who will instantly have players respect and Davis needs to be surrounded by people that live football

  6. Trade him, he not that good. Special if we want to beat the Chief!!!! Please Trade Him a quick as you can.

  7. I’m not a Raiders fan but it makes me laugh at how they write these stories about this Q/B he has to run for his life every time the ball is snapped the front line is awful they leave the door wide open,all the points you got is because of this Q/B it’s a wonder they haven’t got him badly hurt he would be a great fit for the Saints or let us have him ,he played without a coach his receiver s was hurt he had only had one good receiver in last weeks game and you can’t put all your eggs in one basket you have a running back that only runs for one or two yards and slow ,theirs not a Q/B in the league that would have been able to do anything with this team,you build a decent team around this kid give him a little time and it’s 6 points and he has to have receivers that will catch the ball, but like I have said before I will say again give him to us we will go to the playoffs if not the Super Bowl Steelers fan

    1. Thank you.
      Raider Nation needs a scape goat. It’ll hurt to see DC go but he deserves better. Gruden destroyed his line and now it’s DCs fault. Yes, let’s take the next high pick, draft a has been veteran QB, overpay anyone and add another name to the list of bandaids this organization has wasted funds on for crap results.
      It’s all DCs fault. That’s it. Problem solved.
      It makes me sick.

      1. It is his fault!!!he just stands there and gets sacked trying to get up into the pocket of course he gets sacked all day!! Don’t blame Gruden for destroying the line the Raiders cap was just enough this year to make a full roster and it’s already fucked up .. u can’t keep veteran players for that long .. Gabe Jackson … Haha the only player that Gruden got rid of that isn’t hurt right now .. Rodney Hudson got hurt during the season and do did Trent Brown .. He Drafted Kolton Miller .. he Drafted Leatherwood which he will be good in about a year he’s better at guard that’s for sure but he will be great in a couple of years ..

        1. Yeah right of course it’s Grudens fault poor decisions trades ,free agency ,draft picks,coaches.what did he do right. Jack Delrio had more wins with out all the control. Raiders was doomed when they bought in a over rated average coach.

        2. You must not watch the games very closely. The O-line SUCKS. Leatherwood is stupid, the most penalized player in the league. The pundits all laughed when the Raiders drafted him, and for good reason. Carr doesn’t have time to stand back there and survey the field. Watch Brady when the Bucs play, he has A LOT more time with a good O-line. You armchair managers who put all the blame on Carr have no idea what you’re talking about. And you think bringing in Rodgers, or Wilson (who’s having a crappy year by the way) and think the Raiders will be instant SB contenders are smoking something.

    2. When you have a player run to the middle of the field let alone the Chiefs and foo something so stupid and disrespectful to the Raiders the Chiefs .He should have been benched and fined by Davis.All it did was really highlight the lack of leaders in Raiders office and coaches.You keep Carr hire good management a good hard nose head coach and be smart in the coming draft and you are back in it .

    3. Glad your saying this cause I agree there were 3-4 team I see if they trade would get better cause they have better play maker and better defense..he would do good in Pittsburgh saints Seahawks there are just team that are ok but better play maker

    4. You are so right. Such a disappointment-this team & the crap we have to go thru. Oh, for some stability half as long and stable as Belichick or other such franchises regularly making playoffs. Can’t believe the nightmare this season turned into & very much worry the players will scurry off this ship. Rebuild? We’re looking at 3 years plus before again being relevant if so. What coach can we even get? Carr should move on from the raiders – and I’m a raider fan! It’s not Carr, it’s the raiders – or just simply all the chaos and undermining. Carr could do well on a lot of contender teams. Hate it if raiders trade him, hate that they wasted such a great talent, got nothing in these years. He’s the best Raider QB all time – stats prove it. Just couldn’t get playoffs & Super Bowls or he’d clearly be the Raider GOAT. Don’t give me the hater bs he was no good – look at Barry Sanders…one of the top 3 backs all time, no Super Bowls.

      1. Yes but you could see Barry Sanders greatness even on a shitty azz team……don’t see the greatness in Carr on none of these team that he’s been on…..just admit it……..he sucks!!!

      2. Best qb. He never won div or a playoff game. 2 stupid 2 audible run tea. Like Gannon did

  8. I have known Carr since college, he is a tremendous competitor and is frustrated. It is all about the money with the owners. Time to move on.

    1. You are so right. Such a disappointment-this team & the crap we have to go thru. Oh, for some stability half as long and stable as Belichick or other such franchises regularly making playoffs. Can’t believe the nightmare this season turned into & very much worry the players will scurry off this ship. Rebuild? We’re looking at 3 years plus before again being relevant if so. What coach can we even get? Carr should move on from the raiders – and I’m a raider fan! It’s not Carr, it’s the raiders – or just simply all the chaos and undermining. Carr could do well on a lot of contender teams. Hate it if raiders trade him, hate that they wasted such a great talent, got nothing in these years. He’s the best Raider QB all time – stats prove it. Just couldn’t get playoffs & Super Bowls or he’d clearly be the Raider GOAT. Don’t give me the hater bs he was no good – look at Barry Sanders…one of the top 3 backs all time, no Super Bowls.

  9. I know there are a ton of Carr haters out there. However, the fact we no longer have a run game either sort of spells out that our line is bottom of the league. Its still a mystery why they took Leatherwood when there were two other guys that would be starting right now and 100x better. Another swing and a miss for Gruden/Cable/Mayok. Certainly hope he pans out like Miller ended up doing. Carr said he doesnt want to play anywhere else but I’m sure hes imagined playing for a chance to win a championship behind a top tier line with more than 2 other offensive weapons. It hurt to lose Gruden the way we did but maybe ev en more damaging was losing Ruggs to serious immaturity. Carr was build repour with him. We need to go Oline in the draft. Go after a #1 receiver, And keep upgrading the defense. Some of the older vets we signed this year may not have another year in them. Unless we can beat Cleveland I say play Mariota to see what we might look like with him. Hopefully we dont win another game and pick in the top 10.

  10. Once again we are the laughing stock of the NFL thanks to the hit job they did on Gruden throwing the whole franchise into a mess. Ruggs only made matters worse with his stupidity. I don’t know if my heart can take another 10 years of this garbage.

  11. Time to play the backup. Hope he does good then trade him and keep Carr. Tgen hope the new GM does a better job with the picks. But RAIDERS history with picks r not good.

  12. Mr Davis,

    You have the heart of a true Raider in Derek Carr. Trading him or letting him go would be a serious mistake. I have been a fan since 1970 and have never seen such disarray or division among fans. We need to extend Carr 4-5 years and get him an o-line and wr. The rest will work itself out. Remember, the heart of a Raider is strength.

  13. Unless it’s a complete rebuild which I don’t see why it would be with the pieces we have the raiders would be out of their minds to move on from Derek Carr improve the line and get a 1WR (Adams has already said he wants to play with Carr) and we right back in it NO QB can win under these circumstances No line, no run game, wr can’t get open if they name not renfrow, no coach play calling is terrible, no fan support, defense is giving up 30pts a game ( only one team scores that a game ) NO QB It’s almost remarkable what Carr has been able to do.

  14. Let Carr finish the season out. He’s already blown any chance of a playoff spot. He’s won 3 of the last 10 games after 3 & 0 start. In one of his after game interviews he talked about starting out too slow. Well bud you’re the one under center and don’t blame the offensive coordinator even if he’s stupid. You’re the you should act like it. If you don’t like the call don’t run it. Audible we all know you know how to do that. Remember just scream kill, kill, kill you’ve done it for years. Then after the game you stand up and say WE weren’t executing, and making excuses. Carr has been pressured, but it is the NFL so is almost every QB in the league. Even with no pass rush, he doesn’t hold the ball long enough for things to develop down field. Opposing teams defense knows they’ve only got to cover on average 3 seconds. Does that sound like a winning QB or a QB with the jitters. Just get rid of him, lick your wounds and move on.

  15. They need to start throwing the ball more than 5 or 10 yards. Raiders have a good quarterback with a good arm and accuracy. With that said Carr can’t just stand in the pocket he needs to move. Jacob’s needs to also have some help when it’s a run play everyone knows who is getting the ball. Defense sucks totally to be given up the points they have all year. Coaches suck on both offense and defense I feel like I’m watching the Bears with the play calling

  16. Carr is the best QB we have had in 20 yrs after the Gannon era, so you gonna trade him cause you want Watson, Rodgers, or Wilson cause you think they are better psssshhhhh, Watson has done nothing in Houston, Seattle sucks this yr and well Rodgers is a has been and about to retire in a couple yrs, I say keep Carr get a great qb in the first round and let Carr have some competition for the starting job, there is no QB in the league that can make the Raiders good or even great w/o a defense and offensive line, I think he does pretty good considering what he has had to work with these past 6 years, He has proven over and over again that he can win games, this yr has been a bad year for raider fans with ruggs killing that girl from a DUI and Gruden resigning and left us with no coach, Olson did not call the plays when Grudem was there, Gruden called the plays, Olson is not the answer fire him & the Baicai and DC, but really when we had ruggs and gruden as coach we was unstoppable, It hurts alot too when we have a lot of injuries, like waller nassib, etc you cannot win games if your coaches OL is incompetent it is impossible

  17. After reading a lot of the comments I can’t say I disagree with anyone. I can’t imagine what it’s like in that locker
    room. The season’s over. We’re not going to win another game. As a Raider fan for over 50 years I can’t watch or listen to Raider games anymore. Have to clean house and start over. Who in free agency would want to play for
    the Raiders? Only has been players looking for a paycheck. 1st round draft pick? Should probably trade pick for
    2 or 3 late round picks. Of the current team, how many are going to ask to be traded? It’s been one roller coaster
    season after another. This season, the coaster went of the cliff. Why wasn’t Martin in to play center, James moved to guard, Miller to RT tackle? At least then when the pocket broke down Carr would have been scrambling to his right.
    Why wasn’t Olsen fired after the Giants game? Where are the Marriota packages, especially in the red zone?
    Anyway, try and have a Happy Holiday Season.

  18. This all goes back, to the 2017 Season vs Washington. The O line opened up like the Red Sea for Moses. Carr was sacked 5 times and knocked down 4 or 5 times. And then the Injury’s, He’s never been the same since. The coaching carousel, piss pour Drafts. Put Derek Carr on the market and watch him Win… jmHo

  19. Carr haters. He has never had a competitive team around him. If his numbers were that bad it would be his fault, but it is not the case. When he’s not zero defense, zero OL, or no receivers.

  20. Look what happens when you draft a QB Murray,Allen, Jackson, Herbert etc. I think its worse being in the middle of the pack with no realistic chance at the super bowl. My point is rebuild for a couple of years, get a couple top 10 picks and go for a QB with one pick. Chargers got Herbert with the 6th pick with 5 wins, Raiders had 7 wins with the 12th pick drafted Ruggs. I’m not saying its easy but you got to play the lottery to be able to win it.
    Raiders need a good GM so they can stop with the horrible picks. Carr for a middle 1st rounder or in the 20s sounds good to me. Accumulate some picks, a good GM can build the Raiders into a contender. Y’all informed Raiders fans know the D is much improved under Bradley. I don’t think the Raiders are that far off, with a good GM and HC they can make it happen. It starts with GM i like Riddick just guessing & Leftwich or maybe Bowles & get a OC.

    1. “Look what happens when you draft a QB Murray,Allen, Jackson, Herbert etc”

      What happens? Not much from what I’ve seen. No Super Bowl wins for any of them yet.

  21. Carr has absolutely zero protection. Fire the the offensive front line and that is all! Also, the Raiders defense has sucked as of late. I would love to see more Marcus Mariota…but then again wouldn’t we all.

  22. The team quit after the 1st quarter in KC which tell us the coaching staff and the QB lost the team. I like Carr but I’m sick and tired of the same old press conference year after year. The Raiders now have the 3rd best QB in the AFC west a distant 3rd. and they will NEVER beat KC of the Chargers with the 3rd best.

  23. Be sure to stay away from the strippers on your days off y’all because it is seriously affecting your game!

  24. I am a raiders fan my hole life?
    I think for best of team u guys should trade Carr and get better quarterback.
    Carr is good quarterback or u guys need Procte quarterback more …

  25. Ok. Pick up Rodgers and Brandon Scherff, trade Carr for a middle round 1st. Draft a Tackle and wr with their first round picks. Richie, Simpson, uluminour, and Parker should be gone. Keep James and D. Goode. Have patience with Leatherwood, he’ll change his performance like Miller did.
    May not have the money to scoop Adams in free agency, but another wr1 could be had. Rodgers + OL + all the other healthy toys and Rodgers will rock with this team.

  26. I’m sick of all the Carr haters!! Yeah trade him and watch him get his rings with another team. HE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. just sayin

    1. I agree he is not the problem. It’s the O-line and lack of weapons that get fired or injured.

  27. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Carr has been through numerous head coaching changes and offensive coordinators and has excelled with each one! This season Carr has endured an offensive line that has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese! Carr has also said he’s a Raider for life, he’ll retire before he accepts a trade to another team bringing his value down in terms of a return in picks or players in return! Carr is not the problem with the Raiders, actually he’s the only hint of stability with this organization! There’s 4 games to go, a wild card spot is still within reach and again in case nobody is paying attention all teams in the AFC have been up and down, right now the 7th seed is occupied by a team with 7 wins and struggling as well, and they were considered a heavy Super Bowl favorite at the start of the season! The Raiders are 6-7 with some of the contenders for a wild card spot on the schedule! Stay tuned haters!!!

  28. I’m a life long fan of the Raiders. This franchise has been failed by it’s management and coaching for the last 20 years. They are hard to watch and it’s been hard to remain a fan with the same results year after year.

  29. It’s not Derek Carr’s fault do not trade him it’s that defense the secondary is the worst in the league they always have been for a long time. That’s what has to be addressed, immediately.

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