Raiders Have the Two Worst Pass-Blocking Linemen in the NFL and They Play Right Next to Each Other

Re-watching the Raiders’ 48-9 beating at the hands of the Chiefs on Sunday, a lot of things stood out. But nothing was more obvious than the fact that the Raiders offensive line is playing as poorly as any offensive line in the NFL.

Under the direction of offensive line coach Tom Cable, the Raiders have struggled to create running lanes for the last two years, but pass protection has never been an issue like it is now.

According to Pro Football Focus analytics, no offensive lineman in the NFL is giving up pressure on the quarterback at a higher rate than right tackle Brandon Parker and right guard Alex Leatherwood. What that means is the worst two pass-blockers in the NFL are on the same team and play next to each other on the right side of the Raiders’ offensive line.

Austin Gayle on Twitter: “Highest pressure rates allowed among NFL offensive linemen, per @PFF: T-1. Alex Leatherwood (11%)T-1. Brandon Parker (11%) / Twitter”

Highest pressure rates allowed among NFL offensive linemen, per @PFF: T-1. Alex Leatherwood (11%)T-1. Brandon Parker (11%)

The Raiders have a lot of decisions to make in the next couple of months. One of those decisions is going to involve their quarterback, Derek Carr, who has taken criticism in recent weeks for his ineffective play. If the Raiders choose to move on from Carr, they would be wise to assume their next quarterback will struggle behind their offensive line as we know it today.

Kolton Miller, John Simpson, and Andre James have proven they can hold their own, but something dramatic has to be done on the right side.

For what’s it worth, Parker had a bad day against the Chiefs on Sunday, but Leatherwood reached the lowest level ever achieved. His PFF pass-blocking grade against the Chiefs was 0.0.

Yes, you read that correctly. His pass-blocking grade was zero.

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26 thoughts on “Raiders Have the Two Worst Pass-Blocking Linemen in the NFL and They Play Right Next to Each Other

  1. Yes , like I’ve said and most people know , games are won and lost from the O line
    You can’t make constant accurate passes all the time with a defensive player coming right at you in all games .
    Our best O lineman , and maybe the best in the NFL is Reggie Incognito, who had been out ALL year and of coarse , won’t play any more this season .
    Pretty much the rest of our line have just been a mash up of rotating second, third string and practice squad and constantly
    Injured linemen ,
    and even with that , Carr has had most completions or second most all season to sometimes behind Brady .
    Having a great O line every game can make almost every qb , runner and receiver look awesome

    1. I’m glad to see someone understands the game!!!! I have read so much negative criticism on DC by a bunch of idiots who obviously don’t know a thing about football!!!! if the next several drafts were left up to them, they would draft qb after qb and rb after rb!!!! although leatherwood has not proven his worth, he is a rookie and NFL play takes time. Simpson has to go!!! our draft needs to be focused on o- line and receivers (on the rare occasion that DChas time, who is he supposed to throw to???!!!)

    1. Who in the hell is ‘Reggie’ Incognito?. Anyway, the Raiders will not do anything as an NFL organization until the team is sold. Mark Davis is a freakin’ cancer that’s way in over his head and I’m sure Al is spinning like a lathe in his grave. He should not have given carte blanche to Gruden when he hired him, who in turn trades Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, etc. for more draft picks which in turn Gruden squandered away. If this team actually knew how to draft, the situation would not be as dire as it currently is. Alex Leatherwood is just another example of a Raiders bust pick. The entire coaching staff needs to be gutted, the O line needs to be rebuilt (again) and don’t get me started on the Defense (or lack there of). The next time they attempt a field goal when it’s fourth and one in the Red Zone, I’m going to blow my freakin’ head off!.

      Just my 2 cents

      1. Obviously he meant Richie. I am sure your super special phone does do that to you.

        Mine does, I meant to say have a nice day and it called you a pretentious douche bag.

      2. Maybe it’s richie’s brother. How odd they have the same injury. Real sports fan there Rocko.

  2. Raiders are a complete failure period it has been 19 years since they have accomplished any resemblance of a quality team, when you state they have options with Carr, shouldn’t be that tough look at wins and the price of his contract while he may complete decent percentages are the passes really in the correct position so receivers can make good gains or just complete and be stopped due to the position or after the game is out of control as this week after 10 min., you are correct while our O line doesn’t deserve to be called pro you were kind in stating only for the last two years, this team celebrates making a single play in a game they have to as they usually only make one to row per game

    1. Yeah, i dont know how you coax an Aaron Rogers or a Russell Wilson away from their team. At least those teams can block long enough for a pass completion.

    2. Been saying that for years. Realistically the raiders haven’t had a running game since Marcus Allen and that was back in the 80s. Come on. And no matter who you put back there at qb, when they only have 1 or 2 seconds before their getting pressures the outcome will not be good. That’s what you get when you can’t run and defenses know your gonna pass. Carr would have been that elite franchise qb if they had a run game. Things need to change. Been a raiders fan since 1968. And what’s with the defense. Wide open guys all the time and playing that ridiculous prevent defense in games when we’re up by 1 or 2 or Lee’s then a td with less then a minute or so to play and playing prevent and letting teams march down the field with 12 yards here 10 there 20 here. Next thing you know 3 4 plays later they are in our red zone or in fg range and we get beat by a fg or a td. I’d rather get burned on a long play they had to work for then let em walk down the field basically for free and get beat. Terrible.

  3. I’ve said it before and say it again Carr is not the problem what qb can handle getting hit every time he takes the snap the defense is already in the back field both Brady losts in the super bowl he was on his back

    1. Brady gives back as cuts in his pay to the team that’s why he had a good Offensive line cheap *** Carr ain’t worth 125 million for 5 years maybe he should take a pay cut so they can invest into his offensive line and quit going to deposit that check haha just a thought

  4. Get these two clowns off the starting line now. There has got to be better options on someone’s practice squad.

  5. It’s Carr’s fault.
    The Raiders.
    The Economy.
    The Tuck Rule game.
    Carr’s fault all of it and more. A new QB and it’s back to back SBs for Raider Nation.

  6. Leatherwood, the 1st round tackle of the future was so dismally bad at pass blocking he was quickly shifted to guard to hide his deficiencies. There he was a so-so run blocker and still really lousy pass blocker. Moving him necessitated plugging Brandon Parker, a tackle with no footwork whatsoever to tackle. The outcome was predictable. Mayock/Gruden get the blame for drafting a tackle who could never be “coached up.” Granted, the Ruggs tragedy and the Waller injury greatly affected the passing game but how do you excuse the lack of run game? Poor blocking, predictable play calls and a lack of explosiveness all contribute. This team now needs to be torn apart and rebuilt under the guidance of a new coach and professional GM starting with the right side of the OL.

  7. When they had the best O line Carr screwed that up. Get an offensive young Coach. Raiders don’t run crossing patterns, picks scheme the wide receivers open. Offense is sorely lacking.

  8. You guys who say the Raiders Offensive line is performing poorly almost every game is right.But, I have to be honest the quarterback position is as bad. With all the mentoring and
    Preferred treatment we still cannot score a touchdown in the red zone. And, we can’t get
    completion to anybody but Hunter Renfrow. I guess he is the only one who has not laid down as a receiver. I think DeSean Jackson wants to help but I think he see’s what Devine Deablo is saying. How do you give up on your favorite team?

    1. First , correction first name is, Richie Incognito is O lineman I
      referenced above , not Regie excuse me for incorrect fist name ,again, the best o lineman on the Raiders , most think he is the best linemen in the NFL , of coarse , one awesome lineman is not enough if you have the rest of the line are not able to block/protect Carr . Again, with an awesome line , you’d make all runners and receivers and a qb look awesome Back in the 70’s , the Raiders 0lind was the best in the NFL , another back the was the Steelers line was almost on par with the Raiders, yes , they had great qb’s and receivers , but the line gave Kenny Stabler a up to 6 seconds to decide exactly who he would throw to depending which receiver was further downfield , even though all the receivers were open.
      Yes , Stabler was the most accurate thrower in the NFL , but again, does show the o-line is basically how games are won
      Teams that are not having a good year , most fans are screaming to put in different qb mid-season , which almost never works sign the exception of when Madden put second string , Stabler , because our qb was playing injured mid-season , and our new permanent starting qb Stabler, subsequently had a winning season 10 years straight
      Anyway , again, if you have average / good rb’s and receivers , games are won and loss on the line .

  9. The Raiders need a defense and some players that want to win. Changing the whole coaching staff can’t hurt and get a quarterback that not a three step drop that I probably can tackle. A mobile quarterback is today’s quarterback.

  10. It starts with Mark Davis his decisions making like bringing in a average coach like John Gruden. Just look at Grudens decisions when it comes to trading players draft picks and free agencies and a out dated coaching staff.Davis needs to bring in competent football people.

  11. You are smoking rocks. No Reggie incognito on the Raiders. Incognito is a really good lineman when healthy not the best in the league. And what are you talking about the rest of our line is a Mashup of 2nd and 3rd stringers. Miller has been our left tackle for what 5 years now. Simpson started 11 at LG and James 11 at C. Those 3 are solid. It’s the other side that is the issue and even then Parker and Leatherwood both started 9 or more games. Also who cares how many completions carr has. Most of them check downs little dump passes and either right at the line of scrimmage or behind it. I’ve always liked Carr and defended him. I’ve always thought he would get better cuz he has the physical tools. He is missing a few things to be a top tier QB. For one he has horrible pocket presence. He never stwps up when he should and does when he shouldn’t. He just doesn’t feel the pocket collapsing and feel that guy bearing down on him. He doesn’t have that click in his head. He’s too nice and just always says the cliche right thing. He needs to be more of an A-hole. I know he’s a man of God but maybe Raiders don’t need that maybe we need a heathen. He doesn’t have a great touch on the ball. I see him just miss passes cuz he puts too much mustard on it over and over. He has really good arm strength but you have to know when and where you need it. He makes too many bonehead plays. He just doesn’t have that thing. Unfortunately coaching staff has got to go. I had high hopes for Gus Bradley. We gave alot of good players roster just needs a few tweaks here and there and time to move on from Carr I hate to say that. Get rid of players that don’t want to win and work hard to win. Get rid of guys that don’t want to be a Raider. Get them out of here.

  12. Th’ run game sucks….PERIOD! I don’ care if Carr goes 30/40. U can complete 77% an’ still be 0/10 on third down if ur no threat to run it…th’ defense knows ur passing an’ saves their best calls for third down…then what would be a tip-top defense is already tired midway thru th’ second quarter. Forget about a deep threat….Right now a couple of slightly above average run blockers would turn this team into a powerhouse.

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