Whispers of Raiders Frustration With Trent Brown Injury Didn’t End on Sunday

Along with Derek Carr, Trent Brown has the highest figure against the Raiders salary cap and it’s starting to feel like the team won’t be getting their money’s worth from their veteran right tackle this year.

Brown missed all of training camp with an undisclosed injury that ended up being a calf injury of some kind. It wasn’t until the last week of August that he was able to practice and that only happened following a report that coaches were becoming a little frustrated with Brown’s inability to get back on the field.

Fast forward to the season opener on Sunday and Brown only lasted three snaps before leaving the game with what appeared to be the same calf injury. The Raiders managed without him, but how will their offensive line hold up against better defensive lines without him?

Realistically, Brown is going to miss next week’s game against the Saints and whispers are starting (again) about where Brown’s situation is heading as everyone knows Jon Gruden isn’t the most patient with injuries. The frustration with Brown’s inability to stay on the field will be a topic this week and there’s a decent chance he’ll find himself on injured reserve sooner than later.

The good news for Brown is he’ll make $21.5 million this year regardless of how many snaps he plays. The good news for the Raiders, though it’s a little early to start thinking about, is that if they end up moving on from him after the season, the decision won’t involve any dead money in 2021.

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5 thoughts on “Whispers of Raiders Frustration With Trent Brown Injury Didn’t End on Sunday

  1. Brown to much of a risk. And to injury prone get him out of there.. he is not worth it and he can’t produce or play. why spend all that money on a player if he can’t stay healthy period.

  2. send him down the road he knows no matter what’s going to happen he’s going to get paid this year 21 million I believe he’s thinking about himself and not the nation another sell-out

  3. I think it’s like quite a few players who once they get the big money contact they give up. I don’t see Mayock or Gruden putting up with this for to long

  4. He is not a fast healer , just takes time,he is a human being , not just a piece of flesh, football can wait, should not be on the field if not healthy anyway ,

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