Raiders Quit Against the Chiefs “And it Came From the Coaching Staff”

The Raiders’ might not be mathematically eliminated from the postseason, but Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs felt like the end of the Raiders’ playoff chances.

It was as embarrassing of a loss as the Raiders have endured in years and Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter believes the coaching staff quit on the team this week.

“Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen quit and it came from the coaching staff,” Carpenter said on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker. “I’m not talking about their character and integrity as men. I’m not talking about their character and integrity as human beings. This is about on-field football and when you are [losing] 35-0 and you’re kicking field goals.”

“They waved the white flag,” Carpenter continued. “Moving forward, Raider Nation, if you see that from any players it should disgust you, but not at them. Their leaders just waved the white flag.”

It may have felt like interim head coach Rich Bisaccia quit on the team, but he really just showed the same conservative style he has coached with since taking over for Jon Gruden. The optics were terrible because the Raiders were losing by 35, but Bisaccia told the CBS broadcast at halftime that he hoped the field goal would jumpstart the team in the second half.

He thought it was the right move.

What is really going on is that Bisaccia, as fine of a human being as he is, simply wasn’t ready to take over the Raiders. He deserved the opportunity because he’s a great special teams coach, but he was undoubtedly the wrong choice for owner Mark Davis in this situation.

Maybe there wasn’t a better option on the coaching staff, but we’ll never know.

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48 thoughts on “Raiders Quit Against the Chiefs “And it Came From the Coaching Staff”

  1. Choosing Bisaccia as the head coach was the final nail in the coffin for Mayock. I do not expect to see mayock as the next year’s GM.

  2. Kicking that field goal after the fake punt to extend the drive was about as big a joke as Bisaccia’s explanation of it.

  3. Next dumb move would be to extend Carr’s Contract. Hire new coach , give Mariota a shot, or get someone else here. Carr’s is the the guy.

  4. Even the coaches are quitting,because they realize there is no hope as long as Derek Carr is the qb
    Derek Carr is single handilly responsible for 3 losses on his own.Now he has the whole team giving up face it raiders you have no chance of winning with carr at qb

    1. You’re “The Biggest Carr Hater” ever. Congrats. You know as much about Carr’s value as you do about football.
      I’m with you. Trade Carr, heck cut him and pay him off not to play.
      He’ll be snatched up so fast for millions and he deserves that and an Organization that’ll make far better decisions than Mark Davis. And I’ll root for you still.

      1. It’s amazing to me how much support Carr gets… He has a career win percentage below .500 … He will never be able to compete against Mahomes or Herbert, not to mention the other young gifted QBs in the AFC… He’s gotta go! And you can bet teams won’t be lining up to trade for or pick up a perennial LOSER !!!

    2. Your an idiot your not a Raider fan you quit as well Carr can’t run routes he can’t catch or play defense maybe really watch the game & stop being a Carr hater & be pissed about the teams play

  5. Its a damm shame it toik raider fans 8 hears to realize the problem is Carr and will continue to be until tbe raiders finnally take out the trash
    Thinking about it 8 years is about the regular time it takes ignorant people like raider fans to figure something out.Not bad considering 90% of trash,criminals,convicts,liars,thieves,etc

    1. I can’t fathom how Raiders Beat posts your garbage opinions Jason. Please go rain on some other sports. Any Sports. In fact, stand in front of the mirror and criticize the problem you have.
      The sad thing is. Carr would still love you and pray for you. A better man than you on his worst day.

      1. We’re not saying anything about D. Carr’s character. The fact that he would “pray for” his critics means absolutely ZERO… this is football, he’s a perennial LOSER, Carr-lovers are always looking to blame anyone else… Most knowledgeable Raider fans think he’s NO GOOD as well .. last home game in Oakland, we lost to a bad team, after the game Carr tried to go around the stadium and shake the fans hands as other players were doing except he couldn’t because he was BOOED into locker room.. Carr is a backup QB at best…

      1. Get Rid of Carr and the GM and the coach and if the truth really be told get rid of this page and the writer as well.

    2. Last time I checked being a fan of any team has nothing to do with who the team signs, so to say Raider Fans are ignorant you should probably take a look in the mirror at yourself Jason. You are obviously the ignorant one

      1. Jason is just a wuss who posts douchey comments on raider fan sites, he probably doesn’t get out much so it seems exciting to him.

    3. I still don’t think Carr is the issue. I realize everyone is dealing with injuries at this point, but they’re missing a lot of their good players on both sides of the ball. If they had Waller and their offensive line healthy, they would be scoring like they did before the Gruden fiasco, and the Rugfs situation.

  6. The real problem with this team is the offensive line, no body in this team is going to accept that. Behind a top 3 offensive line, Derek Carr could be elite, but with this one, he is just an under average quarterbak. HC and GM should be fired for doing nothing fixing the offensive line

  7. There is a Reason that Bisaccia has Never been hired as a Head Coach in the League or ANYWHERE else…

  8. No Hondo lets thank the NFL for this entire debacle of a season! Roger Goodell and any owner that stood behind the idea of screwing the Raiders after the season had started was a straight slap in the face of all the Raiders players on the 2021 team, most importantly it was a slap to all the supporting fans across the globe who supports the league and its mighty owners!

    1. I have to agree with this statement. I am not saying it would have been any different. I.e. Ruggs. I don’t know if today’s athletes are as committed as they used to be. Some are. They used to show up every week.

      1. Yeah I can agree with you on this also. Players get millions of dollars thrown at them to sit on the bench, spend time at the local clubs drinking, partying that money away as others are at home sleeping & getting their bodies healed and ready for the next opponent. It’s a very small sample of what paying college kids will do and the failure that it creates. Spoiled mentality… give me give me give me…

      2. The problem is not with Carr its with the management, if you notice winning teams, the qb is throwing the ball and the raiders win games when Carr throws over 300 yards a game. They need to stop trying to be a running team and pass the ball more. Why get the best receivers if your not gonna use them!!! They should get rid of Jacob’s.

  9. The last 20 years, Bad coaches, Bad Draft Picks, Bad FA signing. Let’s not forget No Commitment to Excellence. We the Raider Nation deserve better. Mr Davis you please do better. Because the product you’re selling is GARBAGE!!!

    1. yes Mark ,please sell your stake in the Raiders to a professional owner who can attack the many issues the modern Raiders are dealing with . Theres no shame in it, just push back your chair and back away from the owners table , get your backpack and renew your PF changs frequent customer card and who knows maybe they will even give you a balloon when you leave like a good boy.

  10. The NFL ruined the Season for Power and Money in order to send a message to all teams. Game of Thrones culture. We are treated like the Barbarian’s because We Are The Raiders!!!

  11. Carr needs a fresh start and change of scenery.. He’s not the guy for the desert.. The Raiders have too many offensive weapons, to be this bad. Yes, it’s a collective team effort, however, Rogers and Brady ( in NE ) have done and did more with less on the offensive side. The Raiders defense is just offensive, period.. They haven’t been able to stop the run for 2 decades, the mental lapses and penalties are killers and they are happening too frequently…
    Trade Carr immediately, if not sooner. This season is a wrap. Sit Carr and other Key players, start Mariotta, play younger players, evaluate talent and work on plugging holes in the defense.. Raiders will have some $$ to spend in the off season. Work on getting 1 of these possible QBs…
    Aaron Rogers
    Russ Wilson
    Desaun Watson

    Just Win Baby !!

    1. yah they are gonna wanna come to this mess ….Ive been a raider fan for four decades after seeing about a million regime changes and hopes to strike gold on high priced FA be spoiled by hefty price tags and crappy performances. No FA worth his salt would want to come to an organization in such turmoil and flux. screw making wishy washy and hoping a godsend FA come to turn this train around. start out by conducting a professional coaching search , hire said coach ,let him hire his staff and implement his plan . and oh yeah if Marriota was capable of starting in this league he would be cause hes been given way too many chances and yet he seems best at holding a clipboard then coming in for a play or two only to have to be escorted off the feild with some rando injury.

  12. Maybe the Raiders should start acting like men and quit being butt holes. They came out right away and did a dance on the Chiefs logo. They are a bunch of disrespectful Jerks. Grow up. Maybe you won’t have bad luck.

  13. Turn the Team over to Marriota
    Hire Tim Brown as Head Coach.
    Get rid of Mayock bring in Howie Long as GM. Keep Carr as 3rd string.

  14. It’s just raiders 101
    Long time fans know what I mean

    *it’s a darn shame too, the start of the season looked promising!

    1. yes he gets it !! its what happens year after year and doesnt seem to ever change but when you bleed silver and black its hard to turn your back

  15. Carr will probably be traded and will do better on another team. Draft o line and d line first of all for the future. Then anyone here on this post could gain yardage by running. Use Marriota to keep defense’s honest, and he will end up kinda like Gannon. A nifty pocket passer with genius run capability. Keep the defensive players that are producing dump the others and there are several that produce well but no defense can stay on field as long drives continue. There comes a time when winning is more important than favorability Carr has potential but not here not now .

  16. I’ve been a RAIDER since the Madden years
    If it weren’t for Mark Davis’ ” man crush” on Gruden I’m sure we’d be in a better place. Who gets rid of Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, and Marquette King and expect to win? Let’s dump the Gruden Era and get back to RAIDER NATION!

  17. Not much to say everyone else has really said it all. I am a fan of the only created nation in the nfl and always will be. Bleed silver and black and support them. I agree with a lot that is said but not with stupidity remarks of this Jason **** he needs to get off of the raiders comment **** and shut the **** up. Every team needs improvement some more than others and maybe just hire a head coach and leave everything else Alone . They have tried a lot so I think defense okay always could be better but it’s good offense needs improvement. Just need a leader as head coach

  18. As a season ticket holder I’m contemplating suing the nfl and roger kitty katt goddell. If gruden is successful I may do so because it would seem that the nfl’s conspiracy ends up f’ling the season ticket holders. F’king nfl is as fake as pro wrestling and is rigged all day long .

  19. The whole raider organization speaks from the owner all the way down very simple hired Steve keim from the Cardinals and clean house Davis needs to just sit and being owner and shut the fuk up

  20. Just win baby!!
    Raiders Play with Grace
    Yes you can win this
    Yes I am taking to you
    Shut out the media
    Get mean as hell
    I know you can do it beat the **** outta Chiefs in the playoffs

    You guys are badasses

  21. Stand on the opposing teams logo before the game. What did you expect to happen? Raiders got thier *** kicked. Poor leadership. My favorite part of the game was after it was over. Arrowhead played “The wheels on the bus goes round and round” over and over. Disrespect us in our city = get your *** kicked!!!!

  22. Would’ve loved to see Cable get the nod. Should’ve been him. Regardless, another decade of suck coming.

  23. I have been a Raiders fan since I was 9 yrs old getting ready to turn 61yrs old .I think it’s time to put Carr on the bench and let the other quarterbacks have a chance . The last 6 yrs Carr hasn’t done anything, he can’t even get the Raiders to the super bowl . So it’s time to let the other quarterbacks to show us what they can do.Bench Carr and let the other quarterbacks do the last 4 games you never know they might win all 4 games ,cause Carr isn’t doing it

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